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    OC & Modding Athlon X3 440 unlocking queries

    I did unlock my Athlon X3 440 into a Phenom II X4 a while ago, The unlock was successful but the L3 Cache isn't unlocked, I'm running at stock clocks, What could be the problem ? Also : All that I did was go to Advanced Clock calibration, enable it and set that to Auto, and the thing unlocked...
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    Custom Duties ?

    My granny is returning from the states to Bangalore on the 15th of this month, And she'd be carrying 2 laptops and possibly 3 droids with her. Brand new, and yeah 1 console :ashamed: I was reading through Navin's thread ...
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    Recommend a Notebook for about $500

    Hi guys, Heres the deal : I'll be joining college this july, and I'll be needing a laptop, My uncle up in the US is returning this May so I'd be asking him to get me a notebook, He's works at dell so I guess EPP might kick in, Here's what I need The Laptop Should be about $500-650 (Strict...
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    Help Needed - Delhi Broadband Users

    Hello Guys , My friend from delhi is puzzled regarding what to do, Here's the problem... He has a unlimited 2mbps broadband connection from MTNL , which he took about 2 months ago , He lives in DU-North(Near St. Stephens College) The MTNL lines seem to have a LOT of problems there , with very...
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    CPU/Mobo Not able to Install OS

    Guys I just purchased a new rig , following are the specs , but then I try to install Windows7-Ultimate-32Bit (Thats all I have atm) it doesnt seem to load , It loads the cd , reads the contents of the disc then it shows the W7 default wall paper and then KAPUT ! , nothing works . The following...
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    Need Suggestion

    Guys , This will replace my main rig in the house since the one I have currently will not be present in the house anymore. This rig will be running for about 20 hours in a Day - 60% of the time basic office work and the rest 40% will be game mode. Q: What is your budget? 25K-27k Q: What is...
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    Thank You TE , I missed you guys

    What happened ? Threads Infected with Viruses ? - Thanks a lot any ways , I truly missed TE :bleh:
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    User Guides The Gaming Mouse Guide

    With so many gaming mice out in the market , It is simply a herculean task to get the one which would fit you right. Your skills do matter while playing a game , but couple it with a mouse and it could make a lethal combination , give you the edge which you have been looking for all along …...
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    Graphic Cards Nvidia GTX 460 , 768 MB Price Cut , Time to go SLi !

    [I] Source: Nvidia Quietly Reduces Pricing of Performance Mainstream Graphics Board - X-bit labs
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    PC Peripherals The All Powerful in Bangalore - Alienware

    Hello TEians , So the Alienware Cafe in India is up and running , awesome place , swank looks , killer rigs and a free 3D gaming preview in one of their rigs , it was the half hour of heaven for me .. Section Moderators , Sorry for uploading full size pictures of the scanned brouchres as...
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    Alienware in BANGALORE !!

    I live right beside the place ...but never really got a chance to click the pictures ...will post the pictures in some time Did not know where to place the thread
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    5-6 Yr Old Computer - Any chances of revival ?

    Hi Everyone , This is my first post in TE and boy am I delighted ! I am looking for some help in upgrading my desktop which is about 6 years old , I can play games like counter strike 1.6 on the computer but only at 800x600 resolution and that too at 70 fps odd , following is the computer...