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    WTB: 15-15 Pin Male D-SUB VGA Monitor Cable

    You do get good quality , shielded VGA cables @ lamington road for around Rs. 125 ~ 150/- Try some shops at the back lanes off lamington main road, actually running parallel to it (LR) towards the station side.
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    Car & Bike is this tatas 1 lakhs car?

    Anish, I too belong to this group:no: and would buy this car once it is released.:D (with a reservation of some meagre and managable funds to "mod" it to my purpose and use) People / Members here who are criticising the car have no merit in their criticism, infact they are just portraying...
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    FS: Zebronics 400PSU Gold Series and VIP 400 Watts Golden Eagle

    The Powersafe "Golden Eagle ...??" is a good psu with above average components. It was designed about 5 years ago. This psu has more emphasis (quality) and output on the 5V rail (>40 Amps) since when it was designed the AMD socket A platform were just about beating the Intel P4 platform cpu's...
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    Oberoi Udaivilas is the world's best hotel

    Replying here from Udaivillas, Udaipur. Besides this Oberoi property (which also includes Trident Resort) other good hotels / resorts here are 1) Lake Palace - Taj Group 2) Devi Garh Palace Hotel 3) Hotel Leela Group's upcoming deluxe resort. 4) Shiv Nivas Palace (belongs to HRH King of...
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    Accessory :Charge your nokia via USB!!!

    All USB ports have +5V and Ground voltages. so this is one of the easiest thing (mod) to do. just take any usb cable, cut of one end of it and solder the relevant 2 wires (+5, G) to the 2mm plug (checking the polarity), should cost not more than Rs.25 max.
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    Graphic Cards Sob SOb my 6600gt died...

    At this same setting, first you test this offending stick of ram alone. i.e. remove the other 3 rams and insert this problem stick and test ur rig. ideally it would be better if you can use memtestx86 , bootable cd version for it. report back.
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    WTB: 2nd Hand 2.5" Laptop HDD Any Size

    Checked both the drives and they are working fine. checked with seagate's diagnostic tools, Then zero filled the drives (to erase any data), then formatted it under winxp (fat32). Fujitsu MHD2032AT = approx. 3.2 GB (Dt:1998-12) Fujitsu MH2048AT = approx. 4.8GB (Dt:1999-11) A Century old...
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    Graphic Cards Sob SOb my 6600gt died...

    Thats what i was hinting at magnet;) . reseat ur rams and / or set the ram timings manually in the bios (as loose as possible). also increasing the vDimm Voltage will help (if ur m/b bios allows it i.e.) Thats just to rule out the rams as the possible cause since you have mentioned you have...
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    Graphic Cards Sob SOb my 6600gt died...

    What exactly happened.? did any component fall off ? and what are the current signs that it is dead like no display, artifacts, etc... Statutory Warning: Fornicating with Your graphics card can be injurious to its health.:no:
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    WTB: 2nd Hand 2.5" Laptop HDD Any Size

    I think i have a couple of 3~ 4 GB fujitsu drives from 5 ~ 6 yrs vintage. the last i had checked 3~4 years back they were working.
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    PC Peripherals APC UPS+Corsair 620hx+Power Connection

    @ sandy, Where are we discussing psu or sinewave output problems here ? The discussion is only about sockets on the UPS and procurement of compatible cables.
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    FS: 3 PCs Brand New 8 Port Switch @ 450 Rs Each

    straight, since i would be using ur switch.about 2 pieces of 2 mts each would be ideal for testing. and thanks in advance for the cables.
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    FS: 3 PCs Brand New 8 Port Switch @ 450 Rs Each

    Hi andrew327, I confirm 1 piece. just drop it at Bikey's place and collect the amount. please test it before you send it. ps: if you have any cat5 cables too it would be great, even 1 or 2 meter ones would be ok as i want to test the freenas server. later on i will get proper lenght cables...
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    PC Peripherals APC UPS+Corsair 620hx+Power Connection

    The cable should not only be included but imho there should be atleast one or two output sockets like our normal "Indian" 3 pin type too, just so that the user can attach modems / routers to get on the net as quickly as possible without having to go the market and shop around for compatible...
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    PC Peripherals APC UPS+Corsair 620hx+Power Connection

    @ non duality, What exactly is the problem ? do you have problem with the cable which connects the UPS to the mains supply, i.e. UPS input ? or is it the UPS output sockets? For problem no.1 use any heavy duty , good quality pc psu cable, if the UPS has IEC 320 C13 type socket or Cutting the...
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    PC Peripherals SMPS help needed...

    Because these are "NOT" 600W psu's. You would be "eXtremely" lucky to get usable 27~ 30Amps, combined total, on 12V rails. and the voltage drops on loading could prove hazardous to your costly graphics cards in the long run. ps: compare the price of a lower wattage CM "Real" psu with this and...
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    PC Peripherals SMPS help needed...

    Avoid the CM extreme series. if you do want to buy CM products then go for the CM "Real" Series psu's.
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    CPU/Mobo Suggestios for a 939 Mobo

    Try Foxconn the Rs.750/- to Rs.1000/- range.
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    Storage Solutions Which 500GB HDD to get?

    @ eazy, What an apt analysis .....hahaha ....rofl.
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    WTB: A Few Used, Cheap, Entry level pci-e gfx cards

    one card finalised.....and Bump