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  1. sunny27

    Budget 21-30k Upgrading existing setup

    *What is your budget? ~ 25 - 30K * What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) * CPU - i5 3500 * Motherboard - Gigabyte B75-M D3H * GPU - Nvidia 660Ti Zotac AMP! * RAM - GSkill Sniper 1600MHz DDR3 4GBx4 (16 GB) * Monitor - Dell G2410H 1920x1080 *...
  2. sunny27

    FS: Others Mega Watches Clearout (Seiko/Citizen/Wenger/Casio/Timex/Titan)

    Hi, I am downsizing my watch collection from 30 odd to 15. This is the first lot for sale. I am bonafide watch lover ( The reason for sale :: Downsizing collection - Need funds Please do not low ball and I would prefer any communication via PM...
  3. sunny27

    WTB Half Height GPU

    I want a decent half height gpu capable of handling old titles and newer ones at toned down settings @ 1080p for my HTPC setup. I don't want ones which need additional power connectors. Hit me with your offers.
  4. sunny27

    Graphic Cards WTB :: Low Profile GPU for HTPC

    I have a Circle sff case with a 400w psu with the following config being used as a HTPC:- intel g3220 + ECS h81 m-atx board 4gb ddr3 1600mhz kingston ram I want a low profile gpu capable of running with out any additional power connectors from the psu. I plan on doing some gaming at 1080p on my...
  5. sunny27

    WTB USB Wifi Adapter with 20-30 feet range

    I am looking to buy an USB wifi adapter with a range of atleast 20-30 feet. I have a Belkin N150 router transmitting data from one room and would want an usb wifi receiver in my HTPC in the living room to access the network with out any drops or "major" loss in data transfer speeds. What are the...
  6. sunny27

    FS: Keyboard and Mice 2 year old Razer Death Adder + Android PC Stick

    For Sale :- [1] Android PC Stick - Dual core 1.4 Ghz Rockchip Rk3066 / 1 GB Ram / 8 Gb ROM - The stock rom showed the cpu to work @ 1.2 ghz, one other rom shows it to work @ 1.5x ghz - Purchase link for the Android pc Stick -
  7. sunny27

    Budget 0-20k Low Power HTPC within 10-15k

    What is your budget? 10-15K What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) 40 Inch Full Hd Videocon LED (as a display) - everything else has to be bought Which hardware will you be keeping (component name - component brand and model) 40 Inch Full...
  8. sunny27

    WTB AMD CPU/Desktop DDR3 RAM/Mini itx or Thin client case/Hdd

    I am looking to buy the following for a super cheap HTPC build:- [1] AMD kabini Athlon - 5350/5150 [2] Single stick 4 GB DDR3 1333/1600 mhz desktop ram - Corsair/Gskill/Kingston only [3] Mini Itx / Thin client Cabinet with Pico psu [4] 250~500 Gb sata 2.5 inch harddrive - the drive has to...
  9. sunny27

    FS: Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 (mint condition) @16.5k

    For sale is my Samsung Tab Pro 8.4 in mint condition. PRICE DROP - 16,500 Specifications : The following are available in the package :- [1] Samsung tab pro 8.4 (Black) + retail box + charger + data cable [2] Genuine Samsung leather...
  10. sunny27

    Camera WTB :: Camera with excellent zoom

    What's your budget? Rs.15,000 to Rs.20,000 (would prefer it to be on the lower side) Camera type? Bridge camera or Point and Shoot with an excellent auto mode Body Style? Compact or Bridge (bulky) How much zoom do you want/expect? A lot! I want to take snaps of wildlife at a distance and...
  11. sunny27

    Shipping from Japan to India

    I would like to buy this - The xperia A is basically the docomo version of the Sony ZR (a phone I bought last week) I am on the hunt for similar cases -nothing seems to be available locally or on
  12. sunny27

    Budget 20-25K WTB - Rugged Android

    Having owned the Motorola Defy(which is still working) and the Samsung Rugby Pro (i547) I am looking to upgrade to a similar rugged android. My primary requirements are :- [1] Waterproof + dustproof + strong build quality [2] Excellent battery life (2 days with moderate use) [3] Screen Size -...
  13. sunny27

    WTB :: 24-26 inch Full HD TV

    I am looking for a full hd 24-26 inch tv which will double up as a monitor I can connect my laptop to or something that would go well with my htpc project. Kindly suggest some good televisions (led/lcd) with full hd resolution and usb playback support with 24 or 26 inch screen sizes.
  14. sunny27

    RIP::Paul Walker RIP Paul Walker.Thank you for those countless hours of...
  15. sunny27

    Less than 10K Dual Sim Phone

    I need a dual sim phone with excellent battery life and whatsapp support within 5k. I don't want a smart phone. The phone should be rugged and well made. Kindly post your suggestions/recommendations. Thanks in advance.
  16. sunny27

    Moving to bangalore : need help

    I may be moving to Bangalore by the 15th of dec this year. I have a few queries for the resident Bangaloreans:- My office may be at either Indiranagar or Koramangala - how far would it be from BTM layout(if I commute by my car)? What are the road conditions in Bangalore now? (I was in BLR prior...
  17. sunny27

    Cheapest way to import stuff?

    I have been ripped multiple times by aramex's shop and ship and now with my sudden keen interest in all manner of watches within 100$ I believe I am going to be squeezed dry by Aramex. What other services are comparable to Aramex's Shop and ship but at a lower cost? I plan on getting...
  18. sunny27

    Need help compiling music from the 90's

    I am compiling music I heard while growing up with primary focus being on retro/Indipop/bhangra music (no bollywood music!). Kindly list songs if it belongs to the above category. Youtube videos would be awesome too. I have listed some on the above genres I have managed to collect - [1] Apache...
  19. sunny27

    CNG Hike :: Have your say! Being in Ahmedabad, I shell out Rs.66.80 as Adani CNG has the monopoly in CNG in Gujarat. Users of CNG in Mumbai and Delhi are much luckier and shell out Rs.36 and Rs.42...
  20. sunny27

    Graphic Cards Optimum Nvidia Control Panel Settings

    The following is my system config : core i5 3550 @ 3.7 Ghz Gskill 16 gb ddr 3 1600 ram Gigabyte b75m-d3h motherboard Zotac 660ti AMP! edition Samsung 830 128 gb ssd (os) + 1tb seagate 7200 rpm drive for games Corsair vx550 psu I am using the latest drivers from the nvidia website - what would...