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  1. y2s

    FS: Desktops [closed] Extreme 3D Workstation

    My apologies but I believe at this price, I'm not sure anyone would buy this. I did a basic search for prices on new parts with similar or better specs and this is what I found - AMD Threadripper 3960x - 110k RTX 2070 Super x 2 - 40k *2 =80k Gigabyte TRX40 Designare mobo - ASUS ROG TRX40 @ 40k...
  2. y2s

    Laptops What should I do with my Macbook Pro's cracked display?

    I am posting our conversation over PM here for visibility and so it may help anyone else with this question in the future From ninjenstein My Reply I repair stuff as a hobby, so would not necessarily have the best advise - In any case, I would recommend that you not focus too much effort in...
  3. y2s

    FS: Consoles Nintendo switch for sale!

    Is this an older gen switch? The one that had exploits? If so, you can probably command a premium as they are quite rare nowadays. I am interested in purchasing only the dock if that is possible.
  4. y2s

    Setting up Wordpress site (portfolio focused)

    I feel bad that you got cheated, I am no expert but can try to help you for free. I do currently maintain 4-5 wp based sites.
  5. y2s

    FS: Mobile iPhone 5 (Brand New Battery)

    item sold and delivered to @MegaMind .
  6. y2s

    FS: Monitor and LCD R & D Monitors

    Selling 2 R & D Monitors 1. Monitor made by me using LVDS adapter out of old Dell XPS m15 Laptop. Screen Size: 15 Inches Inputs: HDMI/DVI/VGA/Composite Resolution: WSXGA+ (1680x1050) Kit for LTN154P3-L05 ( HDMI+DVI+VGA ) LCDScreen Controller Board NT68676 Comes with Universal LVDS board. Can...
  7. y2s

    FS: Others Tevo Tarantula 3D Printer

    Pre Owned Tevo Tarantula. Only 10,000. This is a DIY Kit. Not a plug and play solution. Buy only if you know what you are doing. Selling cause have not used it in a while. Requires some assembly & setup. Auto Bed Leveling Large Build Area Flex Extruder New from abroad costs ~ 20,000
  8. y2s

    FS: Tablet Nexus 7

    Item Sold and Delivered to @vakarthik
  9. y2s

    FS: Tablet Nexus 7

  10. y2s

    FS: Tablet Nexus 7

  11. y2s

    FS: Mobile Open Box Unused Jio Phone

    Thanks. Have added the same along with a price cut.
  12. y2s

    FS: Processor Intel Pentium G4400 3.3 GHZ Processor (LGA 1151)

    Sold Offline. Thread can be closed.
  13. y2s

    FS: Tablet Nexus 7

    For Sale: Nexus 7 2012 Wifi 16GB in perfect condition. Comes with Original Power Brick & Data Cable. Currently has Phoenix OS Installed. Many other Rom available on XDA. Good for R&D or as a casual Tab for netflix etc.