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  1. memories_dv clearance - good deals like 2gb AMD 7750 for 5.3k, Sennheiser earphones for 300 etc.

    Link - Something for everyone, purely IMHO - the Sennheiser MX470 seems cheap at 299 for friends who dont like the IEM feel. The 2gb Radeon 7750 for 5.3k is a good price as well, as is the Silverstone windowed case for 2.5k! The...
  2. memories_dv

    FS: Desktops Core2Quad, 2x2gb DDR2, 2gb laptop DDR3 1333, Chieftec ATX cabby, 2 IDE DVDRWs, dead G41 775 mobo

    Selling my old desktop parts as the mobo died & i decided to go ivy bridge ITX; currently not open to shipping & looking for local Mumbai deals only. Do post if youre interested out of Mumbai & i will consider on case by case basis especially for laptop RAM and the CPU. Here goes...
  3. memories_dv

    FS: Laptop BRAND NEW Samsung laptop: i3 3110M, Radeon 7670M, Win8, 4gb, 750gb, 15.6" LED

    Will make a good gaming machine with the Radeon 7670M 1gb! Comes with licensed MS Office in addition to Win8, full specs at the Samsung link in below description; 35k is a good price considering Flipkart, Delta sell this at 37k & im including MS Office license as well. Comes with Croma bill of...
  4. memories_dv

    FS: RAM 2x4gb GSkill Ripjaws X DDR3 1600mhz - brand new sealed; open to lower RAM trade

    Looking to sell individual or both sticks outright OR open to trade for slower 2x2gb / 1x4gb sticks (1066mhz or 1333mhz only) under warranty. Product Name: GSkill Ripjaws X 2x4GB kit 1600 mhz Expected Price: Rs 1400 per stick; or Rs 2600 for both SOLD! Shipping charges: NA Manufacturer...
  5. memories_dv

    WTB Looking for 2gb DDR3 RAM and SATA HDD - both under warranty

    Looking to gift dad a small pc to convert the dumb TV into a "Smart TV" :) 1 - DDR3 ram - 1066 (or 1333/1800 mhz which i will underclock as mobo supports only 1066) under warranty - 1x2gb (preferred) or 2x1gb - budget is 500 bucks shipped 2 - HDD - SATA 2.5" or even 3.5" (but slim single...
  6. memories_dv

    FS: Laptop MSI X340 ultraportable Core2, 13.4" LCD, 2gb RAM, 320gb HDD, Win 7, Excellent shape!

    Hi Guys - been a looooong while since i posted here! Up for sale is my trusty, ultra-slim MSI X340 laptop with carrying case in good-as-new condition, barely used it till i moved to the USA in Sept 2011 and then bought a new Acer there during pre black friday sale, so this ones practically...
  7. memories_dv

    BIG SALE: Meelec M6, Altec im716 (Etymotic), Puma watch, iphone4 & galaxyS guards!

    Multi-item sale: I have IEMs, watches, and phone accessories for sale, Mumbai buyers only as of now, i will not ship so dont ask, just post on thread to get in line if i dont get mumbai buyers by next week! Altec Lansing im716 IEM (Etymotic-made, High def.) - Rs.1,800 - Now 1500 only...
  8. memories_dv

    Speaker set - 2.1

    Looking for quality 2.1 speakers (Altec Lansing ATP3, VS4121 etc) preferably in Mumbai, Pune or Bangalore. Need to gift someone, so condition should be fairly decent :P Please PM with your offers!
  9. memories_dv

    Cleartrip Rs.10,000 international flight coupon!

    Well...if we can sell vouchers im sure we can sell coupon codes, no? I booked an international flight, and i had planned to use this coupon for another holiday in Dec but now have changed plans (thank you Air Asia!) and would like to hold off and plan something for March-April next year. So...
  10. memories_dv

    PVR Tickets voucher at half price (Mumbai)

    SnapDeal is offering Rs.200 PVR cinema vouchers (used to book online) for half the price i.e. 100 bucks! This is valid till 31st May (atleast in the voucher i got). Good deal especially for weekday tickets! Get everyone you know to sign up and you have enough vouchers for a couple of months...
  11. memories_dv

    Mid-range phone gift for dad!

    Hey guys, Im looking to gift a phone to my dad (after years of suffering with the LG KG200 pieceocrap!)...he mainly looks for clear display & ease of use, along with a decent FM/MP3 player and a normal camera...i'd love the phone to have a flashlight so he can find his way around if needed. I...
  12. memories_dv

    Big 7600GT & 512x2 Transcend DDR2-667 "D9"

    BIG 7600GT 256mb is in warranty for 2 more months till about 24 Jan 2010, recently RMA'd replaced and barely used after that. This card outperforms a 9400GT! Price Rs. 1000 + shipping :bleh: Transcend ram is Micron D9 chips and is just out of warranty on 26 Oct but unused since Jan 2008, sale...
  13. memories_dv

    Rs. 250 off on EACH Spicejet flight ticket

    Yes - Rs. 250 off on any spicejet flight anywhere in India to travel upto March 2009 - but you have to book by Nov. 28. This means you get 500 off on a return trip ticket! Book here: SpiceJet - Low Cost Indian Airlines, Book Indian Flight Tickets Online Coupon code: YENJOY!
  14. memories_dv

    Armin van Buuren in India this November!

    Yes! Yes! Trance addicts rejoice! November end, maybe first week December. Cities unknown, pricing unknown, Smirnoff event. Start saving up for those air/rail tickets! You can breathe now.
  15. memories_dv

    IC - Vantec NexStar3 SATA to USB/eSATA 3.5inch hdd enclosure

    NexStar 3 3.5†SATA to USB 2.0 & eSATA External Hard Drive Enclosure Supports upto 1TB, comes with eSata bracket. Better than the coolermaster enclosure/other docks etc. as it keeps your drive completely sealed from dust moisture etc. Full specs: Welcome to Vantec –...
  16. memories_dv

    Giftmate-Futurebazaar half-price voucher is BACK!

    Buy items worth upto Rs. 500 for half the price! Rs. 500 Giftmate vouchers for Rs. 250, and Rs.250 vouchers for Rs.125! HURRY! I got mine! Giftmate
  17. memories_dv

    Mega PC games sale!

    10 PC game cd-roms for sale, original, sealed, unused: C&C Generals NFS Underground BF Special Forces UEFA Euro 2004 Port. C&C Red Alert C&C 3 Tiberium Wars Kane edn. Cricket 07 BF 2142! NFS Carbon! Star Wars : Empire at War Pricing - First 5 games are MRP Rs. 499, so those are for 100 bucks...
  18. memories_dv

    FS - New Kingston 2gb MicroSD card (sealed, unused)

    Brand new unopened still-in-plastic-shrinkwrap Kingston 2gb MicroSD card. Works with all the Nokias/Motorolas/LGs as well as the Sony K850. Lowballers stay away, ive priced this lower than the Alfa price of the same product. All interested please communicate via PM only. Thanks.
  19. memories_dv

    FS - New Unused Corsair 620W + 2gb Crucial Ballistix!

  20. memories_dv

    FS - Altec Lansing ATP3 2.1 speakers

    2 years old Altec Lansing ATP3 speaker set for sale. Works perfectly...feel free to audition it at my house before you buy it. For specs - Use google. Subwoofer + Satellites with 1 downfiring midrange and 2 tweeters for fullrange sound. Price - Rs.1,000. Price too high? Too low? Wanna crap my...