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  1. Blade_Runner

    Scale Model Madness !!

    Here's my humble scale model collection. Will keep updating the thread as soon as i find time to photograph the rest of my collection. Here's the Yamaha R1 for now.
  2. Blade_Runner

    Car & Bike Back to my first love

    I learnt riding bikes on a Yamaha rx100 so that bike has always been special to me and Yamaha holds a special place too. Until recently i was riding a TVS Apache RTR160 but that changed when i took a TD of the R15 just for kicks. I was sold on the performance, and vibe free performance. The TD...
  3. Blade_Runner

    α for Alpha......

    Finally got the Sony Alpha a200 after much hunting and bargaining. Also purchased a Sandisk 4GB Extreme 3 CF card and a basic Lowepro bag for the cam. More pics to follow....... Damages were 22.7k for the cam, 1.5k for the CF card and Rs. 700/- for the Lowepro.
  4. Blade_Runner

    Canon 1000D/Rebel XS prices in mumbai

    I have been planning to get a dslr for quite some time now. Have finally narrowed down to the Canon 1000D. Checked with jjmehta and they are quoting 31k with bill and a years warranty. Any idea if the 1000D is available at a lower price than jjmehtas anywhere else in mumbai ?
  5. Blade_Runner

    Car & Bike Tata Prima Concept & Nano Europa at Geneva 09

    Geneva 2009: Tata Prima High Resolution Images! All Tata needs to do is plonk down an engine, take care of the plastics bits and interiors and we are set to take on the Linea, sx4, City. Tata Nano Europa Geneva 2009: Tata Shows Nano Europa The Europa looks hawt !
  6. Blade_Runner

    Camera Samsung's hybrid NX Series camera: point-and-shoot with DSLR-like image sensor

    Samsung's hybrid NX Series camera: point-and-shoot with DSLR-like image sensor Source
  7. Blade_Runner

    Happy Birthday Bosky !!

    Here's wishing you a very Happy Birthday Bosky ! Have a blast........... :D
  8. Blade_Runner

    Red Dead Redemption - Discussion Thread

    Rockstar Games announces Red Dead Redemption Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. - Rockstar Games announces Red Dead Redemption for Fall 2009
  9. Blade_Runner

    Crytek and Warner Bros Interactive acquire Free Radical & Snoblind Studios resp.

    Crytek and Warner Bros Interactive acquire Free Radical & Snoblind Studios respectively 40 jobs saved at Free Radical Design // News Warner Bros Interactive acquires Snowblind Studios - Joystiq
  10. Blade_Runner

    Resistance 3: Modern Warfare in the works?

    Resistance 3: Modern Warfare in the works? Source
  11. Blade_Runner

    Wanted: Weapons of Fate..........Max Payne Redux ?

    I am surprised no one posted about the video game based on the Angelina Jolie starrer Wanted. Title: Wanted: Weapons of Fate Developer: GRIN Publisher: Universal Studios Platform: PC, PS3, Xbox360 Release date: March 24, 2009 Plot: Videos: olJ2Z5V1AQw Q6ahALQQSJQ nE7j_0PdRCI...
  12. Blade_Runner

    Activision now hiring Bullshot Artist

    Activision now hiring Bullshot Artist The innocent job description reads ""The Art Services Screenshot Associate provides support services to all engaged departments: PR, Marketing, Production and development studios to produce high-quality screenshots, model renders and other art assets...
  13. Blade_Runner

    Need for Speed is not dead afterall

    Given the upheaval surrounding Black Box, many gamers have been pondering the fate of the Electronic Arts' subsidiary's signature series. Today, EA announced that one of the partially shuttered Canadian operation's franchises, Need for Speed, will continue to be developed. Indeed, not only will...
  14. Blade_Runner

    Touch and Tease

    Cheesy title i know :P Wanted to retire my Nokia 6500 Slider so picked this up today. Damages 19k. Pics:
  15. Blade_Runner

    Car & Bike Mumbai International Auto Show 09

    A pictorial coverage of the Mumbai International Auto Show 09. A lot of cars were carried over from the ACI show it seems :|. But this was more of a pro-consumer expo rather than an all out enthusiast expo that ACI did. Tata, Hyundai were absent...
  16. Blade_Runner

    IC: Acer Aspire One 160GB

    Ok guys just and interest check for the Acer Aspire One 160Gb model which comes loaded with Linux. Link: Products & Services - Notebooks Specs: Intel Atom N270 (1.60 GHz)/ Mobile Intel® 945GSE Express Chipset / 1 GB RAM / 22.61 cms(8.9) WSVGA / No ODD/ 160 GB HDD / MultiCard Reader + SD...
  17. Blade_Runner

    Happy Birthday Shripad !

    Here's wishing you happiness, fun and loads of gadgets ! Happy Birthday Shripad ! :cool2:
  18. Blade_Runner

    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Post your mundane "everyday" show-off tid-bits like games, pen drives, controllers etc. which don't essentially warrant a whole new thread :P My show-off for today....... :ohyeah: Keep posting and hopefully we shall have a sticky. :)
  19. Blade_Runner

    Car & Bike Autocar Peformance Show 08 Coverage

    A pictorial coverage of the Autocar Performance Show 08 which was held at MMRDA grounds between 14th-16th Nov. No running commentary from me this time. Enjoy the pics........ Here goes PS: Apologies for the watermarks (it's an necessary evil) and not-so-good...
  20. Blade_Runner

    The truth is out there

    Generally the ufo/et subject is a taboo at technology forums as such but i came across this fantastic footage i just couldn't resist posting. All the footage is from NASA and is shot in the infra-red spectrum. These videos are a series of incidents which took place on various space shuttle...