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  1. jammy420

    PC Peripherals **SOS** Help needed - Keyboard, mouse not working in windows 10

    Just switched on my NUC to find neither Keyboard nor mouse working. Shut it down and tried various things: - disconnected my KB/Mouse, switched on connected them back after NUC booted. - Failed - Switched off the NUC, removed the power. hold the on button for 5 secs, tried connecting KB/M. -...
  2. jammy420

    FS: Motherboard Asus H81 mv3 motherboard

    Asus H81 mv3 motherboard, lga 1150. HDMI port doesn't work. Rest no issues
  3. jammy420

    Naming reasons for TE IDs and your choice of Strangest IDs

    When I first started using TE, one odd thing I found was the IDs of TE guys. Some strange names exist. Maybe because of the fact, this was one of the first few forums I signed into. My ID carries the name because I was a Rahul Dravid fan, plus impressed by Chachi 420 in tamil version. Combined...
  4. jammy420

    Redmi 2 prime Battery

    My phone has gone into eternal rebooting due to battery issue. If anyone has a battery of broken down Redmi 2/prime, let me know. also I want the back door/panel
  5. jammy420

    Hdmi surge protection suggestions

    Hi, Can we have discussion running about protection from HDMI surges? What options are there and any successful devices that you use at your home? I connect NUC to LED TV.
  6. jammy420

    Clevo/ Sager/Azom/Eurocom/MSI/Alienware/ High end laptops

    I am looking for high end laptops that use at least GTX 1060. Preferably GTX 1070. If the laptop uses Desktop grade CPUs, it is desirable. Should have expandable RAM slots
  7. jammy420

    Hi all

    As a newbie in TE, I never came to know this exists. By the time I came to know, I was lazy enough not to post. BTW, it was fun to get in touch with many ppl. Lots of guys helped me over different queries and issues. Part of a TE Whatsapp group as well. Anyhow not too late to say a Hi... :)
  8. jammy420

    4th gen processor i3 or up

    I want to buy 4th gen processor LGA 1150. i3 or up that fits in H81 motherboard
  9. jammy420

    Windows Black screen with a cursor

    I just got a blank screen with a cursor which does not blink None of the keys are working.No f2, no esc, no ctrl+alt+del. Not even the ASUS boot screen comes up .. As soon as I switch on the PC, just a black screen with a cursor. Is it due to any anti piracy updates?
  10. jammy420

    360 degree Wireless IP CCTV

    YAOJIN JAS300-F15 3MP HD (2304×1536) Bulb Fisheye 360° Panoramic Wireless WiFi [Watch Live Demo Right Now] Ip CCTV Security Camera with SD Card Slot ProElite also gives a desktop software to view the videos on the desktop. 2...
  11. jammy420

    Security Software CCTV recording software

    I have a wireless IP CCTV which records on SD card and I can access it in mobile. However, if someone loots the CCTV itself, data also will be lost. Do you know any software that would allow me to record the same in desktop? The company gave me a software to view the CCTV footages, but it...
  12. jammy420

    Questions on Washing machine LG F7091MDL2

    Do any of you have LG F7091MDL2 washing machine? PM me if you have . I have some queries
  13. jammy420

    Gorilla fan vs Superfan vs BEE 5 Star fans

    Do anyone have practical experience with these fans? 1. Gorilla fan 2. SuperFan 3. Any BEE 5 star rated fans My questions are: 1) do they help you in reducing electricity bills? 2) do they give sufficient air?
  14. jammy420

    Refrigerator energy consumption

    My 20-year-old whirlpool refrigerator is running quite well. So there is no real reason for me to change it unless I am going to save decent money on electricity. the newer models, do they really save electricity units? how many units can they save annually over a 1996 model? I will do the...
  15. jammy420

    FS: RAM 4gb laptop RAM ddr3

    Samsung 4gb ddr3 laptop RAM, Upgraded the laptop RAM as soon as it was bought, this is the original RAM DDR3
  16. jammy420

    FS: Storage Hardware HGST 1TB laptop drive ( 3 weeks old)

    HGST 1TB laptop drive 5400 RPM. 3 weeks old Full 3 years warranty (minus one month). HDtune pro cannot be provided, as I don't have a laptop right now to install it
  17. jammy420

    Laptops INtel NUC clicks while booting, doesn't boot

    I am having an INTEL NUC that was unused for some time. I successfully installed Ubuntu. After that, I formatted the hard drive as wanted only windows and tried installing Windows. I was partitioning and it got stuck on that screen for a while. I am not sure if I disconnected the power or it...
  18. jammy420

    Air cooler suggestions

    I am looking to buy a new air cooler for home use. what are the things to consider? and what you would recommend
  19. jammy420

    blocked by OLA

    Hey guys, I have been blocked by OLA. None of the logins are working on my phone. And my login is not working on other phones… I have contacted OLA support. They say I have been locked permanently. And they don’t even say the reason. Have any of you faced similar situation?
  20. jammy420

    128 GB Pen drive

    Looking for a 128 gb pen drive. can trade for a sealed 32gb memory card plus cash