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    WTB The Last Of Us for PS3

    As the title says . PM me the offers . Cheers. from bhubaneswar. Thanks .
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    reliance 3G rs450 6GB

    yesterday i bought reliance 3G sim card for rs600 6GB Data for 90 days. each month 2gb (2gb+2gb+2gb). no idea abt other parts of india but here in bhubaneswar(orissa) is available. the 3G plans works in roaming too :)
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    bluetooth device OEM nokia BH-505

    i saw in ebay nokia BH-505 bluetooth device for just rs 1580 without warranty.what is OEM product? are they fake? coz the same product cost rs2800.why so much difference? --- Updated Post - Automerged --- check out the product here: Nokia Stereo Bluetooth Headphones BH 505 for Nokia LG Sony...
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    Spice M-9000 Popkorn

    Company claims that it will able to project up to a screen size of about 34-36-inches for clear viewing in a dark is it so? any one using it... is it worth to busy or just for name is PROJECTOR...
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    PC Peripherals Corsair cx430 dead or what ?

    1.Bought the new corsair CX430 from theitwares. did good for 2 min then never did so well after that,Whenver switch on the PSU, the SB_LED of the mobo turns on but still it refuses to boot i.e. no CPU/PSU fan movement:( . Is it dead or what , as i tested my system with my old intex 450 watt psu...
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    Laptops laptop battery

    if i use my laptop nearly 6hrs daily directly frm charging point will it effect my battery?
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    reliance CDMA data card

    i got a reliance cdma data card frm my frnd..but its a post paid wit a pending bill of rs2500..after clearing it only i can able to use it tht too for pre-paid there is a sim card system in it..can i able to use it by using BSNL 3G sim .if ay such process is there plz do tell me
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    Q2 micromax

    i m nt able to play any video....hw can i play it? any theme for tht model?
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    PC Peripherals Refilling epson c45 printer cartridge ?

    is it possible to refill epson c45 printer cartridge?i went to a refill shop they said only hp cartidge can b refilled...anyone using plz do help me out
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    Storage Solutions CD writing problem

    I have 2yr old LG DVD writer of late it has started weired problem the writing time for a DVD which normally would take 10-15 min now takes over 1hr.The same happens with copying a CD or DVD it takes over 1hr to copy a whole DVD. So what may be the problem.
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    CPU/Mobo U-p-g-r-a-y-e-d-d

    planning to upgrade my comp.So buying a new one budget 60k. A GFX card thinking about 4850, a quad core , a 22' dell-which one??? any good CROSSFIRE MB.A good PSU to power the cross fire for at least 4850 It will be multipurpose use. so pleaseeeeeee help. whats the price of 260.:)
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    Blackcat signup problem

    i have sucessfully signed up with blackcat. Also recieved the conformation mail, but when i go to the link it says requested URL /confirm was not found on this server.So anyone having this problem or is it me the unlucky one :(
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    Graphic Cards Problem with overclocking

    I have XFX 8600GT when i overclock with rivatuner i get an increase in 3dMARK 06 but when i try to play crysis or sega rally or any other game i get decrease in frame rate no need for any software to detect it i can be seen with eye.So what is the problem.Is it due to my processor dual core 2.8...
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    Graphic Cards NVIDIA 9600GT released in india

    XFX has offically released the NVIDIA 9600GT in india with a price of Rs 13900.Man they have overpriced it better buy an 8800GT with price less than 13k.
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    PC Peripherals best 5.1 speaker in 4k

    i m neewbi to this form iwanted to upgrade my speaker. so sugest the best speaker 5.1 within 4k.thank u in advance:)