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  1. w1nD

    iOS Worth getting iPhone 5s now?

    Hello, After using droid for few years I'm finally thinking to move to iOS. I was just wondering if getting iphone 5s in a month's time will be worth, esp. after iphone 6 is released. Will iphone 5s will be obsolete ?? This is the main question. :( Please advice. Thanks !
  2. w1nD

    FS: RAM 4GB [2 x 2GB] Gskill Ripjaws CL7 RAM. Used.

    Hello want to sell my 4gb RAM kit which I was using in my previous system but later i upgraded to i5 4670k and decided to go 2 x 4GB instead of 4 x 2GB. So selling these. These are working perfectly fine and have no problem at all.Top notch condition.Also these work with z87 too. After I got...
  3. w1nD

    FS: RAM 4GB [2 x 2GB] Gskill Ripjaws CL7 RAM. Brandnew. unopened.

    Hello want to sell my 4gb RAM kit which I had got for my previous system but later i upgraded to i5 4670k and decided to go 2 x 4GB instead of 4 x 2GB. So selling these. One of the stick came dead on arrival so had to replace it. After replacement they came brand new and are since lying unused...
  4. w1nD

    Need a small help.

    Hello everyone, I need a small help from anyone/or his relative who is returning from US to get my Nexus 4 back from there. I have got my Nexus 4 rma'd and replaced from US and its with my manager in US right now. He will be shipping it to your local US address and if possible is anyone willing...
  5. w1nD

    What to get from US right now...

    Hello, One of my office colleague is coming to India in Jan end and has asked me if I want anything from US..but right now the $$ is still 60+ and so I was wondering is there anything really worth to get from US at this point of time... Please suggest few things that I can get..or get good deal...
  6. w1nD

    FS: Processor i7 870 processor + Gigabyte P55-UD6 Motherboard

    I want to sell my motherboard and processor combo : i7 870 and Gigabyte p55 ud6. Both in good condition.Details as under. Product Name: Intel i7 870 + Gigabyte p55-ud6 Expected Price: Rs 14,000. ( Negotiable..but keep it realistic ) Shipping charges : Will be paid by buyer and shipping...
  7. w1nD

    WTB PS3 any 160/250/320 GB jailbreak

    Hello want to buy PS3 can be of any hdd capacity but should be jailbreaked and running atleast 3.55 FW. Looking for sellers around mumbai ..where I can test the PS3 personally before buying :) Drop me a PM if you have offer. Thanks ^_^
  8. w1nD

    WTB Ringke Slim

    Need Ringke Slim case for nexus 4...New one.Drop me a PM if anyone has it for spare :)
  9. w1nD

    Camera Lend/Rent Canon 100-400mm lens.

    Hello, I am going to Ranthambhore in June..10 Jun to 14 Jun and I have only 55-25- lens with me along with my tamron 17-50 lens either of which will not be sufficient for a wild was wondering if anyone could lend / rent me a telephoto lens probably 100-400 or 400mm should suffice...
  10. w1nD

    Youtube slow ??

    Are the videos loading up for you slow ??!topic/youtube/qwb3Fpy0Gcw < came across this.
  11. w1nD

    Need a particular ringtone.

    well i tried searching for long and didnt find it..but does anyone know or have the ringtone used by amir khan in movie ghajni.. :ashamed: :unsure: Thanks,
  12. w1nD

    Is it a good time to buy HTC One X ?

    Hello, I was going to buy LG nexus 4 but seeing the recent complains and coz of SYW idiots I dropped the plan.So was thinking to get One X as One X+ is much costly.Also I dont like the plastic feel of SGS3..Feels much cheap.So should I buy it if i get it around 30k ? or should I wait for...
  13. w1nD

    FS: Video Card Selling Zotac GTX 275 AMP! Edition.

    Product Name: Zotac GTX 275 AMP! Edition Expected Price: Rs 4800 (PM me for offers) Shipping charges : Depends.Buyer will pay. Manufacturer page URL: ZOTAC - It's time to play! - GeForce® GTX 275 AMP! Edition Description if any: Very good card for casual gamers.Still plays all the...
  14. w1nD

    Graphic Cards GTX 660 or ATI 7870 ?

    Hello, I' am getting a good deal on Sapphire ATI 7870 for 17k.So should I go with 7870 or 660 is better choice ?? I found that these cards are pretty closely matched except that nVidia has PhysX. Also is Sapphire good in performance and warranty thing ? PS : Is getting 7850 advisable if I...
  15. w1nD

    How reliable is Serve Pro warranty?

    I'm seeing on ebay that dealers are selling imported products like cellphones and stating Serve Pro warranty which includes both software and hardware thing. Like for this item : Samsung Galaxy Google Nexus I9250 ANDROID 4.0 ICS ICE CREAM SANDWICH 16GB MOBILE | eBay So just wanted to know how...
  16. w1nD

    EPL fantasy football league :)

    As always i have renewed the EPL football fantasy league :) If anyone wants to join he/she can join using the code given below :) Code to join this league: 1372818-316367 Right now there are 7 members as listed under : Team Manager Gomu Gomu Gomu Surag D othlas return Sriranga...
  17. w1nD

    Is anyone facing Internet speed and cellular network problems ??

    I dont know what is going on, but couple of my friends also said that the speed both for surfing and download was low..Infact i am getting half the original speed,even less.Also there seems to be some problem with airtel and vodafone.I am unable to make calls too. Is anyone facing such problems...
  18. w1nD

    Sharad Pawar slapped !

    Sharad Pawar slapped by youth in Delhi Sharad Pawar slapped by youth at NDMC centre - YouTube Coward or Brave ? Brave and Apt I say ! :cool2:
  19. w1nD

    How good is you telecom ?

    I read in newspaper about youtelecom's tariff plan : 12mbps for first 25gb and 1mbps once that 25gb is finished.So is anyone using youtelecom's service ? Or does anyone know if it has FUP on that remaining 1mbps plan ? The plan @ 1102 seems decent to me considering the fact that i am spending...
  20. w1nD

    Is google infected ? O.o Really puzzled.. don't know why n how :| :S