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    Samsung Wave III

    ]For Sale Product Information On behalf of a friend. [attachment=13674:IMG_20120506_110256.jpg][attachment=13676:IMG_20120506_110328.jpg][attachment=13674:IMG_20120506_110256.jpg][attachment=13680:IMG_20120506_110729.jpg] Product Name: Samsung Wave III Expected Price: Rs 13500 Shipping...
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    BCA or PGDBA

    Hi friends, What should I go for? BCA from IGNOU or etc or PGDBA from Symbiosis? both distance learning. Note that I have a Diploma in Computer Sciences and work ex of close to 7 years. Also does a PGDBA (2year) effectively mean I am a post graduate? Any answers would be helpful. Thanks!
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    Acer Aspire One D260

    6 months old. Very sparingly used. immaculate condition. Silver color. Asking Price : 12500 Specs: Intel Atom N450 10.1 LED screen 1 GB RAM 160 GB HDD Wifi/Lan/Bluetooth 1.3 mp webcam 6 cell Li-on battery ( specs state 7 hours, gives me atleast over 6 hrs when i see videos etc etc)...
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    Bombay Production

    Hi Guys, Came across this link. Though you all will enjoy this. There is some our our great music categorised well :) Bombay Production Give it a try! :)
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    Desktop substitute question

    My main desktop concked off two days ago, due to some 3-4 BSODs. I am too fed up to try and decipher whats wrong. I was not at my desktop over a month and was mainly using my notebook. Its a neat little aspire one with win xp on it. I added core avc to it and it pretty much handles all 720p...
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    Travel help - Coimbatore

    I will be in Coimbatore ( Sarvanampatti to be exact) for the next 1-1.5 months starting Monday. Kindly tell me what to expect. Also if there are any places I could go by, any pubs, discotheques? Any TE people there..please let me know :D
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    Valve announces Dota 2 for 2011

    pics: Read up on Dota2 by Valve
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    The Amazing Balancing Power of Sasuke McDonald

    Daybreak's Bell: MacDonald's Sasuke Toy Read em and laugh....
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    TheSkinMantra discount coupons

    Hi, I have my hands on some SkinMantra coupon codes. These are for your laptop skins. All good for 10% off on total order. All codes good for 1 try. Use this on checkout. TSM1295095 TSM12740937 TSM12850962 TSM12820953 TSM1285098 TSM12100929 TSM12890955...
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    Whats that movie?

    It was a long time ago on star movies. A movie from possibly the 1980's. The theme was an estranged husband and wife or somehow seperated and they go through so much and in all they impact a lot of things unknown to them. for example something falls which causes a rock avalanche which in turn...
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    Mumbai Central Suburbs Earthquake

    I definitely felt a tremor yesterday nite around 1 AM and I am at Mulund. The fire dept says nothing of the sort happened but apparently there are other people too who claim the same. Any one else feel it?
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    I hate Yrf, dharma productions

    Why you ask? No doubt that these studios are the most influential of the lot. My complaint is that these people only make movies with most people either migrating to some foreign country or people who have been in those countries for the longest times. And then they sell these movies to us...
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    God's Debris - Read and Discuss

    Hi Guys, For people who have read this already, please discuss. For those who have not, please read this first. Its available for free (completely legal) here - Andrews McMeel Publishing: Humor, Cartoon, General Trade and Gift Books, Calendars, and Toys: Humor, Cartoon, General Trade and Gift...
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    Sucker Punch

    Crazy Stuff!! :clap:
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    Wait..What was just announced?

    i9EpHRdlI3M& Street Fighter VS Tekken **** Yeah!!!!! Street Fighter X Tekken Gameplay Clip From Comic-Con 2010 Video from GameVideos Start creaming in your pants!!:clap::clap::clap:
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    Legal help related to property

    I have a situation here which I am curious to how it will play out. Suppose I have two offsprings. Both adults. One Male and one female. I have a property in form of a house. This is in a co-op housing society. The society nomination shows that the only nominee is the male child. However...
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    Discuss Awesomeness

    Discuss. On a side note, I dont know if you guys have seen this. Pretty interesting. hJPb1Xw0K_Q
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    Help My PC is possesed!!

    So I thought, no big deal that my pc was having some issues. It used to hang and become unresponsive. I gave it some time. I had suspected that my motherboard was in a kind of zombie state. You see, my PC had survived from a near death experience a year ago. It was nearly half submerged in...
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    An Unusual Problem

    It was some 3-4 months ago that we stopped opening the door for the milkman. It was difficult for the family who all slept in my room which has air conditioning for the summer months, to get up at the knock of the door at 6 AM. We used to leave a bag near the railings next to the door, where the...
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    Google TV is here

    Google TV One Question: Why not just use a TV as a monitor for our computer like we do in India :D?