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  1. Jc36

    All Take Two games to have some form of microtransactions The GTA Online moolah was too big to ignore. RIP Borderlands 3, Civ, XCom.
  2. Jc36

    Goodbye Visceral Games

    EA closes another of its well known studios. End of the line for Dead Space franchise, as well as the single player Star Wars game that Amy Hennig was making.
  3. Jc36

    Destiny 2 Discussion Thread

    Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC Genre: MMO First-person shooter Release: September 8, 2017 Developer: Bungie Publisher: Activision
  4. Jc36

    Anthem Discussion Thread - Bioware's new IP

    Name: Anthem Platforms: Xbox One, PC, Xbox One X, PS4 Genre: Adventure Game Release Date: Spring 2018 Developer: BioWare Publisher: Electronic Arts Andromeda died for this :(
  5. Jc36

    Vanquish PC Discussion Thread

    Sega has done it again! Vanquish is coming to Steam on 25th May, for a sweet regional price. Bayonetta owners will get 25% off, bringing the price to ₹499 :joyful: ABOUT THIS GAME From master director Shinji Mikami of Resident Evil fame...
  6. Jc36

    Bayonetta released on Steam ₹665
  7. Jc36

    MD Computers sale on graphics cards on 17th March.

    MD Computers is having sale on graphics cards on 17th March. All the best :)
  8. Jc36

    Ubisoft just increased their new game prices by almost 100%

    For Honor ₹3499 Ghost Recon Wildlands ₹3499 GGWP
  9. Jc36

    New Year Resolution!!

    Sorry for the truly terrible pun :p 27 inches of 4k IPS goodness. 31.6k. Swivel, rotate and height adjustment.
  10. Jc36

    Steam now accepts Indian debit cards and e-wallets

    About time!
  11. Jc36

    Gears of War 4 PC

    So, is anyone playing this? I know it's super expensive here, but I redeemed my 1070 code and started playing and it's quite good. The production value is super high and sound, visuals are all top notch. And Gears with mouse keyboard is always fun, shotgun to the face! Maybe I will try out the...
  12. Jc36

    Steam India Prices

    Since Steam moved to INR today, some of the prices are quite good compared to the US prices. Please post all the good(or bad) INR prices that you find here. Link to the store would be appreciated. Just Cause 3 Rs 899 Deus Ex Mankind Divided Rs 999...
  13. Jc36

    Steam is moving to rupees from 3rd Nov

    So what do you expect will happen? Will we see favorable regional pricing like retail or dumb shit prices like GreenmanGaming? If Fallout 4 prices come down it will be an early Christmas for sure.
  14. Jc36

    Openbacks from the lost land of Amazonia!

    My old Sennheisers were nearing their end of life, so managed to procure my first open back cans, the Audio Technica ATH AD500X, from Amazon US. Bland packaging Very long tail The huge 53 mm drivers $79 from Got it for CS mainly, did a lot of research on the "gaming...
  15. Jc36

    No more Low Priority Queue!

    Goodbye, and good riddance! Hello beautiful! 1500 VA. No more low prio Dota 2 matches due to power cuts!
  16. Jc36

    Homeworld Remastered Collection Discussion

    RTS players of the beginning of 2000 will remember Homeworld, Homeworld Cataclysim and Homeworld 2. Gearbox is now releasing the remastered version of Homeworl and Homeworld 2 along with the original copies in the Homeworld Remastered Collection. The Homeworld Remastered Collection includes...
  17. Jc36

    Some Origin user details have been compromised, please change Origin password If you have payment method set, check last purchases. If you do not have two factor authentication turned on, please do so.