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  1. Konquerror

    FS: Photography Canon EOS 6D Mark II DSLR Camera (Body Only) New In Box @ Rs. 67,999, 33% discount

    Cancelled the order. Not available anymore. Mods please close this thread. Hello Guys, I got Canon EOS 6D Mark II DSLR Camera (Body Only) at Rs. 67,999 during Flipkart Sale. Since Axis payment gateway was down, I used my other card to place the order. However later on I was able to place an...
  2. Konquerror

    Best headphone under Rs. 10,000/- for listening music and watching movies

    Hello All, I am looking to buy headphones under Rs. 10,000/- for listening music (20% time) and watching videos (80% time) on Mac (mostly Netflix and Amazon Prime). I like bass on higher side and sound stage is most important. I have shortlisted following headphones: Audio-Technica ATH-M50x...
  3. Konquerror

    Suggest best place to buy Xbox games

    Hello Guys, I recently got Xbox One S and I am not sure where to buy games from? I looked in to Xbox Game Pass and EA pass. Are these subscriptions worth it? Also is buying physical game advisable? If yes then where to buy them for least price? Please let me know your views :)
  4. Konquerror

    Fraud transaction on Credit Card on PayPal

    My card Credit Card was used for a fraud transaction on PayPal 90 days back. I disputed the charge and bank came up saying it’s a legitimate charge. What can be done now? Do I have to pay the amount or can I file complain anywhere else to challenge this? Please advise. RBI Circular regarding...
  5. Konquerror

    Hunt for a new Android Phone within 30k INR

    Well Mumbai rains took a toll on my beloved Samsung Vibrant T959 and it's fried. So now I am in a search for new Android smart phone. Below are the phones I'm considering: 1. Samsung Galaxy S Plus: Rs 18298/- Pay Rs 18298 for a Samsung Galaxy S Plus - I9001 worth Rs 24530 Inclined towards...
  6. Konquerror

    Get a calendar worth Rs 295/- for Rs 27.58/- from

    Details here DNA: - Father's Day Enjoy :D
  7. Konquerror

    New phone in a budget of 25-30k

    Hey Guys, I am thinking of buying a new phone. My only requirement is that I should be able to use Chat, Email, Text, Browse on phone easily. Multimedia Capabilities are not that much important :hap5: However I would love to have a Good primary cam and a secondary cam for video calling if...
  8. Konquerror

    A tourer's spirit

    Look what I got today :D IMG_3017 by Pranav Prakash, on Flickr IMG_3003 by Pranav Prakash, on Flickr IMG_3014 by Pranav Prakash, on Flickr IMG_3007 by Pranav Prakash, on Flickr IMG_3010 by Pranav Prakash, on Flickr IMG_3011 by Pranav Prakash, on Flickr IMG_2987 by Pranav Prakash...
  9. Konquerror

    Car & Bike Buying first bike: FZ 16, R15, Fazer, Pulsar 220 or Karizma ZMR?

    Hi TE, Finally I have decided to buy my first bike. I rode a bike for first time yesterday. It was a FZ 16 and I loved it. I had some experience of riding my dad's LML Vespa scooter and I found FZ16 amazing. Riding it was fun so decided to go for a bike. I am 5'10", 80kg :ashamed: and I would...
  10. Konquerror

    Want Power Brick for Xbox purchased from US

    I've got a Xbox purchased from US which came with 110V power brick. I want Indian version of power brick. Hit me with your offers :)
  11. Konquerror

    Camera Which Telephoto Zoom Lens for Canon EOS 1000D

    I'm looking for a Telephoto Zoom Lens for Canon. I am more inclined towards getting a Canon lens itself rather than Tamron or Sigma. Well below are my options: 1. EF-S55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS : EF-S55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS - Digital Cameras - Canon India 2. EF75-300mm f/4-5.6 III : EF75-300mm f/4-5.6...
  12. Konquerror

    Looking for Processor+Motherboard+RAM+PSU within 15k for document processing

    Well my father want to replace the existing CPU with a new one. The main use of this system is Document Processing like making reports using MS Word. This PC sometimes used for casual gaming. Hence GPU is not a must unless required. He prefers Intel processors over AMD. He would be keeping the...
  13. Konquerror

    Camera Another newbie DSLR buying suggestion thread

    Well I went out for Mumbai "Darshan" on Saturday night with my parents in night. We went to Marine Drive, Gateway of India etc. and I took my Canon A480 point and shoot. Well the pics I took were horrible and it ruined my mood as well as the night. Hence looking forward for a better cam. Well I...
  14. Konquerror

    Where to get 220V to 110V adapter for Xbox

    I have a Xbox laying around in my house as it's adapter accepts 110V not 220V. This Xbox was purchased from US. Can anyone tell where can I get good quality adapter for this? TIA.
  15. Konquerror

    Audio Suggest a 5.1 speaker setup within 10k

    Hi Guys, One of my friends is looking for 5.1 setup within 10k. He is kinda inclined towards Creative. I told him about Logitech and Altec Lansing although I didn't remember the exact model number. Please suggest. Budget is little flexible. TIA. :)
  16. Konquerror

    Relocating to Mumbai from Bangalore: Some queries about Mumbai

    I am relocating from Bangalore to Mumbai. I have few queries about Mumbai which are below: 1. My office is in Airoli. I want to live in Powai area. I would be using public transportation. So I wanted to know if it's feasible or not? How much time will it take to reach Airoli from Powai? 2. How...
  17. Konquerror

    Please suggest QWERTY Phone: Budget 25k

    I want to buy a phone having full QWERTY keyboard. My budget is around 25k. Android preferable. Right now I am considering Motorola MileStone. Please suggest some more pones. TIA.
  18. Konquerror

    Query regarding Capgemini Mumbai

    Hi All, Recently I got an offer from Capgemini India Pvt Ltd for the role of PeopleSoft Consultant. Well I have some queries regarding nature of job and work culture over there. First of all I would like to give you a brief idea about my profile. Well I graduated from IIT Kharagpur in year 2008...
  19. Konquerror

    Get Adobe Flash Builder 4 for FREE!!!

    Free copies of Adobe Flash Builder 4 Standard to: Students, faculty and staff of eligible educational institutions Software developers who are affected by the current economic condition and are currently unemployed Event attendees who receive a special promotional code at their event Check...
  20. Konquerror

    New Unlocked Blackberry 8830 World Edition Black Handset @ Rs 8500/- Shipped

    *Huge Price Drop*New Unlocked Blackberry 8830 Black Handset @ Rs 6500/- Shipped Up for grabs is a brand new Unlocked Blackberry 8830 World Edition Black handset. For product details and features, check Blackberry site http://na.blackberry...00_features.jsp . The pics of the items included in...