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    Amzer Skin Jelly Back Case for Apple,BB,Nokia,Samsung,HTC,LG and Many More

    Need an Amzer Skin Jelly Case for my Nokia E5, would that be available to buy ? and which is the courier agent you'd be shipping with ? Thanks
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    ~ The Mobile Phone Advisor ~

    How good are these two ? I'm looking at different possibilities for a sub 8k mobile , preferably android , but then I'm open to QWERTY , since I already use a e71 (which is out of order now :P ) Sony Ericsson Txt CK13i: Price in India, Reviews, Specification: Sony Ericsson...
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    ZTE Blade aka DELL XCD 35 aka Orange San Francisco Thread

    I've planned on getting the XCD 35 @8.5k and out of nowhere Idea Blade lands up give's in the phone at 7.5k , now that there is a better offer on the same phone , I've set my eyes on Idea. Here's the problem : - I study in Tamil Nadu (Thanjavur to be exact). Suppose I buy the phone, can the...
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Meesa loves my university , It gets better and better in the night when there isnt much traffic :P
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    Cabbie Upgrade - Lancool Dragonlord K-62

    Damn, I so envy you man :( This happens to be the best cabinet on my list of legends ! Congratulations ! :)
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    Motherboard + Processor + RAM needed.. Budget 15k (+/- 1k)

    +1 to that, this rig needs something which has the reliance tag attached to it, else stuff might really go awry. And yes I'd probably take Hades' recommendation into consideration too, if you have the GPU plans. :cool2:
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    OC & Modding Athlon X3 440 unlocking queries

    SMPS : FSP Saga II 500W, I lowered it step by step, after 2 steps, the third one, I guess that was at 1.395is somewhere there, it didn't boot :( Now this is the other problem, Athlon X3 440 to Phenom II X4 and the Temps are at 20 Degrees !!! WTH :O --- Updated Post - Automerged --- That...
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    OC & Modding Athlon X3 440 unlocking queries

    I need help with the vcore, I lowered it a little yesterday, and the rig wouldn't boot up :( And it says the default vcore is 1.4 volt, I reset the cmos, and it was 1.4V default :O :( Yeah, Crazy_Eddy helped me out yesterday :) Here's what I learnt - As you all said The propus based initial...
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    OC & Modding Athlon X3 440 unlocking queries

    I did unlock my Athlon X3 440 into a Phenom II X4 a while ago, The unlock was successful but the L3 Cache isn't unlocked, I'm running at stock clocks, What could be the problem ? Also : All that I did was go to Advanced Clock calibration, enable it and set that to Auto, and the thing unlocked...
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    Rate the Last Movie You Saw...

    The Firm : 7/10 : Slow, Sleepy but super :P To Kill a Mockingbird (1962) - IMDb - 8/10 : Good, Could be better (Just a thought)
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    Everyone wants to be Gandhi now...

    What is the point of posting this thread then ? (No offense)
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    Everyone wants to be Gandhi now...

    Neha, This is the problem with having 14 National Law Universities, churning out 1500 Law grads every year + the LLM grads, the number is faar too much, also put in the fact that the CNLU is in Patna (no offense) , you are in a concoction of Lack of laculty, lack of Recognition and most of all...
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    Rate the Last Movie You Saw...

    This needs a 10 If you like 12 Angry Men, You'd love : Witness For The Prosecution (1957) , Agatha Christie - 10/10 Sniper Reloaded (2011) - 7.5/10 - Needs better Cinematography. OK story though.
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    How is Amity University?

    I wouldn't really step into Amity unless absolutely needed, the argument still stands. (Not outdated) Off topic but legit question : Where is techboi studying now ? Also , why is he banned ? :P
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    New Rig suggestion budget ~12K

    512 Doesn't exist ? Hmmm, some people are still living in their stone aged caves :| The Pentium DC + 5770 seems like an awesome bit of hardware, better than than the 5670 based config, since you'll be looking only at gaming.
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    TE PC Buying Guide (updated 21 feb 2011)

    Something fishy,But not unusual, I run at 3.5GHz, stock HS+F Load temps touch 51-52, Idles out at about 37-40. Here's what happened to my friend, I unlocked his 4th core and suddenly the temps shoot up to 50-55 C , I put the same chip in my motherboard, the temps were fine, sometimes when you...
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    Monitors 20" monitor : Dell IN2020M or Samsung B2020 ?

    My earlier display was a Dell 1920IN, found it too boring tbh, normal display, everything normal, no problems. Now using a Dell 2020, and imho, there isn't much change, Having seen the Dell2020 and the B2030, I dont find a difference in any of them actually. All the displays are almost the...
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    Gaming Rig at 80k

    I dont mean to question your motives, but yes afaik this happened a few months ago Continuing on the same thread would have made sense, atleast whats the point of posting a new thread every few weeks ? You...
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    Gaming Rig at 80k

    ^^ +1 to that, I would suggest the OP check a few out and get a feel of the mouse before purchasing one. For a claw grip you might want to add in the salmosa too id est if the OP is comfortable with them.
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    Price updates from S.P. Road (Bangalore)

    I wont really know how lucky one can get can I ? :P But yeah if you are pretty good at the discount job, you might get a decent sum off. Also, they probably would have a pretty decent range of configuration too afaik, since the last time I visited the place, about 6 days go, and he had pretty...