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    FS: Processor Intel i7 -950 Free Free Free

    Add me in the list please!
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    FS: Others Clearance Sale

    Received the iPod 30 GB and Chromecast as described. Thanks!
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    The 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    How much for an iPhone SE (32 GB), about 2 years old? The screen is scratch-less and there's just one dent on the phone!
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    1000 Cashback on Echo devices with "ECHOMUSIC20", not sure it's for everyone though!
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    Budget 10-15K Time to replace Moto G3, after 3 yrs legacy & love

    It's not just that. You have SD675 which offers a little more performance over 660. Note 7 has been replaced by a 7s now btw! Samsung phones are nowhere near these phones when it comes to performance and Value for money.
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    Budget 10-15K Time to replace Moto G3, after 3 yrs legacy & love

    You can consider Redmi Note 7 Pro (Note 7s as well, but it ships with Samsung's sensor and I've got no idea about it! But reviews say it is not bad) and also, Realme 3 Pro. Having used them both, they both offer good performance, battery life is pretty great as well!
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    FS: Others Sim Cutting Tool

    Received E10BT. Works perfectly fine!
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    FS: Others [SOLD] [BNIB] SeikoSND255P1

    Received the watch as described! Thank you!
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    iPhone SE/ Android Phone with Snapdragon 820 or better

    Thank you for the offer but as I've mentioned looking for something with better power.
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    iPhone SE/ Android Phone with Snapdragon 820 or better

    1. In good condition. Well, don't mind minor scratches/dings, but should be minimal. 2. Invoice and box aren't necessary; If there, a plus point. Wouldn't mind splurging a little more if it's worth!
  11. C - Feedback Thread

    Yea, even for me! Out of 4 things ordered, 2 have been delivered already (with status staying the same) and there's no update on the other two!
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    Camera Need Camera - simple to use/carry/maintain

    Those are pretty good lenses, stellar price too! Expecting more responses from you in Photography thread. :p And yea, would be better if you get something automatic for wider angles, you'd have to struggle a lot with these manual lenses there. And A6000 at 17k where? Please get me one! :p
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    Camera Need a point and shoot camera within 15000 budget

    If you can stretch your budget get RX100-Mark 1.
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    Nvidia Overestimated Bitcoin Mining Demand, Stuck With Excess GPU Inventory:Source

    Quite surprised with the way this is being done. Hoped the prices would drop soon but and now, after them admitting/ seeing that they have excess inventory , expected this to happen even sooner. Even if it happens it'll take some time to reflect here, in India. AMD cards have been pricier since...
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    Budget 0-20k Is this a good deal for a used laptop?

    For that price ,there are better configurations available on OLX and eBay, have a look there! For the said configurations half of the mentioned amount is fine.
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    Camera Need Camera - simple to use/carry/maintain

    Exactly! The distortion is common in case of 35mms except for a few which are very difficult to find! Hexanons are cheap and generally have good reviews! No idea about Yashica though!
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    Camera Need Camera - simple to use/carry/maintain

    Can't deny that! But for portraiture I feel a 50mm on APS-C would be better.