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  1. rohan_mhtr

    WTB Cpu , Mobo , RAM 10-13k

    Looking for a cpu , mobo ram combo around 10-13k range that can play games on medium high settings . I have a good gpu and psu to support all . For new i have shortlisted ryzen 3400 , 320chipset mobo and 8gb ram . Let me know your offers . Also i am not in a hurry . Can wait for offers .
  2. rohan_mhtr

    Graphics card around 10k

    Need a graphics card around 10k . Open to reasonable offers .
  3. rohan_mhtr

    FS: Video Card XFX HD 7770

    Sorry for the dust , since i am using the card right now it is still installed in the pc . I will clean it once when i remove it from the case . Never overclocked the card and also always used a high quality power supply(corsair vx550) even though this card is very power efficient . Completed...
  4. rohan_mhtr

    WTB Cheap laptop

    Hi , need a cheap laptop for watching movies . Not much into gaming but should run WIN 7 fine . HDMI out is a plus. Local sellers preferred . I am from Navi Mumbai BTW . Budget is less . 10-13k only . Lower the better .
  5. rohan_mhtr

    WTB Good Mobile 25-30k

    Want a good mobile for a friend , Android or IOS any will do . Should be under warranty . Let me know guys . Will prefer local sellers from mumbai or navi mumbai/Thane . Waiting for good offers . Regards Rohan
  6. rohan_mhtr

    FS: Home Audio Video Samsung 3D BLU RAY Player with Smart TV features + Free Blu Ray movie disks

    Selling on behalf of my cousin . ( For Local buyers only ) Description : For sale is Samsung 3D Blu Ray player BD-E5500 with Smart TV features which lets you install smart apps like Facebook , youtube , twitter , games etc on your normal TV . Can become a media player by connecting USB-HDD ...
  7. rohan_mhtr

    Android Never buying a SONY phone again !

    Hi friends , after much waiting and saving my hard earned money i had finally purchased the SONY Xperia Z three months ago . The main reason for buying the phone was its Sexy looks , glass body which as mentioned by sony is DURABLE and water resistant . Before that i had the Samsung galaxy note...
  8. rohan_mhtr

    Graphic Cards Audio through Graphics card

    Guys , I have an old gigabyte 9600GT GPU . The card has two dvi ports but no HDMI port ! I have purchased an DVI to HDMI converter and using it to connect my pc to my 55' HDTV . I can only see the display but no audio . I have read somewhere that these old nvidia cards can pass audio through...
  9. rohan_mhtr

    Budget 31-40k Gaming laptop ! possible ? Medium/high settings

    Hi guys , I have decided to ditch my desktop due to some space crunch in my new apartment since the old one is in the renovation phase . This is my sell thread
  10. rohan_mhtr

    FS: Desktops I3/mobo/9600gt/4gbDDR3/VX450/1TB+500gb HDD/22'led/CM310 with transparent side

    Due to renovation work at my house we have moved in an smaller apartment for few months . Now due to some space crunch i have decided to sell my desktop and instead get a laptop . So parts for sale are as follows CPU : Intel I3 -540 Date of purchase : 2-10-12 Warranty remaining : Yes , more...
  11. rohan_mhtr

    WTB Laptop

    Hi guys . I am in need of a budget laptop . Requirements are as follows : it should run windows 7 without issues : atleast 1.5 gb ram : run 720p videos and play moderate games like Fifa11 and gta san andreas . : bluetooth Other optional needs like hdmi out , better battery backup , wifi etc are...
  12. rohan_mhtr

    FS: Consoles PS3 slim 320gb + Move bundle + 4 free ps3 games

    Available for sale is my ps3 slim 320gb version : CECH 3008b , updated to latest firmware . Product contains : PS3 , 1 wireless controller , Scart cable , Remote charging cable , original box ( all accessories that came in the box ) . Move bundle contains 1 wireless motion controller and a...
  13. rohan_mhtr

    FS: Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 2

    For sale is my 2 months old Samsung Galaxy Note 2 . Purchased it on 7-10-2012 . Condition is very good and used a flip cover from day 1 . This is the same phone which was reviewed by me over here . Phone is updated and...
  14. rohan_mhtr

    WTB Want to buy used PS3 games or exchange with mine .

    Its been 15 days i got a new ps3 and unfortunately it cant be jailbreaked so looking for used games to buy or can exchange with those i have . I have Dirt 3 , Nfs hot pursuit , sports champions , sports champions 2 , max payne 3 , prototype , medival moves , just dance 4 .
  15. rohan_mhtr

    WTB Ps3

    Guys as the title suggest , need a used PS3 . Newer the better , would be great if still in warranty . Would also buy the motion bundle if available .
  16. rohan_mhtr

    Getting a new PS3 , few issues and doubts .

    I have just finished building my home theater system and to make it complete i have to add a ps3 . Post number 6430 I am completely new/noob to this field and hence need your valuable advise . I have few...
  17. rohan_mhtr

    Tv for 40k any brand will do !

    Hi guys , i need a secondary TV for me which should at the most have 40' screen size , bigger the better . It should have atleast 1 usb port that can play maximum file formats out of the box . Going to connect it with reliance HD box . I googled and cant find many 40' TV's in this 40k max...
  18. rohan_mhtr

    Samsung Galaxy Note 2

    Its been 15days since i am using the Samsung galaxy note 2 and it seemed an appropriate time for me to write a review . Now remember this is not an official review but a user based opinion so please do not complain and forgive any grammar or speeeliingg mistakes ! I still...
  19. rohan_mhtr

    Samsung Galaxy Note 2

    After purchasing Apple Iphone 5 for my sister , it seemed that it was she who was getting all the attention and people did not look at my poor old Optimus Black . So i thought it was time for me to get a better phone . I...
  20. rohan_mhtr

    FS: Others Free giveaways & exchange offers , Mobos, CPUs, RAMs, TVtuner, Fans , Router etc

    This is a Big giveaway thread i am creating basically to do some social service :D and to clear up some space , but some ground rules must be followed . RULES: 1 : All the free stuff will have no warranty whatsoever and i am not responsible if they do further damage to other hardware ! 2: No...