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    Quaking in my boots!

    CS players won't manage this, Overwatch players on the other hand might actually manage. I recently played Overwatch during the free weekend and got so many kills with Pharaoh (rocket launcher with a jetpack hero) just by playing the game like Quake.
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    Time for a TE Watch Thread

    man you must really love divers. How long until you get a Submariner?
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    FS: Mobile Mint Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N910G - White - 32GB - With Mega Bundle

    Would you be willing to sell one of the S-view covers? I'm interested in the white one.
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    Time for a TE Watch Thread

    Which model is this? Is it a Sportura?
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    Network which claims (Also gets notices) to be the fastest in India actually ranks 147th globally

    Ridiculous. If only they spent their money spreading 3g along more circles and making that cheaper instead of working on 4G. No one needs this kind of speed.
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    Time for a TE Watch Thread

    Beautiful watch man. Shame you have to import them because Casio is too busy selling 5000 G-shock models.
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    Won a fridge from Coco Cola contest

    TE Entertainment and a whole lot of "what were you seriously expecting bro?".
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    Android Moto X Play/Style - Indian launch on Sept 15nth

    Moto X prices have always been unreasonable- unlike the E and G. I'm guessing 22k for 16gb and 25k for 32gb.
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    OC & Modding DeskPC Build

    1. Then you're in luck. Since its a modular psu, you can open up the supplied cables and add extra wire between the two points to make sure everything fits and reaches. That won't look neat though. If you want really nice cables consider making and braiding your own cables which isn't difficult...
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    OC & Modding DeskPC Build

    Looks solid. Anyways some things to keep in mind: 1. Make sure you keep the build as neat and clean as possible as dust will be a NIGHTMARE for these kind of builds and trust me theres nothing more depressing that looking through that window and seeing dusty parts. The main reason why I...
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    Laptops HP Service Center Wants to Replace Motherboard of my Laptop - I Suspect Cheating

    What does the motherboard have to do with the keyboard? Strange. Go there and see how extensive the damage is and see if you can live without those function keys. Also a little too late for finding out your motherboards serial number, before you handed it in you could've run cpuz or aida or...
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    OC & Modding Scratch Open Frame Case Build

    Looks great rakesh and holy shit you drop tested that from the first floor. Anyways, looking at that pic I was wondering if you kept space for the PSU wiring and also have you accounted for the tubing stiffness for the water cooler because it may get in the way.
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    All OS Whatsapp validity got transferred!!

    Its a running joke that WhatsApp cannot charge money from anyone. Even if you keep the account running long enough for the countdown to tick down, it'll get 'magically' extended. The thing about whatsapp is that the moment they try to charge someone, that person may not pay for WhatsApp and will...
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    FS: Desktops PC Parts for sale

    Out of curiosity.... You can't push a simple 3770 above 3.9ghz (all 4 cores) and even at those speeds temps don't even reach 90s with the simple stock cooler. So uh, why did you delid it? Sorry if I'm being impolite.
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    Laptops 2015Q3 MSI Gaming Notebooks Brochure --- Coming Soon!!!

    Does MSI have an international warranty program?
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    Hathway Broadband planting fake reviews of their service

    Downloading a movie? PIRACCCCCCCCCCYY!!!
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    The Last of Us - Discussion Thread

    What comics? @prabs
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    Time for a TE Watch Thread

    Thanks I had no idea about that site. Anyways they have the watch I want and even the pricing is good too. Out of curiosity, where are you locatted and how fast was the shipping? And how did you get out of customs ? Assuming I have to pay customs, customs are 35% of the watches price right?
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    Time for a TE Watch Thread

    Sorry for bumping an old thread, but does anyone know where to get a Nighthawk (or its Ecodrive variant) here in India. Ironically, I am looking for the exact same one (black frame - black dial) as on the first post of this thread. Importing is an option, but I'm worried about importing a fake...
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    FS: Desktops 4x4 GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3, i7 3820

    How did you get that water cooler?