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    Graphic Cards Graphics Card Suggestions, LCD Display + CRT monitor = Dual Display Setup?

    This sunday, while cleaning my closet. I found that I still had my old 17" CRT monitor lying unused :p so I thought, why not plug it in my desktop along with my 22" HD LCD display. I could use a extra screen & the CRT monitor is lying unused anyway ;) they have the following connectors: LCD...
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    need to buy Lan Cable, cost?

    I need about 30m lan cable, the local shop is quoting Rs1,000. On ebay its available for Rs749. I wondering what is the cost of LAN cable per metre? and how much I should expect to pay for 30m?
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    Consumer Forum Penalises Airtel For Blocking Torrent Sites

    so blocking sites is wrong and Failtel realised this the hard way by paying Rs20,000/- fine :P Source: Consumer Forum Penalises Airtel For Blocking Torrent Sites - MediaNama
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    FS: Laptop Used Dell XPS M1530

    This is my brother's laptop: Product Name: Dell XPS M1530 15.4-inch WXGA (1280 x 800) CCFL glossy screen 2.2GHz Core 2 Duo T7500 processor, Santa Rosa chipset (up to 2.4GHz available) 4GB DDR2 RAM 250GB HDD Slot-loading dual-layer DVD±RW drive(non functional) NVIDIA GeForce Go 8600M GT...
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    Linux The mintBox, a Linux Mint computer

    seems quite similar to Apple Mac mini, atleast in terms of form factor Source: The Linux Mint Blog » Blog Archive » Introducing the mintBox
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    Audio form pads for sennheiser pmx 60 headphones

    Looking for replacement form pads for my trusted sennheiser pmx 60 headphones. Any idea from where I can source them?
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    Car & Bike Diesel vs Petrol: Cost comparison

    Found a nice tool which compares the cost of Diesel car vs Petrol car. Diesel vs Petrol Car - Analysis | Aravinda VK
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    PC Peripherals Want to upgrade my 3yr old Machine for Max Payne 3, feasible?

    Currently, I have the following system config Intel E5300 Wolfdale 2.6GHz LGA 775 2GB DDR2 RAM Intel G31 onboard Graphics 22"inch full HD display(1080x1920 resolution) And, I want to try Max Payne 3 which requires the following minimum config LOW RECOMMENDED SPECS Windows...
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    Suggest a smartphone phone to replace my nokia 5800

    Hello Everyone, I was thinking of changing my Phone. My trusted nokia 5800 is 2.5yrs old but still going strong. But, I want a new phone. there! I said it. so please help me out :P anyways, requirements are * Good camera * Any Smartphone OS except Symbian platform * Should have a large screen...
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    Suggest a decent Bluetooth headset for Calling

    This is for dad. he receives LOT of calls & sometimes, even takes them while driving which is a cause of concern for me. so I thought of giving him a bluetooth headset. Requirements: * Should be comfortable to wear for long period of time & should be have nice grip so it doesn't fall off...
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    Storage Solutions Which optical drive to get?

    I was thinking of installing OSX Lion(hackintosh) on my pc but currently I do not have optical drive. so need a optical drive. Checked flipkart & they have lot of options, which one should I buy? Earlier I had BenQ which served me well. Between LG,HP, Asus & Sony. what the recommended option...
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    Credit Card backed by Fixed Deposit, good idea?

    I was thinking of getting a credit card secured by FD. Mainly it would be for online transactions. Asked about it today at my bank(SBI). manager said, I have to get a FD of 15k or above. Credit limit would be 85% of the FD amount. application fees is rs500 & annual fee is payable rs500 every...
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    General Purpose Laptop from US, Budget around 40-45k

    My friend is looking to buy a laptop this week from US. requirements: Budget: around Rs. 40-45k (Flexible) primary usage: office apps & internet size and weight: he is travels in local, hence would prefer something which is lightweight with screen size: 13-15" Brand that you prefer: Dell...
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    PC Peripherals Suggest a good Webcam for skype

    Hello Everyone, Looking to buy a WebCam for Skype use for my uncle which he wants to use to talk to his kids. OS: Windows XP Internet Connection: BSNL Broadband Special Requirements: He doesn't like headsets & uses inbuild mic on his thinkpad laptop. so need a webcam which has better mic...
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    MNP Horror, My Number does not exist

    hello everyone, I have ported my number from Vodafone to Aircel. Now, my number just got ported & I am on aircel network. But I can't receive incoming calls, it says. Number does not exists How much downtime does porting process involve?
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    Mac OS Install OSX without access to OSX

    Hello Everyone, I want to install Lion. Already have the images(iATKOS_L2.dmg & Mac.OSX.Lion.10.7.2.dmg) but don't have access to any OSX machine. Out of both, I already have retail lion into bootable flash drive. earlier with 10.6(Snow Lepord) I used iBoot CD to boot & then my 8gig flash...
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    Linux What's new in Linux kernel version 3.2

    Source: What's new in Linux 3.2 - The H Open Source: News and Features
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    What tool/app you guys use to manage personnel finances?

    I want to know how do you keep tabs on things like How many friends owe you & how much? How much you owe them? Sending out *polite* but sticky reminders via SMS/FB/Email? Currently, I avoid calling as it makes me look cheap, although its my money I am asking to return:@ I often...
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    Storage Solutions Seagate Hdd doesn't work nor does it fully die

    I have a 500gb faulty hdd. It randomly fails on me. It would boot just fine but after some usage. It dies, starts giving i/o errors. I tried running intonation my Friends machine too.same result. Now, gave it for rma but Seagate gave me same hdd back saying "no faults / checked " :@ What...
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    PC Peripherals Numeric 600VA UPS battery cost

    Hey, I have a 2year old Numeric 600VA UPS who battery needs to be changed as it doesn't give me any backup. took it to repair guy, he said it needs a battery. Any idea which battery should I get and its cost?