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  1. puns

    System Restart wihtout any BEEP.. what's the cause?

    can you check and let us know
  2. puns

    Unable to register for ICICI iMobile

    By any chance, do you have 2 sim cards. remove the secondary card and try. If this does not work, try registering on another phone with your sim card
  3. puns

    What watch are you wearing today???

    They do come on hmt website now and then. There is a facebook group - hmt watches brotherhood. quite relaible for buying but can never be sure if franken or aftermarket
  4. puns

    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Yes they are. Its for music only. r1700bt and r1280db are considered very good at budget speakers. for warm sound.
  5. puns

    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Nice, was thinking of pulling the plug on this or R1700bt but couldnt decide @alekhkhanna
  6. puns

    Laser Printer with Scan and Xerox (All in One Kind) - B&W ok, low maintenance preferred

    I have one sort of similar ones that @blr_p has recommened. MFC-7340 that I bought this 10 years ago and its still going strong. No maintainence or issues.
  7. puns

    English TV series discussion

    Star trek the next generation on Netflix with Patrick Stewart. One of the best ST series.
  8. puns

    Save this vav in Surat. Lakhi Vav.

    negligence and accountability. No one gives a shit
  9. puns

    Save this vav in Surat. Lakhi Vav.

    Try to find some contact if your state's archelogical survey of India. These guys might intervene and do something if its a good contact.
  10. puns

    Getting warning message when trying to access router

    if nothing works, hard reset. default username password will be online if you dont remember it.
  11. puns

    Which are the torrent sites not blocked by Airtel & Relaince?

    Zooqle is opening for me on airtel v fibre
  12. puns

    English TV series discussion

    The great hack documentary is pretty good on netflix.
  13. puns

    What watch are you wearing today???

    Thanks for this. Guess things slipping from customs or undervaluing is no longer a thing. Sigh... more taxes for imports
  14. puns

    Security Software Bank with best banking mobile app

    Security issues ? Particular reasons
  15. puns

    Uflex worker on way home shot dead

    get a room in the darknet
  16. puns

    Does Privacy Policy of Apps and Services Bother You ?

    If that data is for research or making the product better, sure. But not for sale or to identify me personally which will then benifit someone else
  17. puns

    Do you re play games

    Fallout 4 for me. Dont see too many games with replay ability thesedays compared to say 10 years back.
  18. puns

    WTB: Last of Us Remastered PS4

    I never played this on PS4 so looking for a copy. pm me.
  19. puns

    Does Privacy Policy of Apps and Services Bother You ?

    me too looking out for one