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  1. superczar

    Any good USB Power Delivery chargers available locally?

    Was under the incorrect assumption that type C PD (power delivery) chargers would be popular and commonly available by now. Tried running a quick search online but surprisingly didn't really find anything . Are there any reliable type-C PD chargers for quick charging available locally? Ideally...
  2. superczar

    FS: Headphone Jabra Elite 65t

    For sale is a Jabra Elite 65t They are probably one of the best true wireless earbuds available The SQ is excellent and so is the call quality The only reason for selling them is that my ears are probably too small for IEMs They have not been really used except maybe a few hours They are under...
  3. superczar

    PC Peripherals Which Microphone for conference calls?

    My work role requires me to be on fairly long conference calls. AT my workdesk, I usually prefer the classic Polycom starfish (soundstation 2) I often work from home and have been struggling with finding the right conferencing solution I have tried wireless headphones (Airpod and Jabra Elite)...
  4. superczar

    Random thoughts on old PC hardware, Virtualization and making RPIs and embedded PCs redundant

    Long time since I posted something (presumably) useful around here - so thought might as well post about my experiments over the last 1 year about reusing some old hardware and replacing my entire fragmented home computing infra into one place. Also, many thanks to @vivek.krishnan for his...
  5. superczar

    FS: Networking Netgear R7000

    In perfect working condition Point worth noting: Power supply wire has been spliced to increase length. Thus there will be a joint on the adapter wire.
  6. superczar

    FS: Home Audio Video Boston Acoustics A26

    For sale are a pair of Boston Acoustics A26 speakers Brought on Aug 26th this year and run for not more than 10 hours even The protective peel is not removed except for one panel on one speaker (just to see how it looks without) These are...
  7. superczar

    FS: Home Audio Video Denon AVR1610

    For sale is a Denon AVR 1610 Perfect working condition (buyer can test thoroughly) and very good /great cosmetic condition Has been used lovingly in a living room setup with uninterrupted power supply .. Comes with original remote/original Odyssey microphone Expected price: 15,000 (please don't...
  8. superczar

    FS: Mobile S6 edge 64GB

    FS is a S6 edge 64 GB model Near flawless condition with no scratches/dents Would prefer local/Mumbai buyers
  9. superczar

    FS: Others Home Automation Kit - hub + 3 sockets + Weather + Remote Panel

    FS is a home automation kit from Oakter (New Price - 10K) It includes the following 1) one central hub for Smartphone connections/rules/scheduling setup 2) 1X 5A socket 3) 1 X 16A Socket 4) 1X 25A contoller 5) Weather station (Temperature/Humidity) - Can also be used to set up rules such as...
  10. superczar

    FS: Laptop Dell 14" Laptop 4110 - i5 4GB 500 GB

    Price dropped to 14K FOr sale is the following laptop Dell Inspiron N4110 14" laptop Intel Core i5-2450M CPU 2.5 Ghz 4 GB RAM, 500 GD HDD Windows 10 Home Do note that the battery is the original one and holds very little charge now (maybe 20 minutes) A new OEM battery for the N4110 is around...
  11. superczar

    FS: Networking Gigabit AC1200 router - D-Link DIR850-L

    For sale is a Gigabit AC 1200 router - D-Link DIR 850L Perfect working condition with no problems whatsoever Currently lying unused hence selling
  12. superczar

    BSNL BB Usage url defunct?

    I used to use a hardcoded URL to check my BSNL BB Usage (well, what else to expect from BSNL) which was It used to work well until a few weeks ago - Now it pops an error message stating " You must log on before accessing your account. Click to view the...
  13. superczar

    FS: Motherboard Raspberry Pi 2 and B+

    For sale are few Raspberry PIs Raspberry Pi 2 (2000/-) Raspberry Pi B+ (1500/-) All are in Perfect working condition Reason for sale: The Pi B+ were being used for Kodi and were later upgrade to Pi 2 Recently upgraded all Kodi boxes to NUCs (needed 4K HEVC support) I am putting up the pic...
  14. superczar

    FS: Home Audio Video HDMI 4X2 4K Matrix with SPDIF/analog out

    For sale is a HDMI matrix that fully supports 4K 4X HDMI Input 2X HDMI Output 1X SPDIF Out 1X Analog 2 channel out brand new condition/scratchless, works perfect without issues New price over $70/local price over 8K PS: This is meant for a multi-room AV setup and can manage any 4 HDMI sources...
  15. superczar

    FS: Desktops Mini PC: Intel® NUC Kit DN2820FYKH

    For sale is an Intel NUC DN2820 NUC Used for few hours at most,, Absolute mint condition Perfect HTPC for folks looking for 100% accurate 24p playback +enough headroom for basic desktop usage box condition
  16. superczar

    FS: Others 4K HEVC android player with remote - s905 chipset- mxq Pro

    For sale is an android Kodi player with hardware decoding for hevc 4K (and leh264 etc) comes with remote/hdmi cable Amlogic s905 is a well regarded chipset that supports hevc 4k hardware decoding and of course regular h.264 UHD/FHD decoding for regular mkv files Gigabit ethernet support -...
  17. superczar

    FS: Laptop Apple Macbook Air i5

    FS - Macbook Air 11" (4th generation Air) Selling as it has been lying unused for some time now . It's in perfect working condition (10/10) with no issues whatsoever Cosmetically, it's a 8/10 with a few minor scratches and a scuff mark (top left corner) Original charger although with the cable...
  18. superczar

    Reliable seedbed in India

    Any suggestions for reliable and fast (seedbox FTP to local) seedbox? I tried 1 week plan from - While the on-server data speed is quite decent (9-10 MB/s), the box to local ftp speeds are very poor (capping out at 150-200 KB/s )
  19. superczar

    Long Range solution with a single AP/Router

    At the risk of sounding like AK (advocating something while actually doing something else :P ) , let me pose this question While I suggest anyone who is trying to get coverage across floors/large area to use a cheap wired AP with the same SSID to extend coverage, the approach does have its own...
  20. superczar

    Audio Airplay Device - Which one to buy

    I need to add an airplay device to my garden speakers The amplifier is a traditional analogue amplifier and thus I need something with good quality analog out Should I just get an airport express or are there better/cheaper options available?