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  1. santhoshr

    Dream earphone Shure SE535! and Denon baby

    Got my Shure SE535 Special Edition today and Denon 1100 a week back. SE535 was my dream earphone for so many years, almost 6 years, finally I plunged and decided to do that kind of spending. [attachment=12391:3.jpg][attachment=12390:2.jpg][attachment=12389:1.jpg] Denon baby AH D1100 is for my...
  2. santhoshr

    Audio Problem! Got a used Denon 1100, should I keep it for the price?

    Hi, I recently got a chance to grab a 1 month used Denon AH-D1100 which was advertised as New! for 7.2k, there is one weird problem there was some flimsy sound coming from left earcup joint (external), even if I simply hold the headphone it sounds as crumbling, is it the issue with most Denon...
  3. santhoshr

    Audio Bassy IEM with good overall sound as well

    Hi, I have tried some IEMs like CX300, S4i, SE215. Now I want to scale up and try a best IEM that doesn't fail on bass, many IEM or hp which has good rating comes up short on bass, same way IEM good on bass comes up short on mids/lows etc. So I really wanted to buy Shure SE535, but having...
  4. santhoshr

    Finally a Shure headphone!

    Hi Guys, After drooling for Shure SE 535 for long time, I finally settled for SE 215 :hap2: I glad to show off and present my shure! [attachment=10373:17268.attach] [attachment=10375:17270.attach]
  5. santhoshr

    Audio Starting audiophile quality headphone

    Help needed on audiophile quality headphones Hi, I realized what good headphone experience can give you, I had some good headphones like CX300 & HD 280 Pro from Sennheiser, and Klipsch S4i. Now I'm trying to up the ante looking for entry level audiophile headphones, Can you guys provide me...