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    FS: Storage Hardware HP 500gb Portable hard Drive

    Product Name: HP 500gb Portable hard Drive Expected Price: Rs 2600 Shipping charges Included Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: As good as new just opened the seal to test it Reason for Sale: already have 2 1TB Product condition: 10 out of 10 Purchase Date: 2m back Remaining Warranty...
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    FS: Games PS3 Games - FIFA 13 and Shadow of collosus/ICO

    Product Name PS3 Games - FIFA 13 and Shadow of collosus/ICO (SOC No longer available) Expected Price: Rs 650 each shipped Shipping charges - included / free Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: Sealed copy of FIFIA 13 with unused codes and Shadow of collosus/ICO for PS3 Reason for...
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    FS: Tablet Apple iPad Air, Wi-Fi , 16gb- White - New Sealed

    Product Name: Apple iPad Air, Wi-Fi , 16gb- White - Sealed Pack Expected Price: Rs 31,500/- Shipping charges - I will not ship only local buyers please Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: This is a brand New IPAd Air 16gb which is not yet opened. I got it for myself but soon...
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    FS: Tablet Apple iPad 2 32GB, Wi-Fi + 3G (Unlocked), 9.7in

    Product Name: Apple iPad 2 32GB, Wi-Fi + 3G (Unlocked) Expected Price: Rs 17800 Shipping charges - I will not ship only local buyers please Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: I have an ipad which is in very good condition. Recently there was a minor scrape on one of the...
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    Ps3: Guitar Hero Set with games , Resonance of fate , FIFA 11

    For Sale Product Information Product Name: Guitar hero 2 guitars , guitar hero 5 , Guitar hero Metallica , resonance of fate , Fifa 11(codes unused) Expected Price: 1) 1 Guitar hero Guitar which is rarely used and is in excellent condition with all accessories intact and packed. - Rs...
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    COD : BO and Crysis 2 - PS3

    Product Name: Call of duty: Black ops , Crysis 2(code unused) SOLD Expected Price: COD: BO - Rs1050 , Crysis 2 - 1200 Shipping charges: Included in the price above. Manufacturer page URL: NA Description if any: Disc is in immaculate condition without any scratches or smudges. the...
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    need a 3g card for ipad2

    hey guys i am looking for a 3g card for my Ipad 2....any provider that has some good plans I have asked the vodafone guys and they have 375 - 500mb , 500 - 1gb and so on please suggest any good plans...i am going to use 1gb min per month may be more.. Thanks
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    Audio suggest a good system for HDTV

    Hi Guys, I just got a LG 42" LW6500 Tv and i am not impressed with the sound ouput can you please seggest me a good sound system for the TV i dont want a amp or speakers that require an amp small speakers with good output is required Also i am a basshead and require a lot of bass from my...
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    Car & Bike Suggust a new ICE for my Indigo

    Hey guys suggestions please : My budget is max 12k -15k max I need good and high bass.. for all my rock songs... also require a AUX and ipod/iphone with USB compatibility here is what i shortlisted after reading the reviews : HU : JBL GT-X333(3.7k) or pioneer DEH-3390UB (5k) front...
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    Ipod touch 4- 32gb ----unused

    hello Guys, Selling an ipod touch 4 32gb i bought the touch 2 months back while my stay in the US. got it for a friend but he backed out and since then its lying unused.I have not even connected it to my pc. its running on 4.2.1 version and can be jailbroken (if required i can jailbreak it...
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    Video Please suggest a 3D TV

    Hey guys, planning to buy a 3D LCD/LED/Plasma tv min size 46inch should have good 3d output and the 2d colours and picture should be excellent. my budget it 1.5L max... any recommendation is welcome.. currently i am looking for a demo of the passive cinema 3d by lg... last i saw was the...
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    Graphic Cards please suggest a card for low end system

    Hi guys , my friend wants a graphic card for his below system ; amd athlon 5200 2.7GHZ 3gb ram asus m2n mobo He has recently upgraded tp benq 2420hd monitor and is looking for HDMI and gaming card. games he will play : FIFA 11 crysis 1 batman arkham asylum COD black ops assassin creed...
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    Batman Skin for XBOX

    hey fellas, selling a sealed xbox 360 skin This is a skin by gamergraffix of Batman arkham asylum.........fully removable and washable and of very high quality purchased 6 months back PICS : batman skin 1 batman skin 2 batman skin 3 (the skin is sealed just the seal is a bit worn out as it...
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    MW2 Ps3

    Selling MW2 Ps3 -----SOLD OUTSIDE THE FORUMS Disc and case in very good condition pics : Pic1 Pic2 Pic3
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    need suggestion for a laptop

    need to buy a laptop ASAP will require it for some gaming needs like crysis , COD MW2 .... and my photoshop budget is 50K thanks
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    PS3 Games - Updated frequently with new games

    Below are the PS3 game for sale : box manual disk everything in gr8 condition All Prices are shipping included FIFA 09 - Game Sold to ANKUR Brutal legend - SOLD to psyph3r DMC4 - 1000 SOLD outside the forum will update with other games
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    FT/FS GOW 3 ps3

    Hi guys , want to trade god of war 3 with RESONANCE OF FATE _ PS3................ plz let me know if anyone wants to trade thanks the disc/case/manual are in absolutely new condition as i got it last week and played the game once. Pic1 pic2 pic3 I am also open for selling the same but...
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    Consoul skin

    I am selling my GOW3 skin for Rs550 shipped....price is fixed -SOLD i have not used it and the reason of sale is that i got a ps3 slim and sole my phat ps3 :D here are the pics and how does it look on the ps3
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    a good recovery software

    Hi , i accidently did a [ Shift + del ] to a folder and now want to recover that entire folder. please suggest a good software and the steps to go ahead with this. thank you all
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    Graphic Cards help deciding a graphic card

    hey guys, my friend is buying a budget gaming PC and needs help deciding the graphic card below are his specs : CPU - E7500 core2duo 2.9ghz mobo : gigabyte g41 ram: 4gb HDD : 1TB PSU : gigabyte superb 460W Graphic card budget : 6-7k i suggested him a 4850 or gts 250 please suggest any...