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    TE has become more of a opinion/gossip forum

    And not a good thing. Each individual has their opinion on each thing in life and they differ (and thats absolutely normal). But they dont have to stuff their opinions onto each other. This forum is supposed to be a place to keep all those away and focus on tech. PS: I know opinions differ on...
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    Graphic Cards Any GTX 750 with DisplayPort?

    As the title says, looking for a GTX 750 which has displayport. Any available in India? Need it to just drive a 4k monitor. Not for gaming.
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    Camera Want to get YI 4K. or aliexpress?

    Want to get YI 4K. On, its more expensive then GoPro Hero 4 black edition Only sources are Directly from YI from their Aliexpress store or Any suggestions on which one to go for? Never bought from and I guess it depends on the seller in Aliexpress.
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    OnePlus to Manufacture Phones in India

    OnePlus has announced its plans for local production of its smartphones in India through contract manufacturing at ‘Foxconn’s Rising Stars factory’ within the Sri City Integrated Business City in the state of Andhra Pradesh by end of 2015. Source -...
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    Raspberry Pi 2 is here !

    Let’s get the good stuff out of the way above the fold. Raspberry Pi 2 is now on sale for $35 (the same price as the existing Model B+) Source - Major changes - A 900Mhz quad core Cortex A7 processor 1GB memory Obviously, max power draw bumps...
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    Motorola launches Moto E at Rs 6,999

    Would say 7k is a pretty good price. Other brands will have good competition. Will have to see how Motorola places their products across segments. Source - Motorola launches smartphone Moto E at Rs 6,999 Flipkart link -...
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    Sennheiser HD 202 II @ 1327 on FK

    The price on it is 1475 and there is an additional 10% off making it 1327
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    Router(+modem) with stability and range

    Looking for a router (would be good if it also has Adsl2 modem) which is stable and has good range. Budget - less than 4k. The purpose is to share internet connection between 2 houses next to each other. Both are 30x40 plots. The router will be placed in first floor of one house as near as...
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    Android Nexus 7 + OTG + File transfer from camera

    I am not sure why this is soo hard to do. I have a Nexus 7 and when outside, I want to do the following - 1. Connect the camera to the tablet using OTG 2. Transfer few files to the tablet 3. Edit (crop/reduce size) 4. mail them I got the OTG cable and the issue is it directly opens up the...
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    OC & Modding Problem with CM Hyper 212 EVO

    I got this just today through FK and I have an issue. 2 of the standoffs just dont fit with the provided nuts. The nut wont turn more than couple of turns. The other 2 are fine. I checked all the nuts with the 2011 standoffs and they seem to be fine. Should I ask for replacement or should I try...
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    Budget 41-50k Build for dev workstation [DONE]

    I usually have 2 systems so that I can switch over if there are any failures. I have yet to decide on which one to scrap out. Have given details of both below. What is your budget? 45-50K (lower the better :)) What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and...
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    Linux #! (crunchbang) A lean distro

    I have an Asus 1000HE which I hardly used till recently. It had Windows XP and was painfully slow to load up applications (even simple things like a text editor). Looked around and found #! to be a very lean distro. Loaded it up into a usb drive and installed it. Installation was typical like...
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    Suggestions needed for dev comp

    Hi all, Need specs and rates for a comp for my friend. I would prefer a AMD based one unless they are making really crappy processors nowadays. I have a 555 based one which I really like. rough idea is - 4gb ram (think 8 would be overkill) 500gb HDD Would like to get suggestions for -...
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    Washing machine query

    I have to gift a washing machine to a family member and looking to buy one around Diwali Firstly, which one to go for? Front loading or Top loading one? We have a IFB and im fed up of the machine jumping around while spinning. So thought top loading one might be better. But really not sure...
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    Video AIrtel DTH my problems continue.... Would appreciate some help

    I am going to be quite brief about the happenings. But have been very frustrated with the experience of getting a new DTH connection. Since I was not well, i decided to go ahead and buy the service through DTH India, DTH TV Services, Direct to Home, digital TV India: Airtel 20th August - I...
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    Video Some concerns about Airtel's DTH CC

    Some concerns about Airtel's DTH CC - It continuees ..... I am not sure if this is the right section, but it is regarding my experience buying Airtel's DTH services (well, I have not yet bought :) ) Well, it all started couple of days back when i decided that I would like to go for DTH from my...
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    My problem with Linux and any possible solutions?

    Hi, I work on Linux based distributions almost everyday, but still cant come to terms with one big problem I have with it. I work mainly on a windows based workstation with vmware running linux instances. But I would certainly want to move over to Linux as my primary desktop OS. Only one...
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    Suggestions for 2 AMD based cheapo rigs

    Hi, I have to build 2 rigs this weekend. Would need suggestion and rough price guide (Bangalore) 1. For myself. It will be mainly used for running vmware/vitrualbox instances. I need dual core as my q6600 is already killing my UPS. Might also watch HD movies over weekends. I only need -...
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    Graphic Cards Cheapest dual DVI card

    Hi guys, Posting here after a long time... My X1900GT is dead(RIP) and I need a new GPU. My motherboard is an old 965-DS3P with(think its PCIe 1.0) x16 and x4 slots and I use the card on x4 slot as I dont have any room near the x16 slot. I am looking for a graphics card with the following -...
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    E55 or E75?

    Have been thinking of getting one of these. Any suggestion on these would be helpful in making a decision. Im not really sure if e55 is worth the wait. Not sure when they are going to hit the market. My usage - call time 60-90mins/day Not too much, but moderate usage of messaging, would also...