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  1. Prashant Verma

    Putting those savings to good use :D

    Finally some VR goodness!
  2. Prashant Verma

    FS: RAM Corsair 16gb 3000mhz lpx DDR4 RAM

    Awesome low profile memory.
  3. Prashant Verma

    FS: Video Card Zotac RTX 2080 ti Blower edition.

    Perfect for those itx builds.
  4. Prashant Verma

    FS: Storage Hardware Crucial P5 2tb nvme

    Amazing ssd. My favourite one from this year.
  5. Prashant Verma

    FS: Video Card MSI ventus RTX 2080 Super

    Brand new condition. Throwing in a free msi case badge.
  6. Prashant Verma

    FS: Video Card Zotac 2070 super mini

    Brand new condition. Only used once for testing. Full 5 year warranty registered on a seperate email id.
  7. Prashant Verma

    FS: Storage Hardware 2tb WD SN750

    Cool heatsink. Used for a month or so. 1597685171 On hold. 1597736038 Sold out of forum. Mods please close this thread
  8. Prashant Verma

    FS: Storage Hardware 2tb, 1tb Crucial bx500

    Barely used for a month. 2tb at 13499/- 1tb at 6999/- 1597685208 2tb on hold. 1tb is still up.
  9. Prashant Verma

    FS: Processor Ryzen 3600x+MSI B550m Pro VDH wifi motherboard

    Proccy is barely a month old and mobo is seal packed. Can add a brand new wraith prism for +1500/- Invoice available for the processor. 1597685089 Sold out of forum.
  10. Prashant Verma

    FS: Video Card MSI Ventus 2080 Super + 1tb Crucial Bx500 SSD

    Prefer selling both togther.
  11. Prashant Verma

    FS: Video Card RTX 2080ti Ventus GP

    Only one of them is for sale at the moment.
  12. Prashant Verma

    FS: RAM ADATA D30 DDR4 8gbx2 3200mhz

    Sweet ram. Way better than lpx crap.
  13. Prashant Verma

    FS: Storage Hardware Crucial P1 1tb NVME SSD

    Cool budget nvme.
  14. Prashant Verma

    FS: Storage Hardware Sony 2TB External HDD

    Only used for 500hrs.1 year warranty left 1594828023 Sold to @jaydipmori
  15. Prashant Verma

    FS: Video Card Inno3d RTX 2070 Twin X2

    Tight, Well built card. Perfect for matx cabinets. Nearly brand new condition.
  16. Prashant Verma

    FS: Motherboard B450 Pro Carbon AC

    Awesome mobo for sale. Few months old. Sparingly used. Dont have the original box for this. Will ship in x470 or some other ATX mobo box. Rest assured, it will be packaged well.
  17. Prashant Verma

    FS: Motherboard B450 Tomahawk Max. Mint condition. Seal Packed Accessories.

    Nearly Brand new motherboard for sale. Every accessory including the MSI sticker is available and still seal packed .
  18. Prashant Verma

    Audio ALC887 and semi-expensive headphones

    Guys Im planning to buy a Sennheiser HD599 SE in a few days. Will my mobo's ALC887 codec gimp it in a major way? 1593758560 Nvm...these sound phenomenal anyway XD
  19. Prashant Verma

    Hi there!

    Prashant here. Glad to be among you fine folks. Peace.