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  1. vaalkai

    Need help in buying an Inverter - urgent

    The way i understand it, higher capacity UPS require a higher DC voltage for better efficiency, like 2KVA consumer UPS generally requires 24V, some commercial UPS can require even 96V, generally higher the input DC voltage higher the efficiency of conversion. To get this voltage you need to...
  2. vaalkai

    Android why phones heating so much ?

    Like @blr_p mentioned, there is probably some background application that is not allowing your cpu to sleep, identify the application and uninstall it, or uninstall all your apps see if the issue goes away and install apps one by one while monitoring. No need to go for a custom ROM or hardware...
  3. vaalkai

    Choosing VPN

    Some of the paid ones are definitely better in that respect, but even well known ones have problems maintaining speed during US peak hours. Before subscribing to a VPN service for a long period, might be better to have a trial run for a month or so to get to know its limits.
  4. vaalkai

    Choosing VPN

    If you dont care about privacy and if the speed and bandwidth of free ones are enough for you, then i personally cant think of any compelling reason to shell out money for a paid service.
  5. vaalkai

    Choosing VPN

    For media consumption there are some free vpn sites that might work too..check out Windscribe which provides daily 2GB or something.
  6. vaalkai

    Choosing VPN

    Please stay away from lifetime paid VPN sites, you cannot run a decent VPN site with one time payments, remember that you are the product if something is free or too cheap. If you are using VPN for privacy then buying from these guys beats the whole purpose of using a VPN.
  7. vaalkai

    Choosing VPN

    This might help
  8. vaalkai

    Windows Windows 10 Keys

    In case you didn't know, these aren't really genuine keys, mostly either from volume licensing or msdn licenses. they are not legal to use at home. If you are not bothered about legality you can simply use KMS activators, no point in "buying" these keys.
  9. vaalkai

    Galaxy fold breaking?

    Read before buying!
  10. vaalkai

    Galaxy fold breaking?

    I think there were also reports of broken devices in which the film was not removed. Its generally not advisable to buy a first generation device, if you are looking for reliability.
  11. vaalkai

    Thinking of replacing broadband with Jio hotspot

    Jio sells your data, period. Thats why they can afford to sell things for cheap. Other providers do too, but the difference is JIO actively blocks VPNs.. If you don't care about privacy, then it should be ok. Mobile internet may have higher latency than wired, so please check that if you are...
  12. vaalkai

    Security Software Which password manager is the best?

    +1 for Bitwarden, migrated from lastpass.
  13. vaalkai - Feedback Thread

    I had the same experience, i never received 2 packages., so nowadays i order only with either china post registered airmail or aliexpress shipping, so at least we can track it. But i generally order very low value items around 5$ or so.
  14. vaalkai - Feedback Thread

    Yeah, i have variety of items in my wish list, across various categories, all of them in the usual price range...People should use a price tracker to see what the usual price is before buying, is my point.
  15. vaalkai - Feedback Thread

    I see no major difference in price, prices have been inflated and then reduced to almost same normal price.That's my observation.
  16. vaalkai

    FS: Storage Hardware Samsung PM863 960GB SSD Rs.7100/- shipped

    Won`t the samsung magician work?
  17. vaalkai

    Security Software Worst security software you have used

    Ahh ok, then cant do much. yeah that should be fine, may be scan with hitman too.
  18. vaalkai

    Security Software Worst security software you have used

    If you got a used computer, never trust anything, nuke it and do a fresh install, install all the updates, install ublock origin+umatrix(will break websites if you dont configure it properly), update windows defender and keep malwarebytes and hitman pro for occasional on-demand scan...
  19. vaalkai

    Security Software Worst security software you have used

    Had a big problem last week, when i was trying to install a CAD software in my relatives machine, it was just stubbornly refusing to install, after hours of frustration it turns out the software writes temp files to C:\ after creating a folder with random numbers and then starts set up from that...
  20. vaalkai

    Monitors Suggestions for a 22" Monitor

    Ok, will ask him to get either the 24 or 22" LG. thanks for all your suggestions people..