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  1. anil_sethi

    FS: Photography Sony SLT-A58K (With 18-55 mm Lens) 20.1 MP DSLR Camera

    Sony SLT-A58K (With 18-55 mm Lens) 20.1 MP DSLR Camera (Black) + 8GB SD Card. Expected Price (Rs): 23,000 Item Condition: 5 out of 5 Purchase Date: January 2017 Remaining Warranty Period: 19 months Reason for Sale: lying unused, bought for youtubing, but change my mind :/ Shipping from...
  2. anil_sethi

    FS: Laptop HP 15-r204TX 5th Gen Corei5, 4GB RAM, 820M GFX, 1 TB, Win 8,HP new BAG ( Almost New 10 hours used )

    HP 15-r204TX in brand new condition, used only 10 hours+ when bought to check condition, and all time till now was in box, Bought from Flipkart with bill and 11 months warranty. Original HP New Bag included. Expected Price (Rs): 32,000 28,000 Item Condition: 5 out of 5 (Brand New - Never...
  3. anil_sethi

    Help: How to Buy from ?

    Hello Friends, I want to buy few products from As you know we can't pay with our indian paypal. So how to buy products from ? I don't have Credit Card. I only have SBI and Axis bank Debit Cards. Anyone know how to buy from ? And now Gift card also not...
  4. anil_sethi

    FS: Others $200 Gift Cards for Sale

    Selling $50 + $50 + $35 + $25 + $25 + $15 = $200 E- Gift Card Cards. Total : $200 Selling at Price : Rs 10,500 Valid only on purchases on (not .in or any other country amazon). GC Balance in the amazon account never expires once it is added. GC Code will be sent only...
  5. anil_sethi

    FS: Others Rs 4000 x2 Flipkart Gift Cards for Sale

    Selling Flipkart Rs 4000 x2 E-Gift card at SOLD each gift card . price not less or not more flat discount 10%. ( Fixed Price ) non-negotiable Only accept NEFT Reply Me or PM me If You Are Interested. Already sold amazon gift card on this forum, so buy with confidence. Thanks
  6. anil_sethi

    FS: Others 2x $50 + $15 Amazon Gift Card for Sale

    Selling $50 + $50 + $15 E- Gift Card Codes. Selling at Price : $50 = Rs SOLD $50 = Rs SOLD $15 = Rs SOLD Valid only on purchases on (not .in or any other country amazon). GC Balance in the amazon account never expires once it is added. GC Code will be sent only...
  7. anil_sethi

    FS: Mobile HTC Explorer/Pico Mint Condition for Sale - Price Reduced

    Product Name: HTC Explorer/Pico Expected Price: Rs 2799 Shipping charges: Free Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: Mobile is in good condition no scratch, as i used Screenguard and Case from day 1. Everything is working fine. Accessories...
  8. anil_sethi

    FS: Keyboard and Mice NEW Logitech Wireless Combo MK270 - SOLD ( Christmas Offer )

    1 Product Name: Logitech Wireless Combo MK270. ( Brand new Sealed Box ) Expected Price: SOLD OUT ( Original Price Rs 1900 - 50% discount For Christmas ) Shipping charges: Included Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: Bought from...
  9. anil_sethi

    AC or FAN ??

    I am from EAST - Bhubaneswar ( actualy in Town :banghead: ) ... In summer Temerature reaches 42-45 celcius.So i want an AC for my house. House Dimension and Non-Inverter or Inverter AC is Later Things. Here Power Throught Day in summer remains below 130 V ( average 90 Volt :( :mad: ) So my...
  10. anil_sethi

    Video Voltage Stabilizer for PC + TV ... low voltage > 90V

    I am from small Town, Here in summer voltage is very low in day and night below 100 V, with numerous fluctuation + power cut ( wtf better to live in Village with lantern :| ) so suggest me voltage stabilizer for PC + TV( normal flat tv ) both working at same time.( stabilizer having atleast...
  11. anil_sethi

    FS: RAM ADATA 2x2GB DDR2 PC RAM for Sell

    Saled Product Name: 2x ADATA 2GB DDR2 800Mhz PC RAM Price: 600 INR each. 2GB ( 1 stick ) = Rs 600 2GB + 2GB ( 2 sticks ) = Rs 1200 Time of Purchase: 2010 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes, lifetime warranty on RAM. Reason for...
  12. anil_sethi

    Storage Solutions help WD ships via AFL

    no afl courier in my area so I send wd drive by dtdc from my pocket but they yesterday send new wd drive via afl. but no afl courier available here then how I get the drive? they gave me docket number buy in afl site its not showing in tracking plz help. docket no- 83463342405065313
  13. anil_sethi

    Building PC ( assemble ) by own tutorials want..

    thanks jakob,alpha and other te members for helping other members. I don't know is it right or wrong place to ask about tutorials ( pdf or video will be great ) me including many members buy components from online. when they need to assemble... they throw brick on his leg.many members are...
  14. anil_sethi

    CPU/Mobo motherboard help for existing pc. MB died :(

    my 2 year old pc mother have fever want new better mother who can handle and ready to adopt 2 yr old pc babies (pc parts ) my rig : CPU- Intel core2duo 2.8ghz RAM- ADATA 2gbx2 ddr2 ram gfx- nvidia gt 8400 512 graphics card. psu- zebronic 450watt. mother- asus p5qlcm having pcie x16 slot...
  15. anil_sethi

    Graphic Cards LED monitor buying advice. confused

    my gfx is saphire amd firepro v4800. I want led monitor not too big not too small ( witin 20 to 22 inch range ) . for editing video purpose. confuse between. 1. BENQ 22" G2222HDL Full HD or 2. LG E2060T 20†W Slim & Sleek LED Monitor or suggest any other good monitor price range below...
  16. anil_sethi

    Suggest 2012 PC Rig for Professional animator

    hi friends need help suggest pc config for professional animation work. budget-60K ( except monitor ) I don't know much about gpu,psu and mb so suggest best rig. have to work 15+ hours daily with lots of rendering and video editing. +gaming cpu must be core i7. I can wait 2-3 months more...