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    FS: Mobile Moto Nexus 6 32 GB White

    For Sale : Moto Nexus 6 Running Android 7.0 No scratches on the phone. Have been using it With a Pouch from the very first day. Price is strictly non negotiable. Full Box with All Accessories. 4 G Compatible. Works with Jio App
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    Suggest a seedbox

    Hi guys, I need to buy a seed box in Indian any one having any free slot or from where I can buy it from.
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    Youtube help

    Can someone help me extract the audio from this video on youtube How to make a Daft Punk helmet in 17 months - YouTube!
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    Airce & Airtel launch iPhone 4 in India With Money Back Plans

    Airce launch iPhone 4 in India With Money Back Plans Aircel Launches iPhone 4 in India With Money Back Plans Aircel today launched iPhone 4 in India. 16GB Version at Rs. 34,500 & 32GB Version at Rs. 40,900. It has launched it with Following Postpaid & Prepaid Money Back Plans where it claims...
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    Holi Celebrations...Let me know if u need any help wrt Holi Colours

    Hey there guys as Holi is round the corner...if any one who celebrates it grandly in chennai do let me know...I know a dealer who supplies Holi Powder in all colours which is Eco friendly and does not cuase irritation in your eyes and won't stay very long (Will go off once u have ur bath )...
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    Help reqd. need to transfer money to a frnd to LONDON

    Hi All, I need to transfer roughly about 110 GBP to a frnd in LONDON....Have tried Western Union Money Transfer...they said they only receive money in India and don't side agents...few agents were ready and were charging 12 - 14% interest...any other safer and cheaper way of sending...
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    Brand New Dell Inspiron N 3010

    Hi All, Planning to sell my Dell Inspiron N 3010. Reason For selling : Got it as a gift and i'm happy with my Sony. Purchase Price : 1200 SGD ~ 42k ish My Price : 37k slightly negotiable. ( Only Via PM ) ( Have a offer from a dealer, if it does not work out here, will need to go to Richie...
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    Gifts for Valentines day

    Hey guys...As Valentines day is approaching :ohyeah: ....we can list down products which are worth buying. I found 1 :clap: CASIO Women's Calender Watch, SH60 | Tradus Tradus sells for 1596 /-...
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    Going to Sri Lanka

    As the topic says going to Sri Lanka for Christmas - New Year :hap2: Please let me know thing i should know and places where i should visit :huh: Appreciate ur inputs :clap: Cheers
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    Nokia N900 won on ebay bid for 18k

    Hi Guys, I just won an N900 on ebay of 18k.. just wanted to know is it worth buying . Please share your inputs
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    Iphone 3GS 16GB

    Hi, I just got a Iphone 3gs 16 gb from US, Planning to sell it here.. brand new, can get it unlocked. What is the best price i can sell it for. Black colour without warranty
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    RapidShare changes it's point scheme

    Now u can get a 1 year a/c with 50k premium and 50k free points so ppl who have 50k premium plus 50k free activate soon
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    seeding help

    A frnd of mine @ USA is offering me 100 GB upload at 250 ( 5$) /- INR is it worth paying him or will this land up in some problem.. do lemme know.. i have done this earlier by getting 500 gb seeding help from him.. but just want to re confirm if this does not lead to some issues with my a/c...
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    Nokia 5730 XpressMusic [ QWERTY SLIDE ]

    Hey guys want to sell my 1 Months Nokia 5730 XpressMusic [ QWERTY SLIDE ] Warranty : Bought this from Dubai for 17k This is made in Hungary and not in China Condition: 9/10, have use it with Pouch from the very First Days Accessories: With Box, All accessories intact. :hap2: Has a 8GB MMC...
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    IPL TICKETS FOR 14th March Chennai Vs Deccan

    As the topic says... Is any one here selling tickets
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    Project help

    India's trade relation with SAARC nation. i have been searching info on the foll topic for the last 1 week but no hope...just wanted to know if u can help
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    Nokia E71 ( Black ) ** INR 9999 Updated Price **

    Hey guys want to sell my 7 Months Nokia E71 ( Black ). Warranty : Not sure but looks like warranty is over, but we can extent i believe (Not sure ). Condition: 8/10. have use it with Pouch from the very first days and a Screen Guard as well. Accessories: With Box, All accessories intact...
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    Nokia N97 - Light Used For sale (Mint Condition) 32 GB storage 5 Mp Price Revised

    Hey guys want to sell my 2 Months N97 which i got as a gift from a friend of mine from Singapore. Warranty : No warranty as bought from Singapore. Have had no troubles with the phone. Condition: 9/10. have use it with Pouch from the very first days and a Screen Guard as well. Would have micro...
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    Chennai Broadband Users

    Hey Guys, Just wanted to know a good budgeted plan in chennai. Currently using Airtel 1200 (512 Kbps )
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    N97 apps

    Hey there guys, just got a N97, wanted basic apps like Divx player , smart movie and other apps to install. Can some one please help?