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  1. anandkrishnantc

    Video DTH

    I agree with you. I understand Jio is not giving DTH . But my priority was get rid of Airtel which was really eating money for a long time. Anyway, I will switch to local digital cable or iptv, if this stop working. regards, anand
  2. anandkrishnantc

    Video DTH

    I keep my Airtel DTH as a backup. Anyway as long as the channels are coming, I dont need to worry. Fingers crossed.
  3. anandkrishnantc

    Video DTH

    I had booked Reliance BigTV/Jio DTH in March by paying Rs. 499 online. After a long long time, two days back one guy came and fixed "Independent TV" dish and STB by collecting Rs. 2000 from me. He said, all the receipts will be send by online. So far I am getting certain channels , but looks...
  4. anandkrishnantc

    Storage Solutions PCI SSD on Intel DB75en

    This means, we dont have an option to have WinOS disk to be mirrored. Currently I run only installed programs. And all the data is backed up on a synology NAS. After changing to SSD, I see very significant performance improvements especially booting and shutting down durations are only few...
  5. anandkrishnantc

    Storage Solutions PCI SSD on Intel DB75en

    Currently I have a WD SSD of 120 GB on my PC. I plan to have a Raid disk on the PC as a backup. Will it make any difference if I have the second disk as normal HDD or ssd is must?
  6. anandkrishnantc

    Storage Solutions PCI SSD on Intel DB75en

    I ordered a WD sata SSD (120 GB). I will go for this as of now since I have a NAS for data backup in the network. Thanks for replies from forum members.
  7. anandkrishnantc

    Storage Solutions PCI SSD on Intel DB75en

    If I am not able to boot from PCI E ssd, then other option is SATA SSD. Does it make real difference between sata mechanical HDD and sata SSD in performance?
  8. anandkrishnantc

    Storage Solutions PCI SSD on Intel DB75en

    Hi , I am using a desktop with Intel DB75en motherboard. My conventional HDDs are dead and now I must go for a new Bootable disk. I wish to switch to SSD (preferably a samsung M2 card). Is there any option for me (other than SATA) interface with the current MB which has some PCI and PCI express...
  9. anandkrishnantc

    pull switch for ceiling

    I am looking for a source for good quality electrical switches which can be turn ON and OFF by pulling a rope for ceiling lamps . Any recommendations/suggestions? In the west it also called as bathroom light switches.
  10. anandkrishnantc

    GoPro camera

    Looking for a GoPro camera in very good condition around 5K. With battery in very good condition.
  11. anandkrishnantc

    Endoscopic inspection camera tool

    Hi experts, I am in need of a small inspection camera tool which can be used to inspect unreachable corners/sides in various practical scenarios. I dont want a recording facility, but a small screen to view the images with clarity, LED lights attached with the camera , and a 1 metre long cable...
  12. anandkrishnantc

    Does moving to Australia make sense on PR Visa?

    1. For Australian visa, dont pay to any consultant. You can do it yourself easily. All the information are available online from Australian immigration site. You have to take care of getting good IELTS score in each topic (aim for 8) 2. If you are ready to do any work, any country will be great...
  13. anandkrishnantc

    PC Peripherals How many cooling fans should I go with?

    Regarding the components (CPU and other Solidstates) , there are manufacturer data sheet and specifications for best operating temperature and threshold . Better check before concluding the temperature is okay or not.
  14. anandkrishnantc

    PC Peripherals How many cooling fans should I go with?

    I dont care what techsites are recommending , with personal experience , its better to keep the HDDs cool for lasing long. Consider example of a Laptop (I know we are talking about Desktop here), most of the time, HDD goes down if we use it in a less ventilated on bed, sofa etc. Still the MB and...
  15. anandkrishnantc

    PC Peripherals How many cooling fans should I go with?

    I dont think SSD need a dedicated cooling fan. But Magnetic Hardisks must.
  16. anandkrishnantc

    PC Peripherals How many cooling fans should I go with?

    My suggestion: make sure that you install cooling fan for hard drives. This will help extending their life.
  17. anandkrishnantc

    Other Mobile signal booster

    Is there any device which I can place outdoor to catch weak signals from Mobile tower? This is to use in an area where a lot of vegetation prevents mobile signals to come inside the house.
  18. anandkrishnantc

    Asus Router repair

    My Asus Router got some problem (most likely due to some power spike). Router works fine with Wifi and internet. But no LAN ports are working. I am able to connect using wifi with devices. But I want LAN to work with PC and printer. Is there any good repair shop in Bangalore who can check MB of...
  19. anandkrishnantc

    Windows Need a better Email client onWin10

    I am not happy with in built Email client app coming with Windows 10 on my desktop. It is not giving better user control and configuration options. And a lot of bugs too. Is there any better Email clients available for Windows 10? I need to sync with my Yahoo and Outlook emails. -Anand