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    Give your fingerprints for Gym membership?

    I recently checked out Power World Gym, a chain with Indian branches in NCR and Bangalore They have a bio metric system which members need to use to sign in to the Gym. From the companies point of view, I suspect this keeps their costs low and cuts down on fraud though this could also be easily...
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    Poor write speeds on Sandisk Extreme Go 64GB

    I got a 64GB Sandisk Extreme Go USB 3.1 Pendrive from Amazon recently. It promises up to 200 MB/s read and up to 150 MB/s write speeds. It also advertises on the box "Write 35X faster" I am getting 150 MB/s read and 40 MB/s write speeds. The write speed is a letdown. There is no problem with...
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    Budget 51-70k Laptop needed for college student

    Looking to buy a Laptop for someone in college Q) What's your Budget? (e.g. >30K, not more than 50K etc.) Budget is < 70K. This includes cost to upgrade RAM to 8GB if required and put in a SSD Q) What will be your primary usage for the notebook be? (e.g. web surfing/office apps/Casual Gaming)...
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    Comp Science in RVCE or PES University Bangalore

    For Computer science, any ideas which among RVCE or PES University has better faculty, gives a better grounding in concepts, exposure to industry/internships If anyone has studied in RVCE or PES University (formerly PESIT), please PM me if you are happy to provide some inputs
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    Budget 0-20k Budget Skylake upgrade

    I am putting together a budget Skylake system with some existing parts. I am not clear which Motherboard to buy. Most of the ASUS and Gigabyte H110 boards have poor back panel connectors. They also have serial and parallel ports which I think no one uses any more. MSI and Asrock seem to have...
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    Storage Solutions MLC SSD options - Crucial, Liteon or Adata

    I am looking for a budget MLC nand based 512GB SSD and looking at following options (1) Crucial BX100 is available on Ebay India but spoke with one seller and he was not sure about India warranty; may need to ship to US for warranty. MX200 not available. Also checked with Prime, they are not...
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    Reliance refusing to return money on closing connection

    Recently the reliance broadband connection abruptly stopped in my entire locality (some issue with their tower) I asked for a disconnection and got my account terminated after returning my modem According to me they owe me some money (since they take payment for the month in advance) but as...
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    Storage Solutions RMA experience for Samsung SSD

    I had purchased a Samsung 840 Evo 120 GB from Prime ABGB last month. This has a 3 year manufacturer warranty as per Prime. Did not see any online warranty check so I called up call center who gave me the service center number who said that Samsung don't provide warranty for SSD and need to...
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    Budget 31-40k Home PC for browsing and movies

    What is your budget? 40K What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) No proper system. Using an old laptop Which hardware will you be keeping (component name - component brand and model) Will recycle a Seagate 500 Gb HDD Will recycle 2x2Gb...
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    Installing open source firmware on TPlink 740N Version 4.26

    I have a TP-LINK WR740N router version 4.26 Can this be flashed with dd-wrt or open-wrt All the links for open source firmware I found refer to version 4.23 or 4.24 and nothing higher Anyone tried custom firmware for V 4.26
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    Preparing for NTSE

    What is a good site/book for NTSE preparation?
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    Iomega ScreenPlay TV Link Director HD Media Player

    How is the Iomega ScreenPlay TV Link Director HD Media Player There are not too many reviews available. Anyone have this model? It seems to play all formats and has a Ethernet interface at a low price (ebay). Only a few hundred...
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    AMD Athlon II X2,X3,X4 power requirements

    Am putting together a system for general use. Am looking at an AMD system (with a 880G motherboard and 4GB RAM) and am trying to decide the CPU 1. No gaming. Will be mainly for Browsing and watching Media 2. Will use virtualisation to run multiple OS 3. Will also be used as a D/L rig overnight...
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    Linux Linux on 785G

    Was considering a 785G/880G motherboard for a new system. Will linux play well with Gigabyte GA-785GMT-USB3. Anyone have any inputs on how well onboard audio and video works out of the box?
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    Switching to DD-WRT from Tomato

    I have a Buffalo WHR-G54S flashed with Tomato v1.27. Am facing issues using WPA2 Edit: fixed now. Cleaned out NVRAM, Flashed to 1.28 and reentered all settings
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    PC Peripherals Hauppauge PVR-150 with XP and onboard video

    I am trying to set up a Hauppauge PVR-150 TV tuner card on my machine but no luck. No FM radio, No TV. Have gone thru a couple of rounds of installation. My relevant specs: OS - Windows XP SP2 Onboard audio and video - Gigabyte 945 board My questions: 1. Has anyone got this card to work with...
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    PC Peripherals Laser Printer WeP 1600+

    Was looking to purchase a Laser printer which can be refilled without purchase of expensive cartridges The WeP model 1600+ is 1200x1200 dpi and runs about 5.5K Other options in that range are the Canon LBP 2900 (4.8K) I was initially looking at HP models but they no longer have a refillable...
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    Terror suspects used gaming sites

    Article on the tech savvy terrorists. DNA - Mumbai - ‘Suspects used gaming sites to communicate’ - Daily News & Analysis
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    Bsnl Iptv

    Last week I had BSNL IPTV setup at my place. The setup cost is Rs 600. Monthly charges will be Rs 250 per month including set top box rental but are currently waived as all the channels are not yet active. There are some 70 channels now which is supposed to go up to 150 channnels. The bandwidth...