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    Affiliate link URLs and IP?

    Haha, @avi did you copy the previous book lists from the Broke Bibliophiles fb group? And then change the affiliate I'd? That guy is naturally pissed after finding about it.
  2. blkrb0t

    Budget 71-90K Work Laptop Suggestions (Typing + Image Editing)

    Hi, I'm starting a creative agency soon and I'm on the lookout for a new work laptop. What's your Budget? (e.g. >30K, not more than 50K etc.) - Ideally around 70k, but I'm willing to spend up to 90k (maybe a bit beyond that if highly necessary). What will be your primary usage for the notebook...
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    Comic Con Bangalore 2014 Thread (12-14 Sept, 2014)

    How many of you from here attending this time? Make sure to snap some awesome pics and put it up here. I'm sure this time around the event will be much bigger. If you're cosplaying or doing anything else worth noticing, please share it here too :) [Here's last year's thread]
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    Best Earphones to Buy Under Rs. 1000

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    Best Compact Digital Cameras to Buy Under 10k

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    User Guides How to Sound Proof Your Room on a Budget

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    Microsoft announces Nokia X2: 4.3-inch Display, 1GB RAM, 1.2GHz Dual-core Processor

    Nokia's Android dreams are still alive at Microsoft even after the acquisition of its mobile division: Microsoft announced the Android-based Nokia X2 smartphone today. Available in Bright Green, Orange, Yellow, Black and White. A Dark Grey version is also planned for release later. The...
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    BlackBerry unveils its strangest device yet, the Passport: 4.5-inch 1440x1440 screen, 3-row QWERTY

    BlackBerry's latest creation, the Passport, is an odd looking smartphone. It features a 4.5-inch screen with 1,440x1,440 resolution display, below which is placed a 3-row physical QWERTY keypad. With a display aspect ratio of 1:1, the phone does look weird, but the QWERTY keyboard below it at...
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    Amazon announces Fire Phone: 4.7-inch 720p Display, Qualcomm Processor, 2GB RAM, 13MP Camera

    Amazon has finally announced its much-awaited smartphone, the Fire Phone. It will be available starting July 25th on AT&T (US) at a price of $199 (with a two-year contract). Not sure when it'll release in India. Probably next year, or the one after that. The most touted feature of this phone...
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    All Our Patent Are Belong To You | Tesla Motors CEO, Elon Musk

    Can Tesla stop being any more awesome? I'm a fan of this company, and an even bigger fan of Elon Musk.
  11. blkrb0t

    Facebook buying Whatsapp for $16 Billion in Cash and Stock Source: The moment I read this, all I could think of was WOW and WTF at the same time. Whatsapp was already on its way to become an...
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    Starting a Company

    Me and few of my friends want to start a clothing company. All of us being engineers, we don't have much idea about how businesses operate. Any experienced guys out here who can point out the bare essentials that are required to start a company? I've already searched online for information and...
  13. blkrb0t

    Need to buy something online, but don't have a credit card

    I need to buy something online worth $300 (an international transaction), but only Credit Card/Paypal are accepted for the payment. I have a SBI Debit Card, and I tried to use Entropay to generate a VCC, but even that is not working. What are my options?
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    One of the best speeches ever: Tim Minchin

    Tim Minchin, the former UWA arts student described as "sublimely talented, witty, smart and unabashedly offensive" in a musical career that has taken the world by storm, is awarded an honorary doctorate by The University of Western Australia. For those who don't know much about Tim Minchin...
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    Microsoft Surface 2 LiveStream What are they going to do next with one of the best designed hardware? How will they improve it? They haven't met their and the public's expectations the last time around, but let's see where they go with the next iteration.
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    Watch Nokia 'Zoom Reinvented' event live, starts 8:30 PM IST on July 11

    Watch it here live: Starts in just half an hour; people are getting seated now.
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    FS: Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note | 16GB | 3 Monthy Warranty Remaining

    Product Name: Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 Expected Price: Rs. 15,000 + Shipping at actuals Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: The phone is in excellent condition. No scratches, bumps or cracks. Reason for Sale: Upgrade Product...
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    Instagram may finally release on Windows Phone

    It's one of the most heated debates when suggesting a user to buy a WP8 device here. The lack of apps, and one of the best example given is Instagram. That might not be the case for long as Instagram may finally be launched on WP8, though it might be an exclusive for Lumia smartphones for a...
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    [Spoilers] Game of Thrones (ASOIAF) thread

    This thread is exclusively for discussing Game of Thrones TV show (and also the events in A Song of Ice and Fire books). There is just so much going on in the show that it cannot be discussed properly in the TV thread alone. The complexity of the books and the deviations the show takes from them...
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    How to teach basics of Computer to kids?

    My cousin of around 10 years old wants to learn the basics of Computers during her summer holidays. She doesn't have any Computer in her home and all her experience with it is from the School - lots of theory, MS Office, BASIC etc... She wants me to teach her more and I am dumbstruck as to...