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  1. ALPHA17

    FS: Video Card MSi GTX760 2GB Gaming OC Edition

    Card has been RMA'ed for faulty cooler, the entire shroud and fan unit have been replaced. Thermal paste has been applied twice in life-cycle. Card is pretty dusty thanks to Delhi and me being lazy. If more images specifically of the card are required, feel free to PM me. Cheerio!
  2. ALPHA17

    FS: Motherboard MSi H97M-G43

    As the thread states. Selling MSi H97M-G43 LGA1150 motherboard because I have upgraded my set-up. I would prefer a local sale within Delhi. If I am to ship the board, all responsibility lies with the buyer. Caveat Emptor
  3. ALPHA17

    Laptops MSI Gaming Notebooks, award winning brand and products

    MSI Notebooks was one of the first brands to dedicate itself to the idea of gaming oriented products and now we are seeing the benefits of being an early-bird adopter of this philosophy. Solid product line-up, Not only are we consistently awarded for our products but also are one of the most...
  4. ALPHA17

    Laptops MSI Gaming Notebooks, value proposition

    Hey guys, we recently carried out a survey of visitors on our international forums and social media pages to gauge how and why people purchase these desktop replacement mobility devices. Apart from that we would like to inform you the value proposition that MSI tries to put in each of its...
  5. ALPHA17

    Laptops Which MSI notebook is best for your needs?

    As many of you may already know, MSI offers various gaming notebook series for users with different needs, either for extreme and ultra performance or for average and mainstream gaming experiences. There were a total of four and then were extended to five series. The complete gaming notebook...
  6. ALPHA17

    MSI laptops bag the PCMag Reader's Choice Award

    MSI laptops bag the PCMag's Reader's Choice Award 2016 Check out the complete story @PCMag.
  7. ALPHA17

    Budget 90k+ Gaming Laptops under 2L ?

    Hi everyone. Gaming laptops are not really my strong suite. I wanted to know for a cousin of mine what all options are available in country apart from Lenovo's Y series line. Work would mostly be the usual day-to-day of social media, a couple documents and gaming would be BattleField 4, Team...
  8. ALPHA17

    User Review Cooler Master STORM Recon Review

    COOLER MASTER STORM RECON REVIEW First picture, courtesy the product page Recently Cooler Master fleshed out their STORM line-up of gaming peripherals further by adding couple of mice and keyboards, one of these is the Cooler Master STORM Recon. The Cooler Master STORM Recon is an...
  9. ALPHA17

    TE PC Buying Guide T1 2013

    Those who want to tag, please use the following syntax -- @<ID> ULTRA-BUDGET HOME / OFFICE PC -- ComponentsNamePriceProcessorIntel Celeron G530 [dual-core]3000MotherboardIntel DH61WW3000RAMCorsair ValueRAM 2GB x1700Hard-driveSeagate Barracuda 500GB3200Optical drive [DVD]HP [boxed] / SAMSUNG...
  10. ALPHA17

    Cooler Master launches the HAF-XB

    The HAF XB (window version) is priced at an MRP of Rs 8,499/- and carries one year warranty. The product is available ex-stock and will be distributed by Acro Engineering Company across India. Source: Press Release
  11. ALPHA17

    Temple Run 2 out for Android.

    Imangi Studios have released the successor to one of the most successful applications on the App Store. Get it NOW on Google play Running fine on my SONY XPERIA go.
  12. ALPHA17

    Need to find a battery for SAMSUNG Galaxy S

    Respected members, Recently my sister was gifted a SAMSUNG Galaxy S (I9000) but the battery is on its last legs and I wish to buy a replacement piece OR two for the future. I tried Google but could not find any save this link for its battery (Model # Samsung EB575152VU), this is the only...
  13. ALPHA17

    Get METRO 2033 for free*

    Well bad came to worse, push came to shove and it seems ThQ is not in the best of health even after the emergency fund transfusion under the aegis of a 'Humble Bundle'. Hence, in a move towards freeing up its services, it is jettisoning as much content as it can to its followers, well-wishers...
  14. ALPHA17

    Cooler master storm trigger review

    COOLER MASTER STORM TRIGGER REVIEW [CHERRY MX-BLACK] You know something is up when you get a big-bag in the mail. 2012 is the 20th anniversary for Cooler Master, established in 1992 and since synonymous with quality cabinets and test benches the company has come far from its inception...
  15. ALPHA17

    TE PC Buying Guide August 2012

    This is my first run as the author of this particular family of threads so any issues, pitfalls, unexplained corners please tag me OR PM me. Those who want to tag, please use the following syntax -- @<ID>, e.g. DarkAngel please upload the tables. ULTRA-BUDGET HOME / OFFICE PC --...
  16. ALPHA17

    Sir, You are being HUNTED

    A brand new Indie title being developed by BIG ROBOT... [makes games] studio to be released sometime in 2013 for the PC, Linux and Mac platforms. The open-world action-adventure game is set in a procedurally-generated environment itself modelled on the British countryside over-run with...
  17. ALPHA17

    Corsair teases the next DOMINATOR RAM modules

    Corsair, a long standing name in the PC essentials market known for its multitude of RAM products and more recent expansions in the SMPS lines and Vengeance gaming themed accessories has recently come out with the latest refresh to its portfolio, the DOMINATOR PLATINUM DDR III. As most readers...
  18. ALPHA17

    Content Management Software [CMS] queries -- W.I.P.

    Hello folks, I do not have a clear idea where this thread should but as it deals with hosting and maintenance of websites and database management online I think this is the section it should go. Here is a short list of queries I have -- Has anyone here used a CMS like Joomla! OR Drupal to...
  19. ALPHA17

    Total War: Rome II - Discussion Thread

    After a rather sparse Holiday 2012 Season it seems the growing number of release roll-backs has just got more exciting with this Live Action Trailer teasing a Legion of diehard TOTAL WAR fans. Direct link --> Rome: Total War II - Faces of Rome Live Action Trailer - YouTube Welcome, to the...
  20. ALPHA17

    SAMSUNG turns its Ire on "Industry Standards" again

    Samsung a leading conglomerate and provider of myriad electronic equivalent of "nuts-bolts" [they manufacture most of the memory chips, SSD designs are sold by them to other OEM's and they also make panels for most LCD OEM's] for the consumer electronic market has been known to straddle the line...