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  1. sushantade

    DDR4 3000/3200MHz Ram

    8GB/16GB . Bill and Box should be there. Pm me your offers.
  2. sushantade

    WTB Fiio E11/A3

    Please ping me if you have any Fiio E11/A3 to offer. Should be in good working condition.
  3. sushantade

    WTB Fiio D03K Taishan DAC

    Want the mentioned DAC. should be in good condition, preferably under warranty. Budget- 800 Rs.
  4. sushantade

    FS: Mobile One Plus

  5. sushantade

    Panasonic 42AS670D or LG 42LB6500

    1. Budget. 55k Max. 2. Viewing distance. 10-15 Ft. 3. Sources/inputs - HD DTH-consoles-PC 4. Preference - LED-LCD TV. 5. Preference for brands. LG or Panasonic. (Hoping for input on their customer support and parts availability.) 6. Willing to purchase it from the grey market? No
  6. sushantade

    WTB [PS3] The Last Of Us and Beyond Two Souls

    PM me your offers. Keep in mind the current market rates though. :)
  7. sushantade

    WTB Fiio E5/E6

    Urgently looking for above mentioned AMP. Should be in good condition. Expected price will be decided according to the product condition and current market value. Hit me your offers.
  8. sushantade

    FS: Networking TP Link WR702N Nano Portable Router And TP Link WN721N WiFi Adapter(Rarely Used)

    Rarely Used Both Products. Looking for quick sale. Already Priced very low so please dont negotiate. TP Link Nano Router Only for 600 Rs.
  9. sushantade

    FS: MP3 Player Sandisk Sansa Clip+ (Very Rarely Used)

    Sandisk Sansa Clip + 2 GB Model. Very Sparingly used as seen in the pics. Also giving away 8 GB MicroSD card. Go Grab it guys because cost of new one is around 4k o these days.
  10. sushantade

    WTB B75/P67 Mobo

    Interested in B75 Mobo (gigabyte). Hit me your offers.bump also interested in P67/H77bump. anyone?bump. anyone?bump. anyone?[DOUBLEPOST=1389253706]bump. anyone?
  11. sushantade

    WTB Raspberry Pi

    I want raspbeery pi (new/used) should be in fine condition. can be traded with android mk 801 mini pc. Please pm your offers.
  12. sushantade

    WTB Corsair 400R/500R Cabby USB 3.0 to USB 2.0 Adapter/ Converter

    Want the above mentioned product urgently.
  13. sushantade

    FS: Power Cooling and Modding CM Hyper TX3 Evo, 3.5" HDD Case

    Product Name: Cooler Master Hyper TX3 Evo (For AMD Processors only) Expected Price: Sold Shipping charges:mad:actuals Manufacturer page URL: Reason for Sale: downgrading Product condition: 9 out of 10...
  14. sushantade

    WTB P67/Z68 Motherboard

    Looking for used P67/Z68 motherbaord. Should be in fine condition. Hit me offers. :)
  15. sushantade

    Monitors Dell St2220l monitor settings

    hi guys, I just bought a Dell ST2220L Monitor. Can you guys please recommend me the best monitor settings (RGB, Contrast, Brightness Values). I already took the Caliberation utility and couldnt figured it out. I am running the monitor in Game mode and Dynamic Contrast turned on. Thanks in...
  16. sushantade

    PC Peripherals PSU For The Monsterous Msi GTX560Ti Hawk.

    Hi guys . My Courrent configuration is : Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 Intel DG41RQ Motherboard 2*2 Kingston 4 GB Ram Corsair VX450W PSU Samsung B2230 21.5" LCD Coolermaster Elite 330 Cabinet. I may upgrade to i5 or similar later , so the psu should juice all components . I am willing to add...