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    WTB: A Few Used, Cheap, Entry level pci-e gfx cards

    Required immediately. A few Cheap , entry level pci-e Graphics cards. with / without warranty. bill not required. just that it should be working and not be DoA. price will be finalised depending upon model nos., pending warranty etc... You may post your offers here but make it as low as...
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    Sapphire X1900XT Graphics Card

    I want to sell my sparingly used Sapphire X1900XT Gfx Card. The Card was bought during the GO for it managed by Darky in march so i guess about 1 1/2 years local warranty is still effective. will come with local Dealer bill too. The card is in pristine condition and has never been overclocked...
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    Fully Configured Desktop PC

    The m/c specs are as follows. 1) Intel P4 2.0Ghz socket 478 cpu. 2) Original Intel 850MV m/b. 3) 1GB of RDRAM ( 4 x 256 , High Quality) Rams 4) Realtek 8139 NIC (Lan Card) 5) SIS 305 AGP Graphics card 6) 40 GB Seagate , IDE HDD. 7) floppy Drive 8) 250 mb Removable Zip Drive 9) Generic case + 300...
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    WTB: Used powersafe 400W/500W psu, nf4 socket 939 m/b, urgently....

    1) As per topic i require one psu urgently for a basic rig my friend is planning to build. if any body wants to get rid of it please contact me. mumbai seller preffered since the deal can be completed (esp. delivery) quickly. for the record i have purchased about 6 ~7 powersafe 400W psu's from...
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    Thunder Showers over Mumbai this morning

    This morning around 5 am we had some very heavy duty Thunder and lightning over mumbai. such sustained intensity of "Delicate Sounds of Thunder" is rarely heard in this part of the world. I immediately removed my tv cable and the phone line from the modem , removed the power plugs from the...
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    FS: DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 SLI-DR Expert Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 SLI ATX AMD Mobo

    I have the above mentioned m/b for immediate sale. I am currently using it. please note only the m/b is for sale no other DFI accesories are included including the back plate etc ...since they are still in US and i do not know when it will come. (had to sacrifice those since other goodies came...
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    FS: Geil ONE TCCD PC3200 400MHz 1GB Kit (2x512MB)

    Specification from the co's website Welcome to GEIL USA *** This product is limited supplied. *** GeIL ONE Series TCCD Version Hand-picked (TCCD) 32x8 DDR Chips PC3200 400MHz DDR SDRAM. Capable running at DDR400MHz CAS 1.5-2-2-5 and DDR 600MHz CAS 2.5-4-4-7. Available in 512MB Single Package...
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    FS: Old (Gold) pc hardware at cheap rates!!! Mega Garage sale Part 1.

    Graphic Cards Section. I have the following AGP Cards for sale. Both are in working condition. 1 week testing warranty only. please note: these are not gaming cards, atleast they wont be able to run today's games. 1) Asus AGP-V6600/32M (TVR) it is the original Gforce (i.e. GF1 ) , AGP 4x card...
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    Vstreet CSS server IP address please.

    can somebody post the ip address here. and does anybody play there ?? TIA.
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    Intel Confirms 10% Workforce Cut

    "update Intel Chief Executive Paul Otellini is expected to announce a massive layoff as soon as Tuesday that could eliminate as many as 10,000 jobs, CNET has learned. The Santa Clara, Calif.-based chipmaker, having suffered several financially disappointing quarters, launched an...
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    Happy Birthday BIKeINSTEIN

    Tum jeeyo hazaro saal aur har saal ke din ho dus hazaar. Many Happy Returns of the Day.!!!
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    CPU-Z 1.36 Released.

    Version: 1.36 Date: 08/18/2006 News and corrections: New processor information display. Intel 5000X/P/Z/V SPD support. Intel Pentium D 925 & 945. AMD K8 family HyperTransport link speed. cpu-z homepage : CPU-Z
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    Graphic Cards ATI Catalyst 6.8 released.

    As per the release notes there are lots of bug fixes and performance tweaks.!!!!:D I had d/l it last night and the CCC still shows as 6.7 in the control centre, but files are dated Aug'06. ver 1.2.2405.30455 The Display driver is ver 8.282
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    WTB: 2X512, 1GB, 400 MHz DDR Ram , any make(matched) but in working condition.

    As per Title i require the above urgently. Expected price: 1) for o/c chips modules for e.g. UCCC, BH-5, CH-5, Winbond UTT etc. ....Rs.3200/- 2) For all others like Hynix D-43, Twinmos, dynet etc ...2500/- I want used but in working condition.
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    WTB: 2 AMD 64 Venice core 3000+ cpu's Soc 939, Used but Working Condition.

    As per Title i require 2 (TWO) pieces of above urgently. Expected Price: Rs. 2200 ~ 2500/- depending upon warranty Left and the stepping (o/c ability). PS: dont be surprised by these prices. The prices have crashed in the international market and soon it would crash here too. for e.g...
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    GO: Conroe's

    1) I was just informed by a chennai TE member that Delta has the conroe cpu's in stock. The price of E 6300 was quoted 10.4K + shipping. other prices i did not ask since it is beyond my budget. 2) Intel guys based in Banglore have also offered some discounts to us. Arun Ruleez , who had gone...
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    WTB: 2 nos. used powersafe 400W psu. any condition.

    as per Topic require urgently. Any condition will do. if it is in working condition then willing to pay Rs. 600 ~ 850 , depending upon the condition. if it is in non-working condition Rs. 150 ~ 250 max. Mumbai Sellers preferred since outstation shipping will be costly and time consuming.
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    FS: Amd X2 3800+ dual core cpu , Brand new with bill and full 3 years warranty.

    As per topic i want to sell the cpu immediately. Purchased 4 days back and received it yesterday. Stepping : 0609 SPMW cpu will come with bill (will try to get it in ur name) and full 3 years indian warranty. I am selling this bcuz i might get a conroe compatible m/b soon and will buy conroe...
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    FS: Amd Opteron 144 , venus core, 1MB L2 Cache processor.

    I have the following CPU for Sale. Brand: AMD Series: Opteron CPU Socket Type Socket 939 Core: Venus Multi-Core: Single-Core Name Opteron: 144 Stepping : CABYE 0536 Operating Frequency: 1.8GHz HT: 1000MHz L1 Cache: 64KB+64KB L2 Cache: 1MB Process Type: 90 nm Vista Ready...
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    CPU/Mobo Bad capcitors on Asus k8N-E m/b...

    Yesterday a TE member sent me his Asus K8N-E m/b for repairs. apparently one of the caps feeding the chipset was bulging as seen below..... and here is the general state of the m/b.... in the pics above Note the healthy deposit of mother earth, spread evenly across the m/b. !!! The space...