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  1. bking

    WTB ryzen pc

    Looking for complete setup, please pm me offers
  2. bking

    WTB Airpods

    Any variant would do as long as it still holds good battery and is working like new. Please pm me offers. I am looking to buy urgently
  3. bking

    WTB Bluetooth earphones

    I am looking for Bluetooth earphones with a good and responsive mic. Please pm me offers Thanks
  4. bking

    WTB Apple Watch Series 2/3/4

    Please PM me offers.
  5. bking

    WTB iPhone X/XS

    Pm me offers
  6. bking

    WTB iPhone XR

    Pm me offers
  7. bking

    FS: Mobile iPhone 8 64 GB Silver

    For Sale in excellent condition. There is a slight on the top left corner at the back but apart from it the phone is mint. Always kept in a soft cover. Comes with charger and lightning cable.
  8. bking

    WTB 3 axis gimbal for mobiles

    Please pm me your offers
  9. bking

    FS: Mobile iPhone SE 32GB

    The screen has been replaced with an original apple display, not from the service centre though. Looking for a quick sale. Price is a little negotiable, please don't lowball. Comes with box and manual. Charger and earphones not included.
  10. bking

    FS: Mobile iPhone 7 256GB

    Phone has usage marks on screen and a couple of hairline scratches. The earpiece has a little dust in it and sounds a little low. The battery health is at 77%. Phone is in excellent working condition and was my daily driver up until today. For any queries, please PM.
  11. bking

    WTB Macbook Air

    Pm offers
  12. bking

    Iphone 7

    Pm me offers
  13. bking

    Iphone 8/X

    Please pm me your offers. Thanks Location is delhi
  14. bking

    FS: Mobile One Plus 3, 64GB. 5K

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: One Plus 3 64GB (White Colour) Expected Price: Rs 5,000/- Source and Time of Purchase: Bought from a friend Reason for Sale:[/] Upgrade RMA/Servicing history: Screen is aftermarket and cracked slightly. Fingerprint sensor and...
  15. bking

    iPhone X/iPhone 8

    Please PM me your offers. Looking to buy urgently.
  16. bking

    FS: Mobile Samsung Galaxy S9 Midnight Black-64GB. 35999Rs Only.

    Looking for a quick sale. Please do not lowball. Selling for 18k below MRP already.
  17. bking

    Smart watch

    Looking for a smart watch to use with s9. pm me offers
  18. bking

    Smart watch

    Looking for a smart watch to use with s9. pm me offers
  19. bking


    Please please me your offers.
  20. bking

    iPhone 6S/7

    Please pm offers