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  1. PHOENiX117

    Dirt cheap GPU (budget 1.5K~)

    bump still looking for a gpu
  2. PHOENiX117 - Feedback Thread

    ordered numerous low value items 31, for a project. was wondering should i buy spares just in caze something doesn't arrive. wont wanna wait another 20 days.
  3. PHOENiX117

    Dirt cheap GPU (budget 1.5K~)

    I am looking for a Dirt cheap old gt610 or amd gpu that can drive a 1080p display. pairing with a ryzen rig for a month. No gaming. Location- Delhi, Wont mind paying shipping.
  4. PHOENiX117

    FS: Motherboard Intel AMD Motherboard's.

    got the X370 titanium, perfectly working. just as described.
  5. PHOENiX117

    FS: Motherboard Intel AMD Motherboard's.

    interested in MSI.
  6. PHOENiX117

    FS: Office Hardware Soundmagic e10C / KZ ZST iem

    Selling the following items KZ ZST Candy iem. Purchased from last July. Was swayed by Retrowave aesthetics nothing more. Mids are harsh for my taste never activly used aside from 1 week period or so, The Hifi armature text is fading from wear after being kept in jeans. Comes with...
  7. PHOENiX117

    FS: Desktops (Further Price drop) Z370 Aorus/ I3 8100 / antec DF500 / RGB Ram heatsinks

    Selling my Gaming Rig built last April. Never actually got a chance to finish it completely but I need a laptop now. i3 8100 - 10/10 condition. Used with a cryorig H7 Cpu cooler, total overkill. Was supposed to be replaced by a 8600k/9600k but never got around to do it. Purchased from U.S...
  8. PHOENiX117

    The 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    How much for the following hardware. Z370 aorus ultra gaming. 1 year old I3 8100 1 year old Antes df500 RGB 6 months old 9/10 condition, got bills.
  9. PHOENiX117

    WTB Mechanical Keyboard

    Magicforce 68 White case, white backlit, White keycaps Gateron Red keys which are considered on par with Cherry. Perfect condition, 10 months old. New price $100 on AliExpress/Amazon Plus customs/S&H Asking 3999 including shipping.
  10. PHOENiX117

    Ryzen procy, itx motherboard

    Hi guys i am looking for 5 1600/ 1700/2600 or other AMD processors in 10-20K range. Also looking for a Mini itx/m atx motherboard. especially asrock,gigabyte and Rog boards. located in delhi, will pay through bank transfer/paytm/cash.
  11. PHOENiX117

    Samsung galaxy S8/S9

    Delhi, Highly interested. PM details.
  12. PHOENiX117

    Android Samsung support damaged my phone. What to do?

    Then go back show it to them and demand a correction.
  13. PHOENiX117

    Samsung galaxy S8/S9

    Looking for a galaxy s8 with screen intact without burns and acceptable condition- budget 20k, depends on condition and phone version.
  14. PHOENiX117

    The 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    how much for red Poco f1 6/64gb purchased 25 dec w bill,box,original charger. perfectly working but used without cover so tiny scuffs/scrathes around bezel and backside 8/10. off topic- also, if i replace the back and display for around 2K and make it look new, will that change the value in...