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  1. jaleel_sh

    PC Peripherals Router suggestion for RailWire

    Plan 1100 Rs. (100 GB/20 Mbps, Post FUP 1 Mbps]. But, not satisfied with Railwire. Because speed fluctuates between 5-10 Mbps only, After multiple complaints, there is no improvement. The main irritation is per day in a week, the cable will cut between lines, the local cable operator fixed...
  2. jaleel_sh

    PC Peripherals Router suggestion for RailWire

    I have been using D-link DWR 116(RailWire broadband) for past two years, from yesterday the Internet not connected, Service people said that the Wan port was not working, they tested with their own router for checking. Please suggest a good router below 1.5k, to connect pc and smart tv...
  3. jaleel_sh

    Storage Solutions Deals for 64GB memory card?

    Mostly you get Samsung(fake cards) in ebay. Original will be price starts from 1200
  4. jaleel_sh

    Amazon India lightning deals

    Is it VFM?
  5. jaleel_sh

    Video Cheapest option to watch movies stored on Ext HDD

    Please provide a link, just did a search in Aliexpress. Gives lot of option. If possible, pls give a mini review.
  6. jaleel_sh

    What is the procedure for shifting Bsnl broadband

    Hi. I already shifted my home. I need to shift my Bsnl phone and broadband for a different exchange. Already given a request forum to Tambaram area. 10 days after no response for them. Is there any other procedure needs to be done? Any experience guys?
  7. jaleel_sh

    Budget 0-20k Cheaper alternative to a laptop?

    Please give link to buy bananapi or bananapro, and give setup guidelines. I have interest on that.
  8. jaleel_sh

    Oculus Rift DIY aka Google Cardboard

    pm sent
  9. jaleel_sh

    Oculus Rift DIY aka Google Cardboard

    Niw that site asks an invite, please anyone send me one invite. TIA.
  10. jaleel_sh

    Asus RT-N13U B1 - DD-wrt thread

    If i disconnect modem and connect modem + router with pc, the internet is not working?Ok i will message you the teamviewer iD and passNow, i disable "Mac Clone" in dd-wrt as a last chance today, internet working, is it correct method?
  11. jaleel_sh

    Asus RT-N13U B1 - DD-wrt thread

    ^is it possible
  12. jaleel_sh

    Asus RT-N13U B1 - DD-wrt thread

    Suddenly bsnl internet down since Nov. 4 after 10:00 pm. Today a person came from bsnl and reset the settings through modem, After that Internet working perfectly through modem, i can't connect through wifi. Actually i backed up DD-wrt settings to my pc, and i restored twice. but not working...
  13. jaleel_sh

    Camera Need P&S budget 7000rs only

    ^Thanx Pawan, Bought Nikon S3500 yesterday night.
  14. jaleel_sh

    Camera Need P&S budget 7000rs only

    Hi All, Suggest me good point and shoot camera within the budget 7000rs. I need it today for my family function tomorrow, so i didn't do online purchase, if possible give some good shop name in chennai to buy camera. Thanks
  15. jaleel_sh

    Storage Solutions NzXT gamma hard drive trails

    Hi All, I lost all my hard drive trials while shipping my PC. I asked these in "wanted to buy" thread. But till now i didn't get any response. I need it very urgent. Please advice is there any other options to mount hard drive without these hard drive trials.? I attached these trials for the...
  16. jaleel_sh

    WTB Urgently Nxgt gamma hard drive enclosures

    Hi all, I lost my all hard drive enclosures while sitting the computer. I want to add additional hard drive to my PC. If any nxgt gamma owners had these enclosures unused please give me at least on set. I searched the Ritchie street chennai market. But I can't able to find. I attached sample...
  17. jaleel_sh

    eBay India - Coupons & Deals

    Need to purchase priced 1400 to purchase dual pendrive, any good coupons pls?
  18. jaleel_sh

    HMT discount sale in HMT Showrooms

    Anybody tells where is the showroom for hmt in chennai. Preferable near Tambaram