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    FS: Laptop Dell Inspiron 15 7567 i7 7700HQ 1050Ti

    Keyboard (probably) needs to be replaced. Random keys automatically get pressed. The same issue was present two years back but somehow it got fixed on its own. Now it has started again. Google search reveals it MAY be fixed by cleaning the connector. Haven't tried, don't have the tools at the...
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    WTB iPad/Pro 7th gen or newer.

    I'm looking for an iPad. Anything from 7th gen to 12.9 pros considering the price. Would take the 6th gen too if the price is too good to leave :D
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    FS: Mobile iPhone 11 128GB Red

    Barely used for 3 months (light use). Lying unused since Jan. Couldn't sell the phone as I was in Malaysia and the phone here. Battery health however at 96%, should be a misrepresentation as there's no way it could deteriorate as much with light usage. Seems to be a known issue with the 11...
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    WTB Intel 2nd or 3rd Gen Processor. Any Model.

    I'm looking for a LGA 1155 socket processor. Please let me know if you have one. Be it any model. Thanks.