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  1. xtremevicky

    Make TE UI better again

    Dark theme is coming this weekend.
  2. xtremevicky

    English TV series discussion

    The best HBO show this year. The acting was on point also.
  3. xtremevicky

    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Tintin one is so on point.
  4. xtremevicky

    The TE Essential Freeware Thread !

    Eartrumpt is very good to control background noise while doing work. Great app.
  5. xtremevicky

    The Techies Whatsapp Group

    Pikachu no has been replaced by :- 1. Neymar Shocked 2. Tyrion No
  6. xtremevicky

    The Techies Whatsapp Group

    Because he wants to join all.
  7. xtremevicky - Feedback Thread

    Any ideas about this ?
  8. xtremevicky

    The Techies Whatsapp Group

    There is nothing official about it.
  9. xtremevicky

    can we import a laptop from amazon use? anyone tried?

    Go to next step and it will show you total amount.
  10. xtremevicky

    Oneplus 7 & 7T ( 2019 Launches Thread )

    HDR10+ UFS 3.0 90hz OLED screen all confirmed.
  11. xtremevicky

    Oneplus 7 & 7T ( 2019 Launches Thread )

    That was because Cynagone Mod signed an exclusive deal with Micromax while being in an exclusive deal with OP. They are dead now and serves them right.
  12. xtremevicky

    [Spoilers] Game of Thrones (ASOIAF) thread

    Some tidbits :- 1. Just before Night King raises his hand to take his sword out, The scene goes to His Lieutenant and his hair blows in the air. If you rewind 30 seconds before that. You can see Jon Snow Yelling " Go ,Go Gooooooooooo" while facing the Blue Dragon He was Yelling at Arya...
  13. xtremevicky

    [Spoilers] Game of Thrones (ASOIAF) thread

    Meh. The first one hour was great. The music towards the end was also good. The ending was such a letdown.
  14. xtremevicky

    Android Oneplus 7 and 7 Pro Launching 14th May

    The OnePlus 7 will be sold in two variants: a standard version and a Pro model that will have a Quad HD+ 90Hz display. The latter is estimated to retail for roughly the same price as the Huawei P30 Pro and the Galaxy S10, with the standard model set to cost slightly more than the 6T. The...
  15. xtremevicky

    Reliance Jio GigaFiber to offer broadband, landline and TV combo for ₹600 ($8.6) in India

    Reliance Jio GigaFiber was announced in July 2018 after an extended period of beta testing across several major Indian cities. While the initial announcement did not make any claims with regards to the speeds that will be offered, previous reports had claimed that the service could provide up to...
  16. xtremevicky

    [Spoilers] Game of Thrones (ASOIAF) thread

    Loved the song. Florence + the Machine - Jenny of Oldstones for anyone interested.
  17. xtremevicky

    Budget 31-40k Is this lenovo 330S worth it?

    RAM is only 4Gb and soldered to the board. Try getting something with at least 8 GB.
  18. xtremevicky

    While we were not looking, India won some battles

    There are no two ways about it. UPI is world class.
  19. xtremevicky

    IPL on Hotstar - Heavy Pixellation

    This happens a lot on 720p and is less apparent in 1080p. I watch a lot of PL on Hotstar and they work fine.
  20. xtremevicky

    Employee exploitation: Salary negotiation [Shameful]

    Because its a business. Nobody shames an employee when he / she rejects a joining on last day when he/ she gets a better offer. The same story would be different if he gets a second offer and is better and he rejects the company Hypocrites