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    Budget 21-30k Help me build a Windows 7/Linux PC

    Hi guys, I have a unique challenge for you guys.I have a modern intel NUC for daily use.That serves all my daily needs except when I need to use Wimdows 7/XP for legacy software or old games or Linux software.I use an ancient Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop with Puppy Linux,Knoppix to do...
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    CPU/Mobo Urgent help required for intel xeon processor!

    Hi guys, posting after a long time. im going to build a pc in the near future. I will be using some existing parts. but this query is about an immediate opportunity that will expire soon. I have an option to buy an intel xeon e3 1220 which i think is sandy bridge for 8.5 k is it...
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    WTB 32 Gb Micro SD card

    Wtb 32 Gb micro SD card.HMU
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    FS: Mobile Sweetest mobile deal ever on TE

    Lg p500 LG Optimus One, P500, V - xda-developers Everything there is to know about this awesome phone. A list of things you can do with your old Android : Android About 2.5 years fine. I use it as backup phone and bluetooth music player at home /car Perfect little torrent...
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    WTB symbian phone Nokia

    WTB a s60v5 or v3 Nokia phone. Nokia 5800 and the likes. Kindly PM me if any member has one of these lying around.
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    Anybody with hands on experience with spice mi 1010?

    Has anybody come across the spice stellarpad mi 1010? I had planned to purchase it as soon as it became available on flipkart. But then i came across this review:Tablet review: Spice Stellar Pad Mi 1010 money quote: "During our entire test duration, the tablet never slowed down. Only once did...
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    LG Optimus One - battery

    Anybody purchase a battery for their lg optimus one phone? On eBay these are listed for 1250 and look like Chinese copies.
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    WTB Ebook reader

    Want to buy an ebook reader. Nook or kindle.not more than a year old.
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    WTB Nokia x1 01

    Want to buy a Nokia x1 01 or something similar with a loud ringtone. Willing to pay about 1200 rs.would prefer 2,3 months warranty. Price negotiable if piece is very new!
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    Entry level DSLR

    WTB nikon d5000 body .d80 body.budget is 15k.Can be stretched if condition is good and shutter count is low. Willing to consider offers for kit lens i.e. 18-55 if less than 3500
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    photo print advice

    hi guys.need help.I need to print passport size and stamp size photos of 2 different people, black and white, and colour.on one a4 sheet.I think photo labs use corel draw for a similar purpose.I tried the windows print software, it doesn't have the options I want .is there a freeware or open...
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    Best reliable emergency light!!!!!!!!

    This is an amazing product I read about at Engadget a year ago and it is now available in India! At half the price of!!!!! Buy Eurodiya solar lamp from Eureka Forbes at Best Price in India - Also find Specifications, Photos, Features & Reviews The Nokero N200 – the most economical...
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    Sdxc micro SD cards will work on your phones!

    Good news for those who like large capacity micro SD cards Sent from my LG-P500 using Tapatalk
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    PC Peripherals Brand new Epson TX121 problem - Help!

    My Epson TX 121 arrived in the mail today.I installed all the software and hooked everything up.I need to scan some documents immediately.when i open Epson scan software on the pc i get the error 'Cannot communicate with the scanner. Make sure the scanner is on,correctly set up and connected...
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    32 GB micro sd at 2k.COD coupons required!

    I think its the cheaper than letsbuy even with 10% off coupon. Koovs - Transcend 32 GB MicroSD Card Class 4. 3 Years Manufacturer Warranty. Free Home Delivery. | All India Deal
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    The best audio player for budding Audiophiles! (Sansa Clip)

    This thread is being posted on request by darksmart. For sale is my favourite audio player ,the sansa clip 4 Gb model.This is one of two players purchased in dec'09 from the US.This belongs to my brother who used it for a year and then stopped using it once he bought a new Galaxy S.It is in...
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    160gb 2.5" hdd

    Transcend StoreJet 25M2 2.5 inch 160 GB Transcend StoreJet 320 GB 2.5-Inch USB 2.0 Anti Shock Hard Drive TS320GSJ25M: Electronics THE DRIVE IS 160 GB .The above link is lowest capacity model available at amazon.To present reviews of users!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Expected Price...
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    Coupon exchange

    Hi guys and gals, I have tried two times on to avail rs 500 off on rs 2500 letsbuy coupon . Both times i have been unable to do so due to some technical customer care is good and they resolved my issue and i got refunds.Now i have 10% off...
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    Laptops Laptop repair in chandigarh

    Hi guys and gals.kindly recommend a reliable technician in chandigarh who can take apart my dell laptop,clean everything,apply thermal paste and reinstall heatsink,close everything back up WITHOUT DAMAGING ANYTHING! I went to sector 20 and 35,34 but most people reply stupid things like " i...
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    nokia 5800/ s60 device

    hi guys, want to buy a nokia 5800 as a back up phone,priority will be given to lower price open to other s60v5 handsets at a lower price.i expect to pay about 4k with some negotiation possible.other phones i.e. s60v3 may be considered.