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    Less than 10K Phone for parents for video chatting

    1. Budget? A: 6.5k max. 2. Preferred Form Factor(flip, bar, slider)? A: Bar / Others 3. Preferred display type? A: IPS 4. Do you have any brand preference or dislike? Please name them. A: None 5. Preferred input method (Touchscreen, QWERTY, etc.)? A: Touchscreen 6. Camera required or not? If...
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    FS: Others Playbook, Cowon J3, Fiio E7, ATH-M50, V-Moda M-80, SA IEM, etc

    Looking for quick sale. Willing to negotiate if multiple items are bought. Local buyers preferred. Item: Blackberry Playbook 16GB with HDMI cable & pouch. Kalemsoft Media Player license included. Warranty: None Purchase date - Late 2012. Condition: 4/5. Was being used as a media player for TV...
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    WTB Ebook reader

    Looking for a ebook reader from B&N, Kobo or Amazon. Willing to exchange it against my Playbook, if anyone wants
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    FS: Networking Clearance sale (Switches, data cards, DVD DL RW, tablet cases)

    Item name | Condition | Expected price Tp-link 8 port switch | 4.5/5 | 350 Iball 8 port switch (missing power adapter) | 3/5 | 150 Huawei E303C Data Card | 4.5/5 | 500 MTS data card (ZTE AC 2746 ) | 4/5 | 100 23 8.5GB dual layer RW DVDs | 4.5/5 | 125 Nexus 7 leather case | 5/5 | 200 Blackberry...
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    FS: Headphone V-Moda Crossfade M-80 (black)

    Mumbai buyers can pick it up for 10k.
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    FS: Others Anker Astro E5 15000mah

    SOLD. Mods please close
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    FS: Others IIT JEE material - Mumbai only

    I can travel up to Borivali on the western line. All books are in very good condition. Guess I didn't study too much :P Includes the following: Concepts of Physics Volume 2 HC Verma Fundamentals of Physics Extended Resnick Halliday (6th edition) Problems in General Physics IE Erodov...
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    Audio Stuff to buy from US

    I've got an uncle coming from the states in the last week of August. Recommend me stuff that I can order to deliver at his address, so that he can bring it over here. My current gear includes ATH-M50, V-MODA M-80, Fiio E7, SA Elements, Cowon J3, etc. Looking for steal deals on IEMs or...
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    WTB Xbox 360 controller for PC

    Wired or wireless. Please hit me with offers
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    Most VFM phone (O 2x | Pantech Burst | Captivate)?

    I own a GS3 and I feel I've kinda wasted a lot of money over features that I'm never going to use. My primary use is for: Twitter (Falcon Pro), RSS (Press), Reading articles (Pocket), occasional browsing (Chrome). I have a BB Playbook for my video and ebook needs and Cowon J3 for audio. So...
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    FS: Storage Hardware 80GB Seagate internal. Out of Warranty

    Product Name- Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 80G
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    FS: Storage Hardware Seagate internal 500GB, warranty expires Oct-13

    Product Name- Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 500GB Expected Price: Rs 2,600/- Shipped or 2,500 local pickup. Warranty period: Expires Oct 2013. Reason for Sale: Lying unused after buying a laptop. Purchase Invoice Available: No. Product Condition: No physical damage. Works...
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    Samsung Captivate + tablet vs. Galaxy Nexus/Nexus 4/S3

    1. Q: Budget? A: 25-30k. 2. Q: Preferred Form Factor(flip, bar, slider)? A: Any 3. Q: Preferred display type? A: None in particular 4. Q: Do you have any brand preference or dislike? Please name them. A: None 5. Q: Preferred input method (Touchscreen, QWERTY, etc.)? A: Touchscreen 6. Q...
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    WTB Comply T-100 or Tx-100 1 pair

    Need a pair of these for my PL-50. Size M preferably
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    Audio Sony MH1

    Why is no one talking about it?! People are going crazy over it at head-fi. [REVIEW] Sony MH1 ? The Best Kept Secret It's selling on ebay for 1.3k as well!
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    Audio Cousin coming from UK

    I'm looking to buy either EPH-100 or GR07 MK2. Any black friday deals that I should look out for? Where can I buy these IEMs from in UK? My budget is 10k INR (~120 GBP). I own Pl-50, ATH-M50 and Fiio E7.
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    Audio Buying from lynx-india/IEM recommendation (4-8k) RE-262 @6.6kIs the site reliable? I already own PL-50 and ATH-M50. I need a new pair because the M50s don't offer enough isolation for my bus commute.Budget: 8K
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    Audio Upgrade from PL 50

    Budget: 10k max PMP: Cowon J3 Listening environment: Bus/Indoors Music type: Post-rock, indie, hardcore, metal (post, death, black) Headphone/IEM: Would prefer headphones Additional requirements: Should be comfortable, good isolation, durable.
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    What to buy in China

    A friend is going there for work. Budget of 1.5k INR I have soundmagic's pl50. any good foam tip replacements i can ask him to bring? anything else that is really cheap there?
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    Need help to mod my x360

    i've got a COD:MW2 limited edition xbox 360 and i want to mod it. i think it has a jasper 4.1 board. here are a few guys here i'll ask for help zibalingz & umarthechamp. can anyone else help me out from mumbai? i dont want to spend too much and don't plan to ever game online. 1) i've moded a...