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  1. fLUX

    FS: Home Audio Video Bose QC25 For sale (Under warranty)

    For Sale Bose Quiet Comfort 25 Headphones Purchased on 23/09/2017. 10 Months of warranty still present. Expected Price is Rs.13000. Preferably local buyers from bangalore. Users who want it shipped can purchase the same via Amazon link (can PM me for the same).
  2. fLUX

    Audio Need quick help. Logitech Z623 or M10 ?

    Both the speakers are currently at the same price on amazon. Need to choose 1 to purchase. Can someone please guide me on the same. Have read reviews it says z623 for movies & games else m10 for music. I need for all 3 :P
  3. fLUX

    New rig after 5 years :)

    Purchased the following config I5 6400 MSI Mortar b150 Zotac 1070 Amp edition Deepcool Kendemen 8gb *2 Corsair Vengeance 2tb WD Blue LG 27UD68P 4k Monitor
  4. fLUX

    Graphic Cards Compatibility issues of Windows 10 Pro with Nvidia 10XX series during installation

    Hi Guys, I am creating this thread just to check with all the users here whether anyone did face any issues with the driver setup on Windows 10.1 Pro. I installed the card at 10.30 and now at 2.11 am its finally up and running. The driver installation kept throwing up the error message that...
  5. fLUX

    Monitors 27 inch Monitor Vs 40 inch TV

    Hi Guys, I wish to purchase a TV for total multimedia purpose. Will connect a ps3, PC and cable tv to the same. If anyone here has an experience using TV for gaming , is the input lag noticeable for offline gameplay. Also since the pixels are stretched as against a 27 inch monitor where the PPI...
  6. fLUX

    Budget 41-50k New gaming cpu in this budget

    What is your budget? 50k What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) CPU - AMD Phenom 965 BE Motherboard - Gigabyte 785 GMT- USB3H GPU - MSI Hawk 560Ti RAM - Corsair Value Select 8GB DDR3 (2*4) 1333 mHz Monitor - BenQ G2420HD PSU -...
  7. fLUX

    Laptops Need help , USB 3.0 Drive copying speed is very low on Lenovo Z50-70

    I own two external hard disks WD Passport 1 TB 3.0 WD Desktop 2 TB 3.0 ( the adapter powered one) When I connect both the drives to the USB 3.0 slot on my Lenovo z50-70 laptop , the speed fails to exceed 39.1 Mb/s. On very rare occasions it gives speed of 80-90 Mb/s . Can someone let me know...
  8. fLUX

    Budget 51-70k Upgrade over existing gaming rig

    What is your budget? 50-70k What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) CPU - AMD PHENOM 965 3.4 Ghz Motherboard - Gigabyte - (Dont remember model no) GPU - MSI GTX 560 ti HAWK EDITION RAM - Corsair Value Ram 1333 Mhz (4*2gb) Monitor - BenQ...
  9. fLUX

    Laptops Need Urgent Help ,Sony Vaio Laptop issue

    Hi Guys , I have a Sony Vaio E series laptop , my power adapter got shorted and is not working any more , please help me by letting me know if i purhcase the below mentioned one will it be good enuf considering the fact that my model number matches the one mentioned here exactly ...
  10. fLUX

    FS: Headphone AD700 for sale

    For Sale !Audio Technica AD700 - Time of Purchase: Somewhere in between March and May 2011 Expected Price: Sold Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No Reason for Sale: Need funds for further purchase Purchase Invoice Available: No Product Condition: 8/10 ( a very...
  11. fLUX

    Signature Acoustics C12 - Brielfy compared with TF10/RE262/M3

    Impressions of C12 from my end ... Packaging :- Packing is really good , as good as any IEM offered in the sub 4k category . The case offered looks really beautiful , but i always feel it would be more helpful in protecting me from stopping a bullet hit at me rather than carrying IEM's. The...
  12. fLUX

    CPU/Mobo BSOD , Page fault in non-paged area .

    Hi guys getting this BSOD every 3-4 minutes after i start the PC . However the same doesnt occur sometimes if i keep gaming for 2-3 hours continuosly. Any idea what this BSOD generally refers to.
  13. fLUX

    FS: Headphone For sale Sennheiser HD 598 & Brainwavz R1

    Product Name: Sennheiser HD 598 (get a PL-11(perfectly fine) and EP630(slight loose contact) free with your 598 purchase) Expected Price: Rs. 12000 shipped Time of Purchase: November 2nd 2012 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Till Nov 2nd 2014 Reason for Sale: Want to buy lens...
  14. fLUX

    New Year Gift for myself ;)

    Bitten b y the DSLR bug :D bought myself a Nikon D5100. Pics taken with my friends D3100
  15. fLUX

    WTB Asus Xonar Essence STX (ready to trade with a Xonar DX)

    Would like to buy a Asus Xonar Essence STX shipped to Goa . One with remaining warranty will be given preference (if i do get multiple offers :P)
  16. fLUX

    WTB Denon d2000/d5000

    If any1 is interested in selling of their audio gear stuff (preferably the menntioned 2 d2000/d5000) PM me your offers :)
  17. fLUX

    Audio Need help in finalizing a headphone setup

    Hi Guys, I can get a headphone from US in coming 1-2 months and going by price differenence there is at the max 2k difference in Indian and USA pricing (sans the warranty ) . So what i thought would be best get a brand not available right now in India . I have tried a AD700/Denon D1100 as of...
  18. fLUX

    FS: Storage Hardware Sony Memory Stick Pro-HG DUO 16 gb card for PSP/Sony cams etc

    Product Name: Sony Memory Stick Pro-HG DUO 16 gb card(loaded with stuff used on a modded psp :P) . Expected Price: Rs .1500 shipped Description if any: 10/10 Working condition. Reason for Sale: Already have one Product condition: 10 out of 10 Purchase Date: Arnd Jan 2011 Remaining Warranty...
  19. fLUX

    FS: Games PS3 exclusives and few other Games for sale .

    Product Name: PS3 Games 1.Resistance 2 :- 650 + shipping 2.WWE Raw Vs Smackdown :- 750 + shipping 3.God of war 3 :- Rs.800 + shipping 4.Infamous 2 :- 1000 + shipping The total of all 4 games comes to 3300 + shipping . Buy all 4 together get it for 2900 + shipping , buy Resistance + WWE +...
  20. fLUX

    BSNL trying to compete with Beam . Makes other state bsnl users pissed :P

    BSNL providing some good plans which i doubt is better then beam but something which implemented all over India will fetch them more customers. Here is the link. BSNL Launches New 8Mbps, 16 Mbps and 24 Mbps Unlimited Broadband Plans in Hyderabad | Telecom Talk I seriously doubt ppl will prefer...