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    FS: APC Back-UPS RS 800VA for only 2k

    finally, last item left for my leaving-india sale :cool2: APC Back-UPS RS 800VA (model # BR800IN), in good working condition. on my main rig (see specs in sig), i'm still getting about 22-25mins time on battery. coming to almost 2 years old, local warranty set to expire on 12/12/08. comes with...
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    FS: LG L226WTQ 22" LCD monitor

    one more item from my leaving-india sale :) LG L226WTQ 22" LCD monitor in mint condition. barely 2 months plus old, bought in Sept '08 as a temporary replacement for my 24" which had to be sent in for RMA. purchased from Croma and original bill will be provided. if i'm not wrong, LG provides 3...
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    FS: 2x1Gb DDR2-800 (Micron D9) ram, Coolermaster USB/eSata HDD enclosure

    2 more items to sell :) 1. Kingston 2x1Gb DDR2 800mhz ram - Rs 1,100 shipped - Micron D9GMH chips (overclockers will appreciate these) - installed with ram heatspreaders - no local warranty, as bought overseas. will provide 1 week testing warranty. 2. Coolermaster 3.5" HDD external...
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    FS: Holux GPSlim 240 Wireless Bluetooth GPS Receiver (SiRF III)

    Holux GPSlim 240 Wireless Bluetooth GPS Receiver (SiRF III) for sale. Adds GPS capabilities to any bluetooth-enabled device e.g. mobile phone, PDA, laptop etc. Bought about a year ago from overseas, so no local warranty but I will provide 1 week testing warranty. Was previously using it with my...
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    FS: Verbatim 16Gb USB pendrive, Audio Technica ATH-AD700 headphones

    selling the following: 1. Verbatim 16Gb USB pendrive SOLD - very fast read/write speeds (12-13mb/sec write, 27-30 mb/sec read) - only bought 1 mth ago from 200mph's GO 2. Audio Technica ATH-AD700 open air dynamic headphones SOLD - mint condition, seldom used, bought from US via KMD -...
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    FS: DLink DNS-323 Gigabit NAS with 1Tb storage (2x500Gb sata HDDs included)

    Selling my DLink DNS-323 gigabit dual-bay NAS. Mint working condition, and comes with all original box packaging etc. Previously used as my media server storing all my HD videos and music. Flashed with latest firmware, which even has a BT client built-in. Here's a very informative review on the...
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    FS: Razer ProTones m250 headphones (white)

    selling my Razer ProTones m250 headphones (white). bought about 4-5mths back from KMD, but hardly ever used. brand new condition, comes with box, carry pouch and a adaptor to use with plane inflight entertainment systems. here's a review of the m250 headphones: techPowerUp :: Razer Pro|Tones...
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    MWTS: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H50 camera

    may want to sell my Sony DSC-H50 superzoom digital camera. less than 1 month old, bought from the US through KMD so standard KMD warranty applies. brand new condition (only took less than 50 shots), comes with everything in the standard retail box package. have also applied a high quality screen...
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    Who's got MGS4??

    my MGS4 just shipped from yesterday. hope i'll get it delivered a week from now. can't wait :hap2:
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    Audio Any local sources to buy Op Amps?

    am looking to buy some Linear Tech Op Amps locally in Mumbai to upgrade my Prodigy HiFi soundcard. specifically, looking for LT1364 & LT1361. anyone knows where i can get them?
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    Anyone playing Hot Shots Golf: OOB on PS3?

    looking for fellow HSG players to play online. my psn ID burnz78 cheers :hap2:
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    FS: Seagate 250Gb 7200.10 sata HDD, Hitachi Deskstar 250Gb sata HDD

    selling a couple of my spare 250Gb sata hdds lying around which i have no use for. not too in touch with 250gb prices today, so pls let me know if my price is a little out of line :) Seagate 250Gb 7200.10 sata hdd - model ST3250820AS - bought in Mar 2007 from Delta Peripherals, Chennai - still...
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    FS: Jabra BT8010 bluetooth 2.0 wireless headset

    selling my Jabra BT8010 bluetooth headset. brand new condition, only used once. bought a month ago from Newegg via KMD, so any warranty/RMA can go through him. everything in mint condition and original box packaging. supports bluetooth headset, handsfree and A2DP profiles. so it can be used as...
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    PC Peripherals Where to get the Logitech G25 steering wheel?

    i'm looking for a set of the Logitech G25 steering wheel locally in Mumbai. anyone knows a dealer carrying this and price?
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    MWTS: 2 x Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 wireless routers

    may be selling two Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 802.11g wireless routers. both are less than a year old, bought them overseas from Singapore. in mint working condition, running factory firmware. it is able to run 3rd party firmware such as DD-WRT, Tomato etc, and comes with high gain antenna. very good...
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    FS: Silver PSP Slim (modded with 3.90 M33 firmware + 1Gb mem stick)

    selling my 4 mth old PSP Slim (ice silver color). modded with latest 3.90 M33 firmware, able to play ISOs off mem stick. also included is an original Sony 1Gb mem stick, AC charger, and a zipped pouch casing. condition 9/10 (some minor scratches on UMD ring behind), other than that everything...
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    Another cheap speakers sale - Klipsch GMX-A 2.1 speakers

    i think the speakers need no introduction. buy this only if you have no neighbors or your neighbors are deaf ;) sub and satelites in good, working condition. speaker cables have been upgraded to high quality Belden cables with Canare plugs. whole set is about 2.5 yrs old. selling this a little...
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    FS: Yulong Class T Integrated Amplifier

    selling my Yulong Class T integrated amplifier. bought from Singapore, 6 months old. amazing little amp, considering its size and value. previously used to drive a pair of B&W 603s and more recently a pair of Usher S520 bookshelves. similar to the Trends Audio TA10 amp in performance, with the...
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    FS: Samsung Blackjack i607 Windows Mobile 6 smartphone

    Samsung Blackjack i607 - Price: Rs 6,500 bought from USA, 6 mths old. tip-top physical condition 9.5/10. seldom used as it's my backup/traveling phone. phone has also just been upgraded to Windows Mobile 6 OS. comes with complete standard package: - Samsung Blackjack phone unit - usb sync/charge...