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    Customs while flying in : Please advise

    Hahaha. Bro I got you at the wink part! But I get the point you are trying to make. I am being paranoid over nothing. *Sigh*
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    Customs while flying in : Please advise

    I did try and declare them, but they didn't let me! I tried to persist, but it was my first time flying abroad and I was alone, and I am only a student, so couldn't really make an impact.
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    Honeymoon destination - Asia

    Don't do Malaysia, because it would inadvertently lead to Singapore and then you are ripped! :P Sri Lanka is good, and can even think of Indonesia for the "quality time alone" part. Thailand is very cheap, but too popular and busy for a honeymoon. As for airlines, try Tiger Airways. They have...
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    Customs while flying in : Please advise

    Hey, So I am flying back from Singapore this weekend, after 3 months of my internship here. I have bought an iPod Touch costing 400 SGD (17,000 INR) with me, which is practically the only new unsealed product I am carrying. I have my laptop, ipod and camera, but are all over 2 years old, and it...
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    Coding a Microprocessor Simulator in Java

    Okay, so I am here doing my internship at this university which needs me to make a Simulator for a microprocessor as a Java Web Applet. I have never coded in Java before, so I am currently looking up some resources from and the likes to get an idea. But, obviously, I have absolutely...
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    Budget 90k+ Laptop for video & photo editing, extensive multitasking & 2-3 years futureproof

    Well, its strange that nobody suggested the Dell, and for good reasons. You still went with it, hopefully it works out for you.Anyways,Congrats on the buy, and could you tell me how much it costed you? I am looking for something similar, so was just curious. As for Dell After Sales Support, no...
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    Suggest a Watch (Budget 4k)

    Hi there, I generally wouldn't bother so much before buying a watch, but this time I just cant seem to find one. Issue being, my wrists are thin and most watches these days come with huge dials which don't exactly look too great on me. :bleh: So, I need a watch, leather/fiber strap, preferably...
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    Tracking Phone for the elderly(weak memory)?

    Hi there. My grandfather's memory seems to be degenerating, and since he does not live with us, we were looking for a way to track his location at any given point so that he does not get lost while doing the usual day to day activities. A GPS-phone seems like the best option, but what...
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    Car & Bike Which bike to buy ? R15 or CBR 250R

    I was having the same confusion too, but going by the response above, I think the r15 makes the better choice, especially keeping in mind that I would have had to really stretch myself for the extra 50k. Now, question is, how long for the new R15, and is it worth the wait?
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    Video conferencing blocked in college

    Skype should continue to work, because generally its flash content that is blocked. Look up a proxy, should help you bypass even those. jellyshell or dtunnel, with an https. But yea, you do this at your own risk knowing that you are looking for ways to bypass something which have been...
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    Website for my Gal

    Well honestly, no matter what you do, make the landing page of the site simple and secure it with a password (for a romantic touch, ask a riddle or something which only she can answer) so as to make sure that none of her parents/uncles/aunts end up looking at both of you romantically smiling...
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    Website for my Gal

    True 21st Century Romantic! What an idea! :P On a more related note, what content do you want to put up on her site???
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    Team Fortress 2 - F2P?

    Re: Team Fortress 2 - Free to Play ? I hate you man reYez.. You and your imba Spy skills don't let me live for more than a minute! Not telling you my in-game name, you will kill me more! :P
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    Google's new social move: Google+

    Been using this, with friends starting to pour in slowly. Looks good, clean and most importantly, I feel like I am actually on a site which has my 'friends' and not every second dam person I have met in life. Won't be surprised if this time Google actually cracks the key to social networking...
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    Google's new social move: Google+

    This thing, unlike wave and buzz, might actually have real potential. Nothing ground-breaking, but definitely some neat enhancements to social networking facebook needed to keep up with.
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    3g on Blackberry

    I was looking for enabling 3g on my Blackberry but AirTel has really bad plans and rates. So I was looking out for other option when I came across this: 3G on Blackberry It says to enable 3g I just need to activate a pay per kb plan and then activate BIS Unlimited plan on top of that and I...
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    P4 System Components

    For Sale, P4 3.06 Ghz + d101ggc Mobo 1 GB DDR400 Ram 160 gb Sata HDD Lg DVD Combo Drive Price, 2.5k Shipped in queue: raheelshadab
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    DVD ROM & IDE Hard Disk

    I have an IDE DVD Combo drive, LG. But I stay in Mumbai.
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    Laptop Internal DVD RW drive & Pentium4 Motherboard

    I have one here (P4 mobo) in Pune, where do you need it? I stay in Mumbai actually, will be heading back tomorrow morning, so let me know.
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    To BB or not to BB?

    I am just curious, isn't comparing a BB and and Android somewhat similar to the Mac/PC comparison? Mac's are crazily over priced, but then they have a certain feel to them which people love. On the contrary to the BB, Mac's don't even have the simplest of learning curves for a user who has...