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    Android Xiaomi Mi3 issues

    I had a bad experience with Mi3, after few months realised that when the network is weak (1 or 2 bars) in my office area the phone just disconnects from network. My friends with their Samsung and Micromax's phone had network and My phone had no network. Assumed my phone is faulty but...
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    WP Location based service SMS.. source?

    For past few days I have received a weird SMS 4 times, unable to understand what's sending out this request. Anyone has a answer or a similar issue? Phone - Nokia Lumia 520 (WP 8) and Vodafone Mum. "Location Based Service wants to use your location feature for 90 minutes. Text ALLOW to always...
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    FS: Mobile Xiaomi Mi3

    Product Name: Xiaomi Mi3 Expected Price: Rs 12000 Shipping charges NA Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: Used always with screen gaurd and back cover. Phone comes with original box and all accessories unused. Reason for Sale: Need Dual SIM...
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    WP Lumia 520 - Frustrating after official update to 8.1

    I have been using Lumia 520 for past 10 months and was a happy customer. I never applied the developer preview as I wanted a working phone and the wait for official update got over 2 days back, super excited I installed the update and then the nightmare started. 1.) IE 11 youtube - The video...
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    Fraud Job offer demanding money. How to report to authorities?

    Hi guys, I have received many mails about job offers from reputed companies and demanding security deposit money for securing a slot for interview. My close friend recently received one and I alerted her, but I guess someone would surely end up depositing money into their accounts. Any...
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    FS: Mobile Samsung Focus and Case mate pop case

    Product Name: Samsung Focus and Case mate pop cover Expected Price: Rs 9000 Shipping charges NA Manufacturer page URL: Phone - Samsung Focus - Full phone specifications Case - Samsung Focus Pop! case by Case-Mate Description if any: Always used with screen guard and in the case mate cover, the...
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    Google - Introducing the Knowledge Graph: things, not strings

    Google is trying to insert wikipedia into google searches :) Via - Google rolls out the Knowledge Graph, the smartest search of them all - GSMArena Blog Source - Official Google Blog: Introducing the Knowledge Graph: things, not strings
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    Atrix 2 problems

    I just got a new Atrix 2 last week but facing some basic problems and google is not helping to find solutions 1.) Fring does not detect any voice in calls (mic is not detected and hence cant make any calls) 2.) USB mass storage device does not work, device detected as 'Portable Device' in...
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    Dual-core chipset into a USB stick, lets you turn any monitor into an Android device

    Source - FXI squeezes a dual-core chipset into a USB stick, lets you turn any monitor into an Android device
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    Adobe Flash for mobiles meets Its End

    So now the biggest selling point for Android is gone :) Source - Adobe Flash Meets Its End | News & Opinion | Adobe's Flash Surrender Proves Steve Jobs And Apple Were Right All Along With HTML5 - Forbes
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    Android - Dual core.. advantages and disadvantages? Atrix vs P500

    Hi guys, I have been using a LG P500 for 7 months and have bought a Motorola Atrix recently and have been having a tough time comparing them. Any galaxy s2, photon, HTC sensation users please post your inputs about how do you use the phones power? 1.) Screen size and resolution - Atrix.. I...
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    Asus Teases The Transformer Prime; Kal-El Tablet Due Nov. 9th

    Source - AnandTech - Asus Teases The Transformer Prime; Kal-El Tablet Due Nov. 9th
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    Iris Is (Sort Of) Siri For Android

    I tried it, works well for something coded in 8 hours :) It works on my LG Optimus One, I guess there's no need for a IP4S to speak to my phone :) Source - Iris Is (Sort Of) Siri For Android | TechCrunch
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    HP Touchpad - usage few months down the line

    Hi guys, I received a HP Touchpad 32 GB box packed today for 156 $ and I am confused if I should open it or sell it in the box (I will be selling it in US only) Now I will be coming back to India in Jan, 2012 and want to carry a good tablet when I come back and HP touchpad has really confused...
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    Samsung and Microsoft sign a cross-licensing patent deal

    Looks like the Google Motorola deal didn't help the android manufacturers. Microsoft is playing it well - royalties for each android device sold by HTC and Samsung Source - Samsung and Microsoft sign a cross-licensing patent deal - news
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    Atrix users - phone heats up excessively?

    Hi, I am planning to buy a Motorola atrix, but when I tried a friends phone it heated up quite a bit after 10 minutes of usage (downloaded dolphin HD and watched some video on youtube flash). Can Motorola atrix users here help me if they have heating problem on their atrix? I did try to google...
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    Amazon's tablet - Press event on 28th Sep,2011

    Source Amazon expected to unveil tablet next week | Reuters More Amazon Kindle Tablet: Android Tablet or eReader on Steroids? | PCWorld Business Center
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    Lg p500

    Hello, Up for sale is LG P500, as I plan to get a Atrix from ebay. Condition 9/10 - it has a small nick of about 1 mm on the back lower side, visible on close inspection It was bought on 3rd March 2011 (For Rs 11,165), 6 months warranty left. I had the dust problem and got the touchscreen...
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    Laptops Apple introduces the Ipad 2!

    iPad 2 launched Ipad 2 just out. details-
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    iPhone 3G

    Total expected Cost - Rs 12500 iPhone 3G (AT&T) - refurbished (was exchanged @ Apple store in chicago in Sep 2010) Condition - 9.5/10 (mint, no scratches or cracks) earphones are a bit worn out, but work perfectly OS - iOS 4.1 BaseBand 5.14 NOT UNLOCKED or JAILBREAKED Disclaimer - the...