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    Graphic Cards Looking for a GPU within 8k, linux ubuntu compatible

    Hi, Im pretty clueless about graphic cards, so any help would be great. My current config is : Mobo: Asus p5ql Pro [PCIe2.0] Ram: 8gb DDR2 CPU : Intel Core2 Quad (q9550) PSU: Coolermaster 600W My primary need for a graphics card is to run 3 Monitors (2 x samsung 27 inch [1920 x 1080] + 1 x...
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    FS: Home Audio Video Lehmann BCL, Black Cube Linear Headphone amp and preamp.

    Up for sale is my Lehmann BCL . Yes THIS is the Legendary Black Cube Linear, THE headphone amp. The black cube liner is a great headphone amp for all the headphones particularity Grado and Sennhieser HD800 ( even my HD650 sounds awesome off it. ). BCL has a very liquid Midrange with a very deep...
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    FS: Home Audio Video Anedio D1, High-end Stereo DAC

    Anedio D1 DAC One of the best affordable high end DAC, in the world. Anedio has updated this DAC , D2, but as per reviews only difference is balanced output and 24/192 USB (coax and optical are 24/192 in D1 , but usb is limited to 16/48). Anedio is a small firm but D1 ( and D2 ) have always been...
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    FS: Headphone High End Headphones for sale ( Hifiman, Sennheiser, Audio Technica)

    Finally i have decided to buy the (said) best Headphone out there. With a heavy heart am putting My favorite headphones on sale , there's a possibility that i might buy them later on, but to fund this purchase there is no other way :(. I cant wait to hear the best anymore!! 1. Hifiman HE6 ...
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    WTB ATI 5870/5970

    looking for ATi 5870 i have a good powersupply but dont want to spend much on card now , so looking for this. shoot me a PM if you have it
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    FS: Others Unused New accessories for sale

    Reason for sale is that i am not using it / cant use it. Got them as gift, so no invoice available. For sale are following items : 1. Iball speaker 2.0 2. Iball wireless headphone 3. Iball wireless mouse. 4. iball Webcam ( long reach and flexible head) 5. Logitech Laptop stand (fanless) 6...
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    FS: Headphone AudioTechnica ATH-W5000

    Product Name: Audio Technica ATH-W5000 Expected Price: 35000. MRP is 1000 USD , amazon price 800-900, import fee 25% and shipping this is cheap IMO. Reviews : Best headphone for effortless and sweet mids , there is some thing magical with W5000 mids...
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    FS: Headphone UM Miracle custom IEM and portable amps: pico slim LE , RSA Protector

    Hello all, for sale is : 1. UM miracle Custom IEM : Driver Tech:Six Balanced Armatures Crossover:3 Way Passive Range :18Hz - 19kHz Driver Configuration:2x High, 2x Mid, 2x High Impedance:15.9 ohm Sensitivity:114dB SPL Recommended Use:Audio Professional, Audiophile, Sound Engineer...
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    FS: Headphone Sennheiser HD600 headphones ( with cardas upgrade cable)

    Up for sale is Sennheiser HD600 Headphones with Hardwired Cardas Cable Condition : 9/10 , looks new no scratches, looks and smells new. no deterioration of pads and headband ( like new) sale is just for the headphone , it does not come with original box. but will pack it well for travel...
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    Video LED lighting for badminton court

    We are building a badminton court, in a free space out side the house. Need to light it up so that we can play at night also ( no one is interested in day play :P ) I want to use LED Flood lights. How much lighting do i need to spend on ? ( in wattage ) i was thinking of getting 8x10...
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    Need to buy an Electric chimney

    Hello , the house is being repainted for Diwali, and we have come to a decision that an Electric chimney is a must. * Kitchen is used a lot, our family is a join family, so gas stove usage is around 3 hours daily ( 3 Meals + tea +coffee + boiling milk , etc. ) * Kitchen size is 12'8" x...
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    256&512GB crucial M4 under 10K and 20K shipped in india. (amazon price $164 & $349)

    AMAZING Gold box deal. Crucial M4 256 @ $164 Crucial M4 512 @ $349 DONT MISS THIS. IT does not get better than this. No need for hard discs now!!
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    RMA by FedEX, to be paid by the addressee

    Here is the mail i got while seeking RMA for my headphone from Koss(USA) the problem is i have never dealt with FedEX, 1. What do i say to FedEX ? i mean Koss is to pay the shipping charges , but will FedEX accept my package if i give them this code (FedEx #0532-0633-6 (KossCorp.)) ? Has...
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    WTB Lumia 800 dark knight Ed. ( or normal one )

    Hello , as the topic says i want the nokia lumia 800, it would be preferable if its the dark knight edition. But i will take normal ed also . Condition must be good . Price must be good too:) please keep in mind that new gen of phones is coming, i am buying lumia cause i like its design...
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    FS: Headphone Klipsch Image S4 , In-Ear-Monitors

    Selling Image S4 on behalf of a friend Product : Klipsch Image S4 IEMs Condition , : the S4 are in great contition , , works great. only thing is he lost the medium tips. you will get the small ( biflange) and large tip with these. Box in great condition as well Reason for sale : after he...
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    Import Problem with Mumbai Customs . PLEASE HELP

    i imported a used headphone costing $450, its being held at customs in mumbai , <the tracking page> , as it reads there , the reason for retention said to be : Retention reason : Awaiting proof of purchase/value from addressee , yeah the guy there did not provide any proof of purchase or declare...
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    WTB Sennheiser HD800

    Hello , am lokking to buy sennheiser HD800 New or used ( but in good condition ) Soot me a PM when if you have one .
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    FS: Home Audio Video HRT i Streamer DAC

    Am selling HRT iStreamer, DAC for ipod/ipad/iphone its a very good and neutral DAC that takes out digital signal from ipod, and converts in in analog line-out. the line out from "i"-devices has considerable noise and cant be used with high end systems, the iStreamer , bypasses the inbuilt...
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    FS: Others Portable Peripherals // SD cards // USB power HUB // HDD // RAM

    Following are for sale : 1. Transcend Micro SD card, CLASS 10 , 32 GB . ( SEALED ) - 1900 (condition -10/10 ) 2. Samsung Micro SD card , Class 6 , 16 GB . (SEALED) - 500 (condition -10/10 ) 3. iSound power MAX , 5XUSB portable power house, 16000 mAh, charges any USB device. NEVER run out of...
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    FS: Consoles PS ViTA ( Cheapest Vita EVER, with warranty ) // Games // Kit // Memory // COMBOooooo

    Selling my PS VIta ( and its games and accessories ) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...