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    Happy Birthday Bosky !!

    ahhhhwww thanks a bunnnnchhhhhhh guys... if i could print out money, i'd make you all billionaires , and give a big hug! :D bottomzup & cheers to a year of keeping up the intensity! :)
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    On what basis do you choose a language to program in

    Developers often take a religious fervor when it comes to defending their favourite language, or poking a rant on another. Some people have singlehandedly been able to draw considerable attention within their communities. Joe Armstrong with erlang, Paul Praham with Lisp/Arc or Douglas Crockford...
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    snippet challenge 2 : suggest words starting with TE..

    Wow, snippet challenge 1, saw an array of entries everything from c to php, but a special callout to junkiedogg's entry in hold your breath... assembly :) Keep them coming in, i'm suprised we hav' nt seen any functional programming language entry. ( will probably post my entry to snippet...
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    How do you measure your code performance?

    Some languages come with built-in debugging modules/functions, while others just let the programmer do the same,by comparing the time values at the beginning and the end. Some IDE's and clients give nice ways to watch the stack add breakpoints and so on. 1. Do do you measure performance of...
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    Snippet Challenge 1 : techenclave to TE

    This is meant to be a fun programming exercise Programming Language no-bar Coding-Style no-bar Lines of code no-bar hack! 8 )
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    Need ideas to add to grid based project

    Hi, Nice to see some work on distributed systems. : ) Things that immediately come to mind are those that deal with information retreivel or archiving. 1. Archiving ? Perhaps voulnteer to convert your latex / tex/ doc files at your university to a web or pdf format. Here is an example of how...
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    Happy Birthday Aces170 !

    haaaaaapy burdayyy tuuu yuuuuuuu 8 ) hope u have a memorably awesome and ace! year ahead !
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    my startup looking for javascript/html hackers in pune

    Oye, I'm Bhasker V Kode, also known in these circles as Bosky . I do'nt think we've spoken my startup before. Actually hav'nt spoken about anything ,for a long time! so here goes... I'm looking for a javascript+DOM / HTML hacker to join our small team , and work on several javascript ...
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    need >1mbps in pune. which isp ?

    hey thanks a lot for the inputs guys. tata-indocomm seems to have connectivility problems - since thy dont service in several places (like my flat which is also in kondwa) but the indocomm guys asked me to try tata-vsnl -which comes under diff administration . airtel had good rates, but keep...
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    need >1mbps in pune. which isp ?

    hi, The company ive co-founded just moved to pune .we're setting up in kondwa. any idea of which isp i shouldnt or should go for . im looking for an unltd 1mbps or 2 mbps line. any pune' ites listening ?
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    need assistance to learn web designing

    so in web development, there are basically two classifications. client-side and server side. So the part that you actually see in a webpage (front-end)- the buttons, the checkbox's the images ,and style, the tabs,and dialog box's ,etc are part of client-side part of web development. apart from...
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    Happy Birthday Bosky

    hey thanks everyone... :D appreciate it ... Cheers to the friends at TE from over the yyyyears. hopefully will drift from a more passive user to more active one in the near future. Cheers to TE ! :)
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    calling any TE'ite from trichur

    hey thanks guys, the owner of the cafe called me up, and he's agreed to courier the sim, its on the way. meanwhile another friend's friend will pick up the phone . nice ppl them at the cafe :) cheers to the community in trichur ,and to y'all :)
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    calling any TE'ite from trichur

    help....! hi is there anyone from trichur here, or knows a friend who's there ? ive left my cell-phone in a internet cafe there ..doh! i know, had come there for a marriage but im back in chennai now, and desperately trying to get in touch with the internet cafe (i dont know the contact number...
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    CRAZY eddy birthday

    haaaaapy burday tuuu yuuu 8 ) hope u had a blast dude ; )
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    novice:which web programming language to learn?

    Having a strong foundation in c , c++ is the best scenario. Regardless of the above, your decision to go foe web based or older programming language will make a lot of difference. java, .net are safe bets if you can call them that... java however does get an edge in the enterprise space ...
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    PHP Architectures that power your favourite big websites

    Note : this thread in in reply to the query posted in this same section titled novice:which web programming language to learn? The next time someone asks you what language you work on , don't fret to say that you work on PHP . I've been doing some research on building high performance...
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    authorPOINT Lite:PowerPoint to Flash Converter.

    Also worth noting, would be the online alternates such as SlideShare and Zoho Show. Incidentaly both these products are from Indian companies (zoho from chennai & uzanto from delhi), making it big in the web2.0 space world wide. :) Others web 2.0 online presentation tools include include...
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    Laptops Table Pc/ Slate Pc..phew

    Here is a review of a tablet pc i did some time back,it even has a links to models,and so on. Alternatively, instead of buying a tablet pc - you could buy a digital pen/pad 's for 1000 odd bucs ,and swap that between ur laptop/pc's ..practically,whereever u go . Nokia has two interesting...
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    do certificates from niit or aptech carry value

    Check out these older threads for more insight... it might help to read though few more views. 1. Help needed ....C-DAC course FPGDST 2.How to choose your java course