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  1. arnuld

    Budget 31-40k Laptop vs Desktop for writing code 10 hours day

    Thanks guys, I will go with Desktop :)
  2. arnuld

    Budget 31-40k Laptop vs Desktop for writing code 10 hours day

    I have been using desktop computers since the beginning, when laptops where "thing of the riches" and even today when every college students carries a laptop than having a desktop. I understand it got lot of mobility. I am thinking of whether to build a new desktop or buy a laptop. There are few...
  3. arnuld

    Frequent Restarts (even with brand new APC UPS)

    I have 6 years old computer with following config: AMD Athlon II X3 440 Gigabyte GA-880GM-UD2H MOBO Antec 430 Watts PSU (titled Earthwatts) non-PFC Kingston 2x 2GB Dual-Channel DDR3 RAMs 1 TB Samsung HDD intex 19" LCD monitor I have used it a lot, almost 10-20 hours a day in last 6 years...
  4. arnuld

    UPS, GPU and PSU confusion

    I am building a rig and I already have a 3 months old APC Back-UPS (stepped-sine wave). I want to build the rig with Rayzen 3 and with a graphics card. I read here about UPS and PSU problems: OP on that thread...
  5. arnuld

    PC Peripherals Confused regarding buying a new Cabinet

    Dude, there are so many for less than 5K at amazon
  6. arnuld

    CPU/Mobo computer will turn ON half the time

    I did check RAM, one by one. No difference at all. PSU and GPU check have remained. Will do that and tell here.
  7. arnuld

    PC Peripherals Suggestion for new PSU

    Dude, it is always wise to spend more money on PSU+cabinet more than on CPU. Antec 450W is available in less than 3K.
  8. arnuld

    PC Peripherals Confused regarding buying a new Cabinet

    Get Corsair or Antec, will solve all of your concerns
  9. arnuld

    CPU/Mobo computer will turn ON half the time

    Hi There, I have this weird problem with my friend's computer. It wont turn on half the time while other half the times it does. Not turning on means it will turn on, motherboard LED will get power and system fan will turn on but no graphics/BIOS on monitor will show up and then it will keep on...
  10. arnuld

    Budget 5-10K 5 inch best VFM phone

    Why not Lenovo A6000 or Yu Yureka. at 5.5" yureka is much lighter and smaller, though I have not used it personally. I have used Android One from Karbonn and Spice and both are damn good. They never hang, you get instant GPS lock of your position and great call quality. They cost you around...
  11. arnuld

    C/C++ IDE with Predictive Text (like Microsoft Visual Studio "Intellisense")?

    I do agree solving-problems is the major task that most programmers do. You missed the point though. This argument: "language is just a tool, so I will spend much time on solving problems rather than language's tools" is the cause of lot of bugs. In my experience, most software engineers solve...
  12. arnuld

    C/C++ IDE with Predictive Text (like Microsoft Visual Studio "Intellisense")?

    You don't remember the variables and function signatures because of two reasons: You did not name them properly (read "Practice of Programming" by Kernighan and Pike) You did not follow any coding standard for writing function signatures (read "Practice of Programming" by Kernighan and Pike)...
  13. arnuld

    C/C++ IDE with Predictive Text (like Microsoft Visual Studio "Intellisense")?

    Well, you can use Code::Blocks or Eclipse but the real question you need to ask yourself is why you want to have predictive text when you are writing C/C++ code ? Why not without predictive text ?
  14. arnuld

    Must Read Articles for us Computer Science / IT Grads

    My Dear Bhoot, These reads are in no way outdated, and they will never be outdated. I know all those cries on words like BigData and Cloud Computing and what not but did you ever try to search in detail what is underneath all those marketing-MBA-hyped- words ? Search and you will know why...
  15. arnuld

    Linux Suggest a Distro for a linux newbie

    Close your eyes and install Debian. I have used more than 20 distros in last 10 years and Debian is th eonly "Rock Solid" distro. Its packaging system (apt-get, aptitude), stability and ease of usage can't be matched. After using Debian for an year, start with Arch Linux
  16. arnuld

    Budget 0-5K CDMA Phone around 5k

    If you are making only phone calls then get either Samsung DigiRap (if you can find) or Samsung SCH-B339. Both are solid phones with very good signal strength and call quality. Don't get SCH-B229 because it has signal strength issues.
  17. arnuld

    Budget 5-10K Looking for good offers to buy Nokia Lumia 520 online

    I myself too looking for same. Around a month back it was 7.8K and now 8.8K. May be people will buy more of Lumia 520 since 525 is launched :p . You can get it for 7.6K from Volo Shopee: or 7.6K from gadgets Guru...
  18. arnuld

    Best Smartphones under 10k

    You can't beat Lumia 520 for 7.9K right now at flipkart. Currently I am using Micromax A58 and Karbonn K9. I Have used Asha 501, Asha 210, Asha 201, X2-01, X1-02 and Lumia 520 . All these budget phones from NOKIA are much better when it comes to quality hardware comparing with cheap androids...
  19. arnuld

    Budget 5-10K A secondary phone with good Battery Life

    Well, you must have used asha 305, I have used same. Resisitve touch screen, feels very bad. I have used asha 309 too, quite good touch capacitive screen, comfortable shape to hold and type messages. I have used Asha 501, bought it for 4.8K. Very good touchscreen, swiping, messaging everything...
  20. arnuld

    Budget 5-10K Tough phone for dad

    If you have not bought anything yet then check out Asha 206