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  1. jaleel_sh

    PC Peripherals Router suggestion for RailWire

    I have been using D-link DWR 116(RailWire broadband) for past two years, from yesterday the Internet not connected, Service people said that the Wan port was not working, they tested with their own router for checking. Please suggest a good router below 1.5k, to connect pc and smart tv...
  2. jaleel_sh

    What is the procedure for shifting Bsnl broadband

    Hi. I already shifted my home. I need to shift my Bsnl phone and broadband for a different exchange. Already given a request forum to Tambaram area. 10 days after no response for them. Is there any other procedure needs to be done? Any experience guys?
  3. jaleel_sh

    Camera Need P&S budget 7000rs only

    Hi All, Suggest me good point and shoot camera within the budget 7000rs. I need it today for my family function tomorrow, so i didn't do online purchase, if possible give some good shop name in chennai to buy camera. Thanks
  4. jaleel_sh

    Storage Solutions NzXT gamma hard drive trails

    Hi All, I lost all my hard drive trials while shipping my PC. I asked these in "wanted to buy" thread. But till now i didn't get any response. I need it very urgent. Please advice is there any other options to mount hard drive without these hard drive trials.? I attached these trials for the...
  5. jaleel_sh

    WTB Urgently Nxgt gamma hard drive enclosures

    Hi all, I lost my all hard drive enclosures while sitting the computer. I want to add additional hard drive to my PC. If any nxgt gamma owners had these enclosures unused please give me at least on set. I searched the Ritchie street chennai market. But I can't able to find. I attached sample...
  6. jaleel_sh

    Audio Suggestion needed for budget bluetooth headphone

    As title reads, i need your suggestion with mini reviews needed for budget bluetooth headphone. My budget is very strict by 1.5k only. I can't able to find in google at this budget.
  7. jaleel_sh

    WTB Hard disk mount for Nxzt gamma

    I missed my extra hard disk mounts for nzxt gamma, any nxzt gamma users willing to sell?bump
  8. jaleel_sh

    Car & Bike add gps device in bike

    Is it possible to add removable gps device in bike or scooter, Any mods or tuts for this?
  9. jaleel_sh

    How to improve english communication skills

    Is there any software (paid or free) to improve English communication skills(voice chat between me and software)? Or any other tips?
  10. jaleel_sh

    Alternate Source to download from Origin (EA)

    I bought battlefield 3 from origin store and got a key. But download takes more time in PC, Is there any torrent link for the setup file from official site to download? if so i use my dd-wrt router to download in night.
  11. jaleel_sh

    Car & Bike buy stickers online

    i want to buy customized stickers for my scoot through online, anybody sells stickers(decal) through online(like flipkart, homeshop18, ...)?
  12. jaleel_sh

    WTB Charger for Sony live with walkman needed

    Charger needed in good condition for Sony live with walkman in chennai for friend, max price need to be 300only, Anyone had unused original charger?
  13. jaleel_sh

    Storage Solutions what is the name of this adapter

    I bought a new hard drive, but i missed the side trays loaded with hard drive, where to buy this, what is the exact name for this? I attached and outlined as red for your view.
  14. jaleel_sh

    need invites for

    Its a good for old regional quality music. Anybody send invite for this site?
  15. jaleel_sh

    how to capture printed photographs from mobile or digital camera?

    As like others i had big bunch of printed photographs, i didnt had scanner, Is it possible to capture every photograph through mobile cam or digi cam. I tried but most of the times it lacks on lights(over flash or no lights). Is anybody achieve this. I tried in web, but cant able to identify...
  16. jaleel_sh

    Is the price Ok for nexus 7

    In ebay, i found nexus 7 at a price 15,600 (with 7% of coupon), Is it okish price for this tablet. (it's exported from US, so no warranty i know)
  17. jaleel_sh

    Finally nexus 7(16gb) launching in india from tomorrow

    As a title finally nexus 7(16gb) launching in india from tomorrow The 16GB Nexus 7 Goes on Sale in India For $370 Google's Nexus 7 tablet goes on sale in India from Thursday at Rs 19,999 - Tech News - IBNLive Price is whooping 370$. They had the reasons to selling at 199$ in US and 370$ in...
  18. jaleel_sh

    Prevent my pc from my child

    Hi, My 1.5 yrs kid push the power/restart, whenever i working on system. i can't able to control her. Is anybody had problems like these, any idea to whenever switch off the system through software only after i boot the pc. Regards Jaleel.
  19. jaleel_sh

    Funbook pro - Prebook started

    Hi all, Check this from snapdeal Micromax Funbook Pro (Slate Grey) - Buy Tablet PC Online @ Lowest Prices on Funbook pro prebook started
  20. jaleel_sh

    CPU/Mobo Need urgent advice on these two motherboards

    hi i try to build budget pc for my sister, she fixes intel g620. but really confusing on these two motherboards.these two looks similar1. Asus p8h61_mlx (3050rs)2. Asrock H61M (3232rs) (it had usb 3.0 rear ports.What should you suggest for this processor.