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    Is line voltage of 250V safe for use with computers?

    most upses don't "normalize" voltages even when they go upto 250V,therein lies the problem.
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    Is line voltage of 250V safe for use with computers?

    Ups companies like apc must be aware of the safe tolerance limits of ac utility voltage for electronic goods(200-240v).Despite that i wonder why do they allow a higher output voltage of upto 250v in even some of their costlier models like br1000g-in-it seems like a tremendous design fallacy...
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    What UPS should I buy?

    if longer backup time is your only concern,then you can go for APC BX1000c-IN.
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    PC Peripherals PSU - get it repaired or buy a new [Hyderabad] ...

    Do you connect your PC directly to AC mains or do you have have an UPS connected to it? If there is indeed an ups,it should have protected your pc from the lightning strike.....can you please elaborate on what happened exactly in this case?
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    Is line voltage of 250V safe for use with computers?

    Recently i bought a new ups viz the APC be700y-IND.However after purchasing it i discovered that it has an output voltage of 190-250V ie the ups does not attempt to regulate the voltage to safe levels unless it drops below 190V or exceeds 250V. This caused me some concern as its over-voltage...
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    Android Is it possible to get the Sony t2 ultra dual repaired if it develops any problem?

    I am about to buy a xperia t2 ultra dual phone but recently came across some disquieting reports from users who already own it that whenever the phone develops any hardware related issues(even minor ones),one cannot get it repaired but has to obtain a replacement from the service center by...