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    Uncharted 1-2-3 and POP The forgotten sands [PS3]

    Titles: Uncharted 1-2-3 and POP The forgotten sands Reason for sale: Done with the titles. Number of playthroughs: Once each. PSN Code Status: Unused for Uncharted 2-3 and POP; No idea about Uncharted 1 :bleh: Mandatory pics: [attachment=10271:17151.attach] Prices: 1. Uncharted 1: Rs...
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    Where to get a out of warranty XBOX 360 repaired for RROD?

    I have a XBOX 360 which is out of warranty since it has been modded to play backup it is showing 3 RRODs when powered on..i've tried the towel trick and have also tried replacing the x clamps..but still nothing positive.. The secondary error codes are 0102 and 0020.. Now where do i...
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    FS: Windows Vista Ultimate

    Looking for a quick sale here in Mumbai itself, will be leaving on Tuesday.. Otherwise will have to ship from some other location (could be Chandigarh..) Both 64bit and 32bit DVD's in the pack, as clearly shown in the attached pic Price drop 10k + shipping Won't sell the DVDs seperately
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    Street Price of 512MB card for 360

    Can anybody tell me the street price of 512MB card for 360, the official price is Rs2830, but what I really want to know is that is it available for less than that???
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    Portability of XBOX 360 & PS3?

    I wanted to know about the portability of the two consoles, I'm travelling most of the time (in India only) so want to know that whether i'd be able to take any of the consoles with me..whether i'd would be allowed to carry them as hand baggage or check-in baggage.. Which of the two consoles is...
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    PC Peripherals VX2235 as a replacement against VX2025 :S ???

    MY viewsonic VX 2025 had some problems so the viewsonic agreed to replace it but the real problem is that they don't have 2025 in stock as it is out of production, so what they finally decided after 2 months is to replace my 2025 with a 2235. But the 2235 is TN pannel and the 2025 is a p-mva...
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    Need Help!!

    Hey Guys I need some help. Arround three months back I sold a RAM module to my friend which is out of warranty. For the past three months it had been working just fine but now the pc can't boot with the module in place. So what should I do now, should I return the some part of the money to him...
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    BSNL ADSL howz it?

    For a long time I've been a Airtel customer but now I think the time has come to change so i want to shift to BSNL, but i wanted to enquire about the service and quality. Are there frequent disconnections? What is the avg speed u get and which plan r u using? How much time does it take to...
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    PC Peripherals Changeover switch for UPS ?

    Calling all Engineers I am using a UPS for my PC and my PC is usually ON until there is Power. Basically I am downloading all the time and some rippping + gaming. My Problem is that I have wasted the my battery for this purpose which I don't want. What I want is to design a Changeover Switch...
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    Pepsi (yeh dil mange no more)

    Great boy picking the colors to prepare the PEPSI Men at work - washing the bottles Men at work washing the bottles Fully Boys placing the bottles in the tray Boy filling the PEPSI Soooooo... called Boy filling the PEPSI & checking for the air bubles Boy filling the Gas in the...
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    Optical Illusions

    I know that most of you might have seen this, but this person deserves to be seen again b'coz of the fantastic work done by him. Here is the link
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    WTB: Used RAM 2-2-2-5

    Hi I am looking to buy used RAM with 2-2-2-5 latency. Price: as low as possible Date of purchase: not more than a year back Brand: Any Configuration 2x512MB
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    Hi to all

    Hi all TE members Firstly my congratulations to all you ppl for making TE the best ( i mean it) forum i've come accross so far. Well i'm a newbie(relatively) to the hardware world so i would like to enlighten myself. What I found best at TE was the exclusive offers far TE members and the...