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    FS: Storage Hardware 4 x 2 TB Drives Seagate (ST2000DL003)

    Hello, Selling 4 drives - 2 TB each. I was using them in a NAS and have upgraded my NAS to 4 TB drives each. All 4 drives are in good working condition. One of them has been used for just over a week. Location: Mumbai Would prefer not to ship. You can pick it up. Price: 12K for all 4 3.5K...
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    FS: Storage Hardware 4 x 2 TB Seagate Drives

    <this post was lost due to a crash in which we lost 3 days of posts>
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    Graphic Cards Card for multi monitor office use - 3 monitors max - 1 high resolution

    Hello, Was looking for a low cost / low noise graphics card for my office setup. I want to setup a max of 3 monitors - the middle one having the max resolution of 2560 x 1440 and the others being 1900 x 1080 or thereabouts. No gaming. Would prefer less noisy options. Any suggestions? PS: Any...
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    Budget 41-50k AIO Desktop for office use

    Hello guys, Any good suggestions on AIO PC Desktop for Office use What is your budget? 40 - 50K What is your intended use for this PC/hardwar BrowsingDesktop Processing Which operating system do you intend to use with this configuration? Windows 7 with MS Office Starter Will to buy...
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    Graphic Cards Gfx card under 18K

    Hello guys, Any reco on a good card to pick up for 15 - 18K ? System: i5 2500K @ 3.3GHZ 8GB RAM, SSD ASUS P8Z68M Pro Will play strategy or simulations games. Not a huge FPS pan. Any suggestions?
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    Monitors Dual/Quad Monitor Stands

    Hello guys, Are any dual/quad monitor stands available in Mumbai? Any experience with any of the stands? Need em for designers/engineers who need multi monitor setups. Should be height adjustable, as some plug their laptops in and use it as the third screen as well.
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    Server configuration for powering 15/20 thin clients

    Hello guys, We are looking to use Ubuntu based thin-clients and wanted to check what kind of server should be put up. My considerations are as below: 1) RAID 5/10 - to ensure no loss of data 2) Easily swap-able components. I am considering the RAIDON SafeTANK Series GR5630-WSB3 USB 3.0 for...
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    EVGA GTX 295, Monster Graphics Card, 1712 MB RAM

    This is the EVGA 295 GTX card, comes with 1700+ MB RAM. Needs a 600W+ power supply. I had picked this up from a TE member a year ago. Ran it with a Seasonic 850W PS. Fabulous piece of engineering :) No warranty available on the card. I picked up a new PC and am dropping gaming, so the sale. I...
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    Need a new mobo - appreciate your suggestions. Need to get PC back up

    My PC hasn't been booting erratically for the last couple of weeks. It was my primary gaming machine, but I don't game anymore - so am looking to convert it into a low noise HTPC/regular use machine. Q: What is your budget? Upto 20k Q: What is your existing hardware configuration (component...
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    CPU/Mobo New mobo needed for Q6600 proc and DDR2 RAM

    Hello guys, My prev mobo is on its last leg and acting wonky. I have a rather old Q6600 and 8GB of DDR2 in my PC and would like to keep both of them. While I now have a GTX 295 gfx card, I am not keen on games anymore and will prefer a decent dual DVI onboard gfx solution. Which mobo would...
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    Load balancing router

    Hello guys, We have two internet connections at our place, mtnl and airtel (for redundancy) . Is there a decent load balancer available in the market that you guys have had some experience with? I was looking to use a load balancer so that both connections can be used simultaneously and then...
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    PC Peripherals A good firm that can manage our PCs

    We have an office with around 20 - 30 PCs an I am looking for a firm in Mumbai to manage our PC infra/networks/configurations etc. 70% of PCs run Ubuntu, 20% run OS X and the rest Windows and other variants. I can find any firm with decent support when it comes to linux and other variants. I...
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    PC Peripherals Step down transformer

    Hello guys, Any recommendations on a good quality step down transformer? Need to plug some 120v equipments into them. I read that Isolated transformers are better than automatic transformers. The automatic ones if they ever go kaput will send the whole 240v to the equipment, while the isolated...
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    Storage Solutions NAS with 4-5 bays

    Hello guys, Looking to finally get a NAS for home usage. Will be used to store movies/music. Would prefer ones with decent RAID options. I am not looking to build one, so won't head that way. If it can expand later through use of an additional box, heck, even better. What do you guys suggest...
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    Monitors What options do I have in 27"+ IPS monitors

    Hello guys, looking to finally update my 21" lcd monitor. I haven't been active with tech lately so don't know the options available in the IPS panel monitor world at the moment :) The one I remember is the Dell U2711, but boy was it expensive at ~42K. Are there any other options available in...
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    Iphone 4 16GB, Factory Unlocked, Mumbai

    Hi, Any ideas where I can pick up a reasonably priced 16GB Unlocked Iphone4 in Mumbai? Urgent. Please let me know if you are aware of any stores carrying it. Thanks,
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    Comparison of 3G services

    Hi guys, I was looking to buy an ipad w/3G and use it as a laptop replacement. Can you guys share info on the best 3G unlimited packages out there and how their coverages are? Thanks
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    New rig for photoshop user

    Hello guys, Need a new rig for a very avid photoshop user, along with a gfx card that has digital outputs for 2 monitors. Will also look for a 24" monitor (already have a 24" benq) . Value really spiffy response from the PC, so would be fine with spending for 8GB RAM. Q: What is your budget...
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    PC Peripherals Recommend a colour laser printer

    Hello, Can you guys recommend a good/sasta/tikau colour laser printer. Pref. something that can get easily refilled out there. Budget ~ 25 - 30K. Will be used in an office, so print volumes will be around 500 colour pages/month. Would require it to be capable of printing A3 Cheers
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    Where to buy HTC legend in Mumbai

    Guys, Looking to buy a HTC Legend in Mumbai, with bill. Any places I can get a good deal? :hap2: